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Atomos Ninja V

1″ thin, 11oz lit – 2.5cm thin, 320g lite. A stealthy, 5-inch, 4Kp60 10bit HDR daylight view-able 1000nit portable monitor/recorder. Perfect for Mirrorless, DSLRs and Gaming.

10 April, 2018: At NAB Show 2018, Atomos release the Ninja V – compacting their already highly portable monitor/recorder into a sleek, new chassis without skimping on the features and functionality. Thin and light, the 5 inch HD display is still super bright and Ninja V supports HDR DCI 4K at 60p recorded to ProRes HQ and Avid DNxHR. Its smaller screen size and HDMI 2.0 connectivity makes it a perfect fit for all the latest small format cameras and video production tools. They are also pushing its credentials as an option for gamers wanting to record and review HDR, high frame rate HD (240P) or 4K directly from their console or PC. Connect the gaming device to the HDMI input and the TV to the output and auto HDR flags sent to the TV over HDMI ensure that the TV is correctly configured to display the content at its best. The Ninja V sees the launch of a new, similarly compact SSD media, AtomX SSDMini, 20% shorter, but retaining the broadly compatible SATAIII interface and maintaining the performance needed for the formats Ninja V records – details on these will follow, including custom Angelbird models! Another interesting addition is a new ‘modular expansion slot’, incorporated into the battery slot. Supporting modules from Atomos and ‘Third Parties’, the slot can carry bi-directional high speed video, audio and power – looking forward to seeing what develops from this!

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Introducing ProRes RAW on ATOMOS

Apple Final Cut Pro 10.4.1 and Atomos Inferno ProRes RAW

06 April, 2018: Final Cut Pro X update introduces ProRes RAW and Atomos is ready with the first Monitor / Recorders to support this incredible new CODEC. ProRes RAW combines the flexibility of RAW video with the incredible performance of ProRes, keeping file sizes small while still maintaining the pristine quality and flexibility of the RAW sensor data from your camera. Available for Shogun Inferno & Sumo 19 – see your creative vision perfectly displayed in HDR with every raw pixel precisely processed to show the vibrancy the human eye sees. Learn MoreApple Press Release

Atomos delivers first ProRes RAW monitor recorders to video industry


Connect Converters Title

Atomos Connect Blue Space InvaderAtomos Connect Convert Red Space InvaderAtomos Connect Scale Yellow Space InvaderAtomos Connect Sync Green Space InvaderAtomos Connect Repeat White Space InvaderAtomos Connect Split Black Space Invader


The new Atomos Connect converter range has landed and is ready to colour-code your world. They form a comprehensive and versatile lineup of 15 different conversion, signal processing and system integration boxes that connect, convert, scale, sync, split and repeat your video signals… Press Release

Available from Broadcast Bruce

Atomos Connect Convert SDI to Fiber (ATOMCCVSF1)Atomos Connect Convert HDMI to SDI (ATOMCCVHS1)Atomos Connect Convert 4K SDI to HDMI (ATOMCCVSH2)Atomos Connect Convert 4K HDMI to SDI (ATOMCCVHS2)Atomos Connect Convert Fiber to SDI (ATOMCCVFS1)
Atomos Connect Convert SDI to HDMI (ATOMCCVSH1)Atomos Connect Sync Scale SDI to SDI (ATOMCSYSS1)ATOMOS CONNECT SPLIT SDI (ATOMCSPS1)Atomos Connect Sync Scale HDMI to SDI (ATOMCSYHS1)Atomos Connect Convert TC SDI to HDMI (ATOMCTCSH1)
Atomos Connect Convert Scale HDMI to SDI (ATOMCSCHS1)Atomos Connect Convert Scale SDI to HDMI (ATOMCSCSH1)ATOMOS CONNECT REPEAT SDI (ATOMCRPS1)Atomos Connect Convert Scale SDI-HDMI to Analogue (ATOMCCNSA1)Atomos Connect Convert Scale Analogue to SDI-HDMI (ATOMCCNAS1)


Atomos Sumo 4K 60p HDR Monitor-Recorder

Atomos Sumo 19” HDR monitor-recorder for production, studio and live switching. Sumo is the first production monitor that also records 4K 12bit Raw, 10bit ProRes/DNxHR plus 1080p60 live switching and recording.

