Sachtler Flowtech at IBCShow 2017

Sachtler Flowtech at IBCShow 2017

Sachtler Flowtech at IBCShow 2017 Recently, Sachtler and Vinten ‘Re-invented’ the tripod with ‘Flowtech’. In the videos and images online it certainly LOOKED different. It also seems to tick a lot of boxes on paper. At IBC they gave everyone a chance to get hands on and the result was not one, but two awards[…]

Sachtler Logo with increased padding

Sachtler: Camera Support and Accessories

About Sachtler… “A glance at the daily news is enough for the attentive viewer to notice the famous Sachtler logo” Wendelin Sachtler was a cameraman. He was also an actor. Despite clearly being a busy man, he then decided to be an Inventor and resolve the issues he had been experiencing with his tripod head. It[…]

Syrp Logo

Syrp: Motion Control Time Lapse Pan, Tilt and Tracking

ABOUT SYRP You’ve seen them. Those beautiful, panning time-lapse shots. Or those long, smooth, tracking camera movements. A steady hand isn’t enough to re-create them and historically, engineering ability and money was needed to capture them. Technology has evolved however, and the clever people at Syrp have not only been able to develop incredibly smooth,[…]