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Built By Bruce Man

Built By Bruce: Capture. Create. Share. Stories.

‘Built By Bruce’… …is a promise of precision, reliability and performance. A customised solution, built from best in class components, thoroughly tested and seamlessly integrated. Where applicable, Built By Bruce solutions will comply with manufacturer and developer certified configuration guides so as to guarantee compatibility. Where possible, Broadcast Bruce will exceed basic specifications to deliver performance and extract the most from the hardware and software tools.… Read More »Built By Bruce: Capture. Create. Share. Stories.

Celebro and Newtek

Celebro + Newtek NDI

4K, 4G, four bureaus and growing: With NDI®, Celebro makes sure broadcasters can have it all – over IP Not many companies can claim to have been one of the first independent studios in the UK to be fully 4K-ready, and one of the first to be fully capable of IP live production. Celebro Media can claim both. While it’s clear the London-based production services provider… Read More »Celebro + Newtek NDI