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Broadcast Bruce: "Ask First. Buy things later."

. Have a chat. It can't hurt and maybe there's an easier solution.

Got a problem you're not sure how to fix? Someone given you a long list of expensive kit that looks excessive to requirements? Sure you should be able to get the job done with what you have, but something is holding you up?

For over 15 years I have helped organisations large and small to invest confidently in the tools and skills that enable them to effectively deliver their unique services. I have developed tailored workflows and delivered specialised hardware, software, operational and technical training that has empowered the acquisition, production and delivery of content across diverse platforms. My buzz comes from finding and solving new, unusual problems and helping people leverage their systems beyond what they believed them capable.

More About Bruce

  • Products
    Equipment Supply

    Acquisition, production, broadcast and post technology from best in class hardware manufacturers and software developers

  • Services
    Technical Services

    Investing in new technology? Ensure it's pre-configured, fully integrated and comes with comprehensive training

  • Workflow
    Workflow Advice

    Be sure you are getting the most from the tools you have and that your technology is as focussed as your people to deliver your goals

Who is Broadcast Bruce?

Michael Byrne
Michael Byrne
Consultant, Integrator, Trainer
Broadcast, Production and Post Production Technologist


Some Thoughts Bruce Has Had

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Broadcast Bruce would like to assure you that all his products will be supplied free from added MSG and were only genetically modified in the nice way. They are fair trade, organic and sustainable. No cute, fluffy things were (intentionally) harmed in the making of these products and his environmental policy... is somewhere around here... but it definitely involves a lot of recycling and mentions plastic bags... Rest assured though that it is all full fat and contains all the gluten, sugar and salt that nature intended.
*may contain nuts.