ATOMOS at IBCShow 2017

ATOMOS at IBCShow 2017

Image is Everything! ATOMOS at IBCShow launches SUMO19M and the colourful, 15-Strong Connect converter range with their trademark combination of form and function.

Image is Everything; SUMO19M HDR 1200NIT High Brightness Production and Studio Monitor

Atomos today launches the Sumo19M, an affordable high-brightness production monitor with HDR capabilities, 3D LUTs and touch control. At $1995 US it is perfect for professional film and video shooters wanting to up their game on set, without breaking the bank. Sumo19M is a monitor-only variant of the Sumo19 launched at NAB earlier in the year… Press Release

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RedShark News Awards Atomos SUMO19M “Best Recorder/Field Monitor”

“Atomos are known for their monitor/recorders, but now that is starting to change, and we can now start to take the company seriously as a producer of dedicated quality on-set monitors.”

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Atomos Connect Blue Space InvaderAtomos Connect Convert Red Space InvaderAtomos Connect Scale Yellow Space InvaderAtomos Connect Sync Green Space InvaderAtomos Connect Repeat White Space InvaderAtomos Connect Split Black Space Invader


The new Atomos Connect converter range has landed and is ready to colour-code your world. They form a comprehensive and versatile lineup of 15 different conversion, signal processing and system integration boxes that connect, convert, scale, sync, split and repeat your video signals… Press Release

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Atomos Connect Convert SDI to Fiber (ATOMCCVSF1)Atomos Connect Convert HDMI to SDI (ATOMCCVHS1)Atomos Connect Convert 4K SDI to HDMI (ATOMCCVSH2)Atomos Connect Convert 4K HDMI to SDI (ATOMCCVHS2)Atomos Connect Convert Fiber to SDI (ATOMCCVFS1)
Atomos Connect Convert SDI to HDMI (ATOMCCVSH1)Atomos Connect Sync Scale SDI to SDI (ATOMCSYSS1)ATOMOS CONNECT SPLIT SDI (ATOMCSPS1)Atomos Connect Sync Scale HDMI to SDI (ATOMCSYHS1)Atomos Connect Convert TC SDI to HDMI (ATOMCTCSH1)
Atomos Connect Convert Scale HDMI to SDI (ATOMCSCHS1)Atomos Connect Convert Scale SDI to HDMI (ATOMCSCSH1)ATOMOS CONNECT REPEAT SDI (ATOMCRPS1)Atomos Connect Convert Scale SDI-HDMI to Analogue (ATOMCCNSA1)Atomos Connect Convert Scale Analogue to SDI-HDMI (ATOMCCNAS1)
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