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Dante: The Networking Standard for the Professional AV Industry

Dante is the leading AV-over-IP solution in the world, found in over 2000 products from more than 400 manufacturers. Dante replaces point-to-point analogue and digital connections with a standard IP network that delivers completely lossless audio, massive channel counts and near infinite signal routing flexibility, all while being incredibly easy to deploy and use.

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Audio and Video, Together at Last

Dante AV delivers Dante’s sub-microsecond synchronization to video and audio, making time-alignment problems a thing of the past. A single network clock keeps the entire system in sync regardless of the number of endpoints, transporting audio and video with low, deterministic latency. Dante AV streamlines the installation, setup and use of AV systems, taming common problems and enabling your customers to accomplish more with lower costs and less frustration.

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Network Everything

Dante AVIO adapters let you use your favourite legacy audio gear with any Dante-connected system, delivering the interoperability, performance and scalability that only networking can bring. Cost effective, compact and built for the road, Dante AVIO adapters bring the modern AoIP connectivity that every audio pro needs in their toolbox.

Each Dante AVIO adapter is a complete, high-performance Dante device, with the automation and ease of use that make Dante the world’s most popular audio networking solution.

Dante AVIO adapters are all fully-functional Dante interfaces, with all the features you’d expect from Dante audio networking.

Each device delivers bit-perfect audio reproduction, super-low latency and sample-accurate synchronization across the entire network.


PC & Mac: Meet Dante

Dante Virtual Soundcard turns your computer into a Dante-powered workstation, seamlessly integrating your PC or Mac with Dante audio devices on your network. Instantly connect to record, process and playout using any audio application and any combination of Dante-enabled devices.

Virtual Direct I/O

Dante Virtual Soundcard uses the Ethernet port you already have—no snakes, no converters, no special cables and connectors*, no external devices—none of that.

Record up to 64 channels of pristine audio from your Dante network using your favorite DAW such as ProTools, Logic, Cubase or others

Playout audio from any application like iTunes for background music, theatre sound, and effects

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