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For companies that create or manage a large volume of digital media CatDV helps teams organise, communicate and collaborate effectively. Its simple, yet powerful tools support some of the world’s most sophisticated media workflows and provide the flexibility to work your way. 

CatDV is a media asset management system that consists of a suite of products, providing a scale-able, cross-platform, media asset database that can handle a very wide range of file types.

CatDV creates a catalogue of all kinds of media assets, not just video (although enhanced support for video content is included) but also still images, audio files, PDFs, etc. You can log metadata against your media making is searchable using key words, not just clip titles. It also provides analysis and transcoding of media files with advanced logging tools, sequence editing and integration with non-linear editing applications.


You can have confidence in CatDV as the right solution for your media workflow:


Sophisticated logging and organisation
Find and reuse your media
Automate your workflows
Enable team collaboration
Scales to millions of assets


Easy to use
Easy to configure
Low training costs
Low deployment costs


Native file handling (MXF, RED etc)
Deployment options: including cloud
Mac, Windows, web and iOS
Many storage and archive partners
Multiple APIs for seamless integration


Track record since 2000
Thousands of satisfied users
Unrivalled technical support


With its scale-able and modular architecture the CatDV product family has an offering that’s right for every user

Small CatDV Workgroup Systems

Simple metadata configuration
Easy logging and tagging
Powerful search
Team collaboration
Suitable for smaller teams

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Mid Sized, CatDV Enterprise Systems

Workgroup capabilities plus:
Support for larger, cross-team collaboration
Advanced security controls
Compatible of MS SQL and Oracle databases

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Larger CatDV Pegasus Systems

Enterprise capabilities plus:
Support for many millions of assets and hundreds of users
Lightening fast search engine
Audit reporting and analytics
Clip level access control rules

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More than 50 top flight sports organisations have chosen CatDV as a safe choice, unlocking the value in millions of assets, automating demanding workflows and securing the history of the team…(MORE)


Modern organisations need, more than ever to communicate with their stakeholders: both within and outside the company and CatDV helps meet this challenge for corporate customers…(MORE)


With its enterprise friendly, extensible and secure tools, CatDV manages a wide variety of assets across their life cycle: across shoot, screen, secure and search…(MORE)


Brett R. Huckins, Director Post Production, observes that video is used extensively within the church, both to support the pastoral journey and as a broad-based communications channel to reach out to the members of the congregation and potential newcomers…(MORE)


CatDV helps boost project completion and client collaboration, and saves lots of time, enabling teams to be more productive…(MORE)



Partners and Integration Adobe Facilis Technology Apple Final Cut X Newtek ProMAX QStar Quantum SNS Sony Spectra Logic StorageDNA Telestream

CatDV integrates with, and is recommended by, some of the most widely known and respected manufacturers and developers of post production, storage and archive tools in the world. While many may offer basic tools for digital asset life cycle management of their own, they acknowledge their limitations and have worked closely with Squarebox to ensure seamless integration of the more advanced capabilities that CatDV has to offer.

Through flexible, powerful plugin architecture, CatDV augments your existing productivity tools, such as Adobe and Final Cut X, and streamlines workflows between acquisition, production and post production. As a software solution for media asset management and workflow automation, you can be confident that CatDV will be compatible with best in class hardware including: Facilis Technology, Newtek, ProMAX, QStar, Quantum, Studio Network Solutions, Sony, Spectra Logic, StorageDNA and Telestream to name just a few. 

Many of these technologies are also available from Broadcast Bruce and ready to be integrated into a turn key ‘Built By Bruce‘ solution to store, manage and protect your digital media assets.

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