AJA @ NAB2017: New Toys and Updates

AJA @ NAB2017…

New multi-channel Ki Pro player/recorder, upgraded mini-converters, preview of the latest FS technology and powerful new functionality added in software to a number of products across the range. There is a significant focus from AJA to add and improve support for 4K/HDR workflows, processing and transport over IP as standards solidify across the industry. The fact that so many powerful new features are being delivered in software is a testament to AJA engineering and their forward thinking when developing their technologies.

It is clear that ‘IP’ is the future for transport in broadcast and live production. It is also clear that there are cost and technical considerations restricting smaller companies in particular from making the switch from traditional SDI infrastructure. Similarly, if content is going to be delivered in 4K, it also has to be HDR. That said, most consumers for the medium to long term will only be engaging with content on HD/SDR screens – whether TV’s, computers or mobile devices. This creates a clear need for SDI – IP bridging technologies in the production chain, as well as processing and capture tools for real time, simultaneous SDR/HDR workflows. 

As the industry gradually moves towards consensus and SMPTE standards roll out and are adopted by more manufacturers, you can be confident that AJA products will not become obsolete. New products tend to augment the existing range, rather than replace, and while it may not always be obvious, there is a longer term thought process behind AJA product strategy.

More details below on what AJA Video Systems had to say for themselves @ NAB2017 !

AJA @ NAB2017: New Toys and Updates

AJA Desktop Software v13 for KONA Io T-TAP

AJA Announces Free Desktop Software v13 for KONA™, Io™ and T-TAP™

Desktop Software v13 feature highlights include:

– HLG compatibility for HDR workflows, adding HLG playout from Adobe Premiere Pro with KONA 4, KONA IP and Io 4K.
– Support for a new KONA IP firmware license option for JPEG 2000 workflows (See Below)
– 12-Bit/BT.2020 support in Apple Final Cut Pro X for KONA 4, KONA IP and Io 4K.
– 4K/UltraHD down-convert for KONA 4 and Io 4K during capture for pass through to monitors or HD based offline editorial on a second workstation.
– 48p support for Avid Media Composer with KONA IP, KONA 4 and Io 4K.
– 12-bit ProRes 4444 XQ playback support via free AJA Control Room software, for KONA IP, KONA 4 and Io 4K with Adobe Premiere Pro and Apple FCP X.

New AJA Control Room software features:

– Linux support for KONA and Io products.
– “Burn-in” option on output for timecode and closed captioning for KONA and Io products.
– Route audio tracks in QuickTime files to desired output/monitor channels with KONA and Io products.
– :30 increase to maximum deck pre-roll time for the KONA and Io.

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AJA Introduces New Solutions for IP Workflows at NAB 2017

KONA IP firmware license for JPEG 2000

The new KONA IP firmware license enables compression and decompression of HD video in real time to/from JPEG 2000 encoded within an MPEG 2 transport stream…

KONA IP Firmware for SMPTE 2110

Coming soon, and being demonstrated at NAB 2017, is the new KONA IP firmware for SMPTE 2110. With support for SMPTE 2110 up to HD rasters, KONA IP will introduce new flexibility for live production professionals by enabling networking with separate essence flows…

IPT-1G-HDMI and IPT-1G-SDI Mini-Converters for IP Workflows

Designed to compliment AJA’s line of IP receiver converters, the new IPT products convert HD video to VSF TR-01 (and other JPEG 2000 formats). IPT-1G-SDI provides two 3G-SDI inputs, and IPT-1G-HDMI has a standard HDMI type A input.

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AJA Kona IP JPEG2000 SMPTE 2110 Mini-Converters
AJA 12G-SDI and Fibre Mini-Converters

AJA Unveils New 12G-SDI and Fiber Mini-Converters at NAB 2017

12GDA 12G/6G/3G/SD-SDI Reclocking Distribution Amplifier

12GDA is a miniature 1×6 12G-SDI reclocking distribution amplifier. With support for 12G-SDI for 4K/UltraHD single link workflows, the format agnostic device features six separately buffered SDI outputs identical to the recovered input…

12GM 12G-SDI to/from 3G-SDI Muxer/Demuxer

12GM is a compact SDI transport converter that enables 12G-SDI to Quad 3G-SDI and Quad 3G-SDI to 12G-SDI conversion…

