Sachtler Flowtech at IBCShow 2017

Sachtler Flowtech at IBCShow 2017

Recently, Sachtler and Vinten ‘Re-invented’ the tripod with ‘Flowtech’. In the videos and images online it certainly LOOKED different. It also seems to tick a lot of boxes on paper. At IBC they gave everyone a chance to get hands on and the result was not one, but two awards – A TVBEurope Best of Show Award and the RedShark “Best Camera Rig/Accessory” – What did you think?


Sachtler Flowtech Head
Sachtler Flowtech Full
Sachtler Flowtech Deployed

Flowtech 75 MS: flowtech™75 carbon fiber tripod with mid-level spreader and rubber feet

Introducing flowtech™. Revolutionise the way you work with the world’s fastest tripod legs.

Performance tested in extreme conditions, the unique flowtech™75 is easier and faster to deploy and adjust than any other tripod, giving the camera operator ultimate versatility and improving their workflow. Try it out and join the revolution.

2-stage 75 mm carbon fibre tripod with unique quick release brakes for instant and easy deployment, ergonomic carbon fibre design with strong magnetic legs locks for comfortable transport, exceptional torsional stiffness and a versatile hinge lock mechanism for low and high shots.

Weight: 2.9 kg
Payload: 0-20 kg
Material: Carbon Fibre
Height range: 26 – 153 cm
Head fitting: 75 mm
Transport length: 68 cm
2 stages

Unique quick release brakes. Deploy and adjust your tripod in an instant
New ergonomic carbon fibre leg design. Easy to transport and exceptional torsional stiffness
Versatile hinge lock mechanism. Capture extremely low and high shots
Extensive endurance and environmental testing. Superior performance and reliability



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