On set recording of dallies, proxies or full 4K60p masters
RAW capture from Canon, Sony and Panasonic 
Fully calibrated, 10bit HDR Grading Monitor in the studio / suite
19” 1200nit 1920×1080 10-bit LCD panel is driven by the AtomHDR Engine
Quad SDI (3G-SDI Quad-link or 12G-SDI) and HDMI 2.0 with conversion
Switch and mix a live record and stream or record 4 x HD ISO recordings
Flexible mount and power options
Open, affordable support for SSD’s installed in supplied Master Caddy system

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On-Camera / Portable Products

Shogun Inferno

Shogun Inferno combines our award winning HDR, high bright monitor with high resolution, high frame rate recording. Designed for the world’s leading cinema cameras with both Quad-Link SDI* and HDMI 2.0 connections for recording up to 4K 60p (HD 240p*) video, 4K 30p Raw to CDNG* and 4K 60p Raw to ProRes / DNxHR*.

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Shogun Flame

Change the way you shoot with Log. Record Log in 4K or HD ProRes/DNxHR from video or raw cameras with the Shogun Flame’s HDMI or SDI inputs and thanks to the AtomHDR engine’s combination of 10+ stops dynamic range, 1500nit brightness and 10-bit colour processing you can monitor the HDR Log with vivid, natural colours.

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Shogun Studio


Harnessing the latest 4K/HD recorder, monitor and playback technologies the Shogun Studio enhances existing HD workflows and provides an affordable rack mount solution for creating 4K Masters.

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Ninja Blade

Your LOG camera is now HDR. Shoot video the way you intended and capture directly to Apple ProRes or Avid DNxHD. Edit responsive 220 Mbps clips inside the timeline and push your grade further with the 10-bit colour space. From the core, every feature has been designed with professionals in mind focusing on improving the performance and capability of your camera.

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Ninja Flame

The perfect partner for DSLR and Mirror-less cameras with Log output over HDMI. From gimbal operators to Corporate to Indy filmmakers, your recordings are instantly upgraded to the de facto standard for Hollywood, Indie & Broadcasters (ProRes and DNxHR), ensuring you’re not technically rejected in Post and letting you see the detail of your camera’s Log on set with natural colours on the calibrated 7″ AtomHDR High Bright monitor.

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Ninja Inferno

Recording 4K 60p within the camera might seem enough but recording with the wrong codec restricts flexibility in post and even risks having your footage technically rejected. Ninja Inferno records direct from the sensor as full individual frames just like film to 4K 60p Apple Pro-Res or Avid DNxHR with 10-bit colour information and precise yet efficient 4:2:2 colour encoding.

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Ninja V

Record like a Ninja! 1″ thin, 11oz lit – 2.5cm thin, 320g lite. A stealthy, 5-inch, 4Kp60 10bit HDR daylight view-able 1000nit portable monitor/recorder. Perfect for Mirrorless, DSLRs and Gaming.

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About Atomos

Atomos partners…

…with leading manufacturer and developer brands like Apple, Adobe & AVID to create add-on camera touchscreens for Canon, Sony, Panasonic, Nikon, Arri, JVC & Red to improve quality, reduce production costs and save time in the end-to end workflow.

Atomos have redefined what monitors and recorders can do by merging what was a separate feature set for Recording, Playback, Monitoring & Editing into a single device that makes every camera a professional camera.

Every camera records, however the internal recording often isn’t suitable in professional applications. Atomos overcome many of the limitations professionals face with their camera.

With a single connection, video professionals add recording direct from the camera sensor to Hollywood-ready formats like Apple ProRes and Avid DNxHR onto affordable & high capacity HDD/SSD media.

Along side professional recording, the calibrated touchscreen is an audio and video monitor with an array of shot setup scopes and a playback device with on-board controls for instant shot review, tagging and play-out to larger monitors, making it a Swiss army knife for Production, Post-production & Digital signage.


AtomHDR image processing lets you shoot with the high brightness range of your camera’s Log profile while maintaining vibrant true-to-life colours. Conventional monitors lack this capability, displaying the brightness detail of Log but with a washed out image that makes judging exposure difficult. Be at the forefront of the HDR revolution by having a field monitor capable of resolving HDR in the field as you see it in Post Production and record the original Log image direct from the sensor for HDR grading in post production.

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