Syrp NAB2017 Announcements

Syrp NAB2017 New Product Announcements
For Creative Camera Movement

The Syrp range of innovative tools for cinematographers, available from Broadcast Bruce, just received some fantastic upgrades. Syrp NAB2017 new product announcements further extend the flexibility and control of their innovative, multi-axis, pan, tilt and tracking kits.

Syrp Genie II

3-Axis Motion Control Time-lapse + Real-time Video

Syrp Genie II Coming Soon

The long awaited upgrade to the original Genie, Genie II promises to be a must have in any creative filmmaker and photographers kit. The original Genie tracking module looks like it has been upgraded and shrunk. The new pan/tilt module that sits on top of it also looks surprisingly compact. Really looking forward to getting hands-on and seeing the smoothness of the mechanisms and the solidity of the build.

In the meantime, the folks at Syrp were interviewed by No Film School on the stand at NAB2017 so we can get a quick look at the prototype in this video while we wait for more!

More details will be available soon from Broadcast Bruce!

Syrp Magic Carpet Carbon Fibre

Feather-light. Infinitely extendable.

Magic Carpet Carbon Fibre

“The Magic Carpet Carbon Fibre is a versatile, feather-light option for the intrepid time-lapse photographer and filmmaker. Endlessly extendable, and packed away to 60cm/2’ sections, the Magic Carpet Carbon Fibre means never having to sacrifice camera gear for suitcase space again.”

The video provides some fantastic examples not just of the kind of footage that can be captured, but also the innovative configuration flexibility. Syrp Magic Carpet CF kits deliver long, smooth time lapse pans, tilts and tracks, whether horizontal or vertical, in any environment.

Available for pre-order now!

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