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‘Built By Bruce’…

…is a promise of precision, reliability and performance. A customised solution, built from best in class components, thoroughly tested and seamlessly integrated. Where applicable, Built By Bruce solutions will comply with manufacturer and developer certified configuration guides so as to guarantee compatibility. Where possible, Broadcast Bruce will exceed basic specifications to deliver performance and extract the most from the hardware and software tools. Always with an eye on true value and a customers return on investment, Broadcast Bruce makes no compromises on components and build quality, promising operational efficiency, technical reliability and an extended life-cycle rather than the cheapest price.

It’s not always clear…

…why a manufacturer might recommend one component over another. Sometimes it’s not even clear what component they mean. An example might be a GPU. Anyone who has ever built a server for file-based video processing will have seen the vast array of options you can be presented by: So many processors. The SAME processor integrated by different manufacturers. Consumer, workstation or server class GPU’s? Sometimes the $5000 GPU recommended is crucial. Sometimes it is a pointless extravagance. Often, the cheap consumer card will actually perform better than the high end server card. If it is not integrated correctly however, heating and power supply issues will see you lose all those savings in system crashes and hardware failures.

That’s just one component.

The systems we build often have dozens, sometimes hundreds of components. They all need to be compatible with each other and they all need to be reliable. This is where experience helps, but also strong communication channels with the people who know. No one person has all the answers, but by building good networks and maintaining open, honest dialogue with manufacturers, developers, engineers and clients, Broadcast Bruce works to simplify the process of building and integrating custom tools into your business.

Ideas by Bruce…

Over time I will populate this page with some basic templates. Starting points to be customised to integrate into your unique environment. Hopefully they provide some inspiration. Get in touch to arrange a time to meet and discuss your requirements in more detail and finalise your design before Bruce starts building.

Blackmagic DaVinci Resolve Studio Collaborative Workflows

Whether you have 2 or 200 DaVinci Resolve Studio suites, you can benefit from the powerful tools for collaboration that are built into this incredible software. There are so many creative possibilities that have been integrated into the suite – Editing, Grading, Compositing & Audio – it is nearly impossible to be an expert in them all. Having access to a team of creative professionals that are specialised in their field is the best way to exceed your clients expectations. Providing your team with the tools required to work seamlessly together and communicate effectively throughout the process, ensures that deadlines are met, expenses are minimised, staff and clients are happy and the job remains profitable to everyone involved.

If you are not familiar with, or have not worked on, collaborative projects in DaVinci Resolve, you will be amazed at the speed and simplicity they bring to your workflow. Automatic Bin & Clip Level Locking, Built-in Chat and Timeline Comparison are among the tools that are guaranteed to accelerate your time to delivery and reduce your workload by removing time consuming, non-creative tasks from your day. A DaVinci Resolve Project Server can be quickly and easily integrated into your environment on relatively inexpensive hardware. It is platform agnostic – working on Mac, Windows or Linux – and projects can be configured to work in mixed platform environments. It is also open to you using any production storage and essentially license free, simply requiring that you are running the paid version of DaVinci Resolve Studio.

Interested? Ask Broadcast Bruce for a demo today!

Learn More About: DaVinci Resolve Studio

Full IP Production Workflows

IP Production System Plan

The transition to IP does not have to be complicated. It does not have to be expensive. It does not require that you replace your existing tools and infrastructure. What it does mean is significant improvements to workflow, production speed and flexibility. ANYTHING on the network can exist as a source and a destination. Get content live and enable review, monitoring and contribution instantly with anyone – no file copying and no need for expensive cabling and video hardware. IP can also enable easy transition to higher frame rate, higher colour space, higher resolution production over the same infrastructure. Broadcast Bruce specialises in transitioning creative organisations from traditional broadcast to IP-based workflows – improving the production and distribution of your stories and events.

Some of what you can see above:

Blackmagic URSA BroadcastBirdDog Studio NDINewTek Connect Spark HDMI / SDINewTek NDI PTZTeradek Link ProTeradek COREAJA IP ConvertersNewTek TC1

NewTek NDI Based Production Workflows…

NewTek NDI Based Production Workflows...

Some of what you can see above:

Ubiquiti EdgeSwitchUbiquiti UniFi Routers & Access PointsNDI Cameras, Software & Conversion Tools

Multi-Channel Capture Solutions for Schools and Corporate Events…

Multi-Channel Capture Solutions

Some of what you can see above:

Lumens PTZ CamerasMarshall Miniature CamerasAJA HA5 ConverterRODE Wireless MicrophonesAJA Ki Pro Ultra Plus

Synology Network Storage Solutions – Deploying Synology Drive, Synology Office and Active Backup for Business…

Synology Network Storage Solutions Deploying Synology Drive, Synology Office and Active Backup for Business

Some of what you can see above:

Synology Rack Mount NAS Servers / Desktop NAS Servers

Time to Upgrade Your Network to 10G?

Time to Upgrade Your Network to 10G?

Some of what you can see above:

Sonnet Thunderbolt 3 DevicesSonnet PCIe DevicesSynology Rack Mount NAS ServersNetgear Managed Smart Switches

Gaming / eSports Live Production Solutions…

Social Media Live Production & Fly Away Kits

Social Media Live Production Rack Road Case Fly Away Kit

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