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Decimator Design is an Australian based company that is dedicated to the design and manufacture of advanced video broadcast solutions.

Products such as the flagship Decimator 2 have set new industry standards for high-quality, cost effective broadcast equipment solutions. Not just satisfied with the success of the Decimator 2, Decimator Design has also added the award winning DMON-12S, DMON-6S, DMON-4S, MD-QUAD, MD-DUCC and MD-CROSS to its impressive product line-up.

Decimator Design’s products are known worldwide for their quality and reliability, making it an easy choice for any engineer or media professional.

Decimator 12G-CROSS

Decimator Design has unveiled the 12G-CROSS with 4K Scaling and Frame Rate Conversion and Supporting Formats from PAL/NTSC up to 4096 x 2160 at 60p!

HDMI or SDI outputs can be simultaneously sourced from either the HDMI or SDI input, or the new 4K scaling engine, with the 12G-CROSS. The 4K scaling engine can be driven by either the SDI or HDMI input, supports horizontal and/or vertical flipping, and can be locked to either the SDI, HDMI or Genlock input.

There are four modes available with the 12G-CROSS: HDMI to SDI while simultaneously converting SDI to HDMI; HDMI to HDMI while simultaneously converting SDI to SDI; HDMI to SDI and HDMI; and SDI to SDI and HDMI. The unit’s scaling engine can also scale and/or frame-rate-convert up to 57 formats. There is also support for 3G-SDI level A and B.


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