FiDO Multi-Mode Fiber SFP Options

In addition to FiDO models that support single-mode fiber, new Multi-Mode SFP options for AJA FiDO Mini-Converters support multi-mode fiber optic cable at distances up to 700M (OM4) or 300M (OM3)…

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AJA Brings New Features to The RovoCam Camera System with RovoControl 3.0 Software

RovoControl 3.0 software feature highlights include:

 – USB controller support for mapping RovoControl controls to a USB interface for game style controllers or USB joysticks
 – Updated exposure control interface for simpler camera control
 – Improved presets interface for camera and ePTZ control
 – Import/Export of settings for easily sharing setups and different configurations
 – High DPI UI mode that improves the look of the UI on higher resolution monitors when working with RovoControl software
 – Crosshair selector for more refined Spot AE and Spot Focus control
 – Zoom control enhancements that improve the way the Zoom slider responds
 – A new summary line in the RovoControl UI provides an overview of the basic settings for quick reference

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AJA RovoCam RovoControl 3 Software
AJA Kumo CP2 Control Panel

AJA Announces New KUMO CP2 Control Panel

KUMO CP2 features 80 buttons and enables selection of up to 64 sources and 64 destinations on each of up to four KUMO routers in standalone mode or through a built-in GUI accessible from any web browser on the network…

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AJA Announces HELO v1.1 Firmware

HELO v1.1 firmware feature highlights include:

 – A scheduler that triggers preplanned start and stop of recording and streaming media. The schedule may be programmed locally through HELO’s web UI, by importing ICS files or by linking to external calendar providers such as Google Calendar
 – Redundant recording of one file to two media destinations simultaneously
 – A recording file segment size of 360 minutes for TS files for long event recordings
 – Support for up to five RTSP streams
 – REST API documentation to describe how to automate basic HELO functions

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AJA Helo v1.1 Firmware
AJA FS-HDR Converter

AJA Previews FS-HDR With Breakthrough HDR Conversion Support at NAB 2017

Building on AJA’s flagship FS4, and incorporating the latest (Colorfront Engine™) HDR technology from Academy and Emmy Award winning developer Colorfront, FS-HDR provides HDR and Wide Colour Gamut (WCG) processing and conversion for real-time 4K/UltraHD and 2K/HD workflows…

FS-HDR features will include:

 – Realtime HDR to HDR, HDR to SDR and SDR to HDR conversions including BT.2020 to BT.709 colour space conversion
 – Support for two modes:
Single channel mode for 4K/UltraHD or 2K/HD frame sync and conversion including HDR conversions.
Four channel mode for simultaneous independent 2K/HD/SD channels for standard conversion and frame sync workflows
 – 4K/UltraHD/2K/HD/SD video processing and up, down, cross-conversion
 – A full range of I/O options for 4K/UltraHD including Quad 1.5G; Dual 3G; and Quad 3G, 6G and 12G over a range of SDI and optional fiber choices
 – SMPTE 2SI I/O support for broad compatibility with 4K/UltraHD devices
 – Audio I/O processing with a 272×208 matrix of audio possibilities

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AJA Launches Ki Pro Ultra Plus with 4-Channel HD Recording and HDMI 2.0 Support

Ki Pro Ultra Plus Features:

 – Flexible HD recording options: 1, 2, 3 or 4-Channel HD recording at up to 1080 60p with independent ProRes codec profile support for each channel
 – 4K/UltraHD/2K/HD recording to Apple ProRes or Avid DNxHD MXF
 – HDMI 2.0 support allows for full 4:2:2 and 4:4:4 capture and output at up to 4K/UltraHD 60fps
 – 12-bit support on input for Apple ProRes 4444 and ProRes 4444 XQ encoding and HDMI 2.0 input and output
 – Built-in Ki Protect ensures recordings aren’t lost in a power failure
 – Broad video connectivity including fiber cages, 3G-SDI, and HDMI 2.0
 – Multi-channel audio support via embedded SDI or HDMI, AES/EBU, and Analog
 – WebUI enables remote monitoring, control and deployment on the field or in the studio, via a standard web browser
 – Compact 2RU high, half rack width form factor
 – Records to reliable and rugged AJA Pak SSD media, with options for recording to eSATA
 – Includes AJA’s renowned three year international warranty

AJA Products are available from Broadcast Bruce

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AJA Ki Pro Ultra Plus

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