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DisplayTen designs turn key, huddle space solutions to simplify collaboration for the next generation workplaces. DisplayTen’s cable-free collaboration solution allows users to share content on the 55″, 70″ and 84″ interactive displays. It also features a pen and eraser with zero latency, 10 touch point integration, two way control between DisplayTen and your Mac and PC, as well as an elegant modular design. “Intelligently Simple Collaboration”

…with Simplicity

DisplayTen develops technologies that make the workplace meeting experience simple. Now, you can run short and powerful sessions to optimise meeting time, drive effective human interaction and ensure zero data breach.

Use DisplayTen as a content hub for your meetings by sharing content from any application. Focus on driving results with short and effective meetings with simple technology to annotate, brainstorm and share meeting notes. Connect your device to the DispayTen interactive display securely without WiFi connectivity.


Collaboration across work spaces and Geo-distributed teams

DisplayTen solutions allow users to collaborate across local work spaces, boardrooms, and Geo-distributed teams. The interactive whiteboard and pen allow easy annotations on the DTEN note or any other application. Teams can now achieve communication efficiency like never before.


One click and instant sharing capabilities without any complex configurations

DisplayTen is a cable and wire-free solution. It allows one-click sharing via the wireless dongle and support for any PC and/or Mac. It also offers instant sharing on mobile devices with the free DTEN mobile app.


Fully functional modules to run any video conferencing software such as Zoom

DisplayTen’s built-in PC module integrates with most collaboration and conferencing technologies to create a seamless experience for teams. It offers integrations with a variety of ports such as RS232 etc. to support control systems.
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Use the unlimited canvas and save your work as PDF files which can be downloaded or scanned with a QR code.

DisplayTen No Installation Icon


There is no requirement for any installation or WiFi set up. Plug in the dongle to your monitor and share instantly.

DisplayTen Real Pen Eraser Icon


Use a real pen and eraser to annotate and edit any document or use the DisplayTen note. Use the control features on the pen to move between screens

DisplayTen One Click Icon


Use the one click share to connect any monitor to the display. You can even connect multiple monitors and shift between them

DisplayTen Microsoft Windows


Get video conferencing and all other PC features you need

DisplayTen Wifi Icon


Stable and secure connection between DisplayTen and your device

DisplayTen Two Way Icon


Control your device from interactive display

DisplayTen Laptop Icon


Built with the DisplayTen OS, you save the cost of buying a separate computer


Effective Team Meetings 

DisplayTen meeting solutions connects team members seamlessly to collaborate across huddle rooms, conference rooms, and geo-distributed teams. Engaging teammates to drive productive brainstorming and problem solving sessions utilising the interactive whiteboard or annotating any content shared on screen



Wireless One Click Content Sharing

Our DTEN Share dongle removes the need for any cable setup by offering a wireless one click instant sharing and presenting solution. Effortless content sharing with any PC and Mac fits well with any BYOD (Bring your own device) workplace



Integrated Collaboration & Conferencing Technologies

Using DisplayTen’s PC module, integration with any video conferencing software such as Zoom creates the most complete meeting experience. A variety of ports like RS232 expand integrations to control panels and more



Open Architecture Platform

DisplayTen allows organisations to work with any system, software or programs that work best and fit your team’s needs while not being forced with proprietary options only

Product Details

DTEN55NDE 55″ 1080p Panel with Wall Mount (Without Slot PC Module – available as upgrade)

DTENZOOM55E 55″ 1080p Panel with Wall Mount (With Slot PC and Zoom Rooms)

Features and Benefits:

 – 55″ Samsung Grade A 1080P glass
 – Ports for VGA, HDMI, RS232, and USB
 – Optional slot PC module
 – Two finger annotation and 10 Touch Point Recognition
 – Dedicated Wi-Fi connection for DTen dongle
 – Provides DTen Dongle and App wireless connection
 – Built-in web browser
 – Dimensions: 51 x 4 x 31″, 1303 x 96 x 788 mm

DTEN70NDE 70” 1080p Panel with Wall Mount (Without Slot PC Module – available as upgrade)

DTen cable-free touch screen display solution lets you wirelessly share a device’s content on the 70” interactive display. Super slim design and zero parallax touch feeling let you touch images directly on the screen.

Features and Benefits:

 – 70″ Samsung Grade A 1080P glass
 – Ports for VGA, HDMI, RS232, and USB
 – Optional slot PC module
 – Two finger annotation and 10 Touch Point Recognition
 – Dedicated Wi-Fi connection for DTen dongle
 – Provides DisplayTenDongle and App wireless connection
 – Built-in web browser
 – Dimensions: 63 x 4 x 37″, 1604 x 102 x 952 mm

DTEN84NDE 84″ 4K Panel with Wall Mount (Without Slot PC Module – available as upgrade)

Features and Benefits

 – 84″ 4K Display
 – Ports for VGA, HDMI, RS232, and USB
 – Optional slot PC module
 – Two finger annotation and 10 Touch Point Recognition
 – Dedicated Wi-Fi connection for DTen dongle
 – Provides DisplayTen Dongle and App wireless connection
 – Built-in web browser
 – Dimensions: 77x4x46″, 1955x94x1162mm


 – Extreme Collaboration and presentation
 – Interactive white board, share of content and markups
 – Video Conferencing

PCi54128 Optional Slot PC Module for Interactive DisplayTen Panels

Transform your DisplayTen wireless interactive display into a powerful Windows PC with the addition of a PC Module. Video conferencing of your choice and every PC feature you may like.

Features and Benefits

 – Intel i5 Processor
 – 4G RAM
 – 128GB Solid State Hard Drive (SSD)
 – Permits integration of the panel into the corporate net
 – Run PC programs in the Interactive Panel

DSHARED1 Wireless Share Dongle with embedded software

Features and Benefits

 – USB Interface for PC’s
 – Two way control between DisplayTen Display and user PC
 – Single Click displays host PC content on the Display
 – Users can effortlessly share content and collaborate
 – Unit has software driver embedded for easy install

DPEN Wireless Smart Pen for Interactive DTEN Panels

 – Features and Benefits
 – Remote Control Technology 2.4GHz
 – Page up and down and a customize button
 – Max distance is 15m
 – Use of DTEN’s built in screen editor to mark content


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