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Sonnet Technologies: Innovative Thunderbolt Solutions

News From Sonnet… Sonnet Announces Professional Modular Thunderbolt™ Expansion Systems for the Desktop and for Rack Installation Sonnet Technologies announce the DuoModo™ line of professional, modular Thunderbolt™ expansion systems for the desktop and for rack installation, the latest entries in its award-winning lineup of Thunderbolt products. The DuoModo line is comprised of three interchangeable expansion
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Spectra Logic: Deep Storage Experts

“Spectra Logic modern storage solutions enabling media and entertainment organisations to store, find, restore and ultimately, ensure access to their valuable content quickly and reliably in the future.” Tape storage has existed for almost 50 years and was declared “dead” about 30 years ago when disk storage was the leading technology. As an archiving and
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Seagate: Storage Solutions

Seagate is the essential connection between people and content. Seagate invents, designs, and delivers storage solutions for the world to access and share digital content in all its forms. Seagate is the world leader in storage solutions, providing hard drives and products that connect people with their content. From consumer electronics, to enterprise, PC and
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Marquis Broadcast: Media & Metadata Workflows

About Marquis Broadcast Marquis Broadcast develops software for the management of digital assets and enhancement of production workflows. Their portfolio of products enables content creators and facilities to take control of their storage, ensuring more efficient use of expensive online space. Their workflow tools enable multi-vendor integration and unification, allowing for the easy migration of
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Facilis Technology: Shared Storage Solutions

Facilis Technology News… Facilis Version 8 and FastTracker 3.5 are available now! “This release represents over two years of development to increase the overall resiliency, flexibility and bandwidth management capabilities of the product,” Shane Rodbourn, Chief Operating Officer at Facilis Technology. New Features: Multi-disk Parity Protection (RAID6-2, 6-3, 6-4) Bandwidth Priority (Normal, High, Low) Auto
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ATTO Technology: Storage Connectivity Infrastructure

ATTO NEWS… ATTO Partner Solutions IBM and ATTO Technology IBM Ultrium Tape Archiving Solutions ATTO products provide IBM customers with high-performance connectivity to IBM storage systems for improved business application availability and greater resource utilisation. IBM’s continuous development of innovative features and reliability assures that IBM LTO cartridges provide not only the highest reliability and
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Areca: RAID Storage Technology

Please rest assured that your details will never be shared with anyone else without your permission. Your privacy is important to Bruce. That’s why he has a Privacy Policy I am  always looking to connect with creative industry professionals who share my passion for the technologies and processes of media creation. If you are keen for
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Upgrade to 10 Gigabit Networking

Upgrade to 10 Gigabit Networking

Upgrading your Network, Storage and Workstations to Support 10 Gigabit Pretty much every business, no matter how small or large, uses an office network to share an Internet service, move around files and to communicate with each other and their clients. An increasing number have also invested in some kind of networked storage device to
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