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Facilis Technology Shared Storage Advancements at NAB Show 2018, Booth SL7920

Facilis Technology Ships New Version 7.1 of its Advanced Shared Storage Solution – Feature-rich release adds class-leading system monitoring, load balancing and remote client deployment.

Features include:

  • Real-time and historical bandwidth monitoring of volumes and workstations – gives the administrator full overview of the network down to the individual user.
  • RAID50 and RAID51 management through Admin Console – completes multi-server management improvements in the new web interface.
  • Preferred connection address – allows an administrator or desktop user the ability to chose an alternate network path, increasing available bandwidth.
  • Automatic load balancing of clients – helps administrators aggregate multiple network uplinks, and adds throughput simply by adding uplinks with no manual setup required.
  • Remote client deployment – eases the load on administrators during server upgrades by automatically updating connected clients to the latest software version.

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Facilis Technology Now Shipping Version 7 with Web Console Interface and New High-Performance Hub Server

Facilis, a leading international supplier of cost-effective, high performance shared storage solutions for collaborative media production networks, today announced the release of Facilis Shared Storage Version 7. The new Facilis Hub Server, a performance aggregation server that can be added to new and existing TerraBlock systems, is immediately available. Version 7 includes a new browser-based, mobile compatible Web Console that delivers enhanced control, monitoring and administration.

New Features in TerraBlock Version 7.0

Facilis Web Console: Easy administration, bandwidth monitoring, volume creation and permissions management from any desktop or mobile device via web browser

Facilis Hub Server: Increased Bandwidth, Simple Administration, Seamless Dynamic Aggregation, Head Unit / System Redundancy, and Data Resiliency

Open Storage Attachment: Securely share 3rd-party SAS and Fibre Channel storage using the Facilis Shared File System

Automatic Connectivity Discovery and Fail-over: Web Console will discover Facilis servers on the network automatically, and fail-over to secondary connection methods.

Automatic and Persistent Mount: Clients will automatically remount mounted volumes after network disruption, or after client reboot with user login.

OSX and FCPX Character Compatibility: Facilis Shared File System on OSX is now compatible with all Windows-illegal characters. This provides improved support for Apple FCPX.

LDAP/Active Directory Login Support: Real-time AD/LDAP user and group support when using Facilis Web Console

TerraBlock Hub Server

With ever increasing media file sizes, and 4K, HDR and VR workflows continually putting pressure on facility infrastructure, the Facilis Hub Server is aimed at future-proofing customers’ current storage and offering the most powerful new systems available.

The Facilis Hub Server uses a new architecture to optimise drive sets and increase the bandwidth available from standard TerraBlock storage systems.

New customers will benefit from customised Hub Server Stacks with enhanced system redundancy and data resiliency; all while delivering near-linear scale-ability of bandwidth when expanding the network.

“The Facilis Hub Server along with Open Storage Attachment gives current and new customers a way to take advantage of advanced bandwidth aggregation capabilities, without rendering their existing hardware obsolete.” – James McKenna, VP of Sales and Marketing at Facilis Technology

Facilis TerraBlock Web Console

New Web Console

The new Facilis Web Console increases the efficiency of administrative tasks, and improves the end-user experience. The modernised browser-based interface delivers enhanced functionality and removes barriers to creativity. Facilis customers using the Web Console will enjoy bandwidth monitoring, remote volume mount control and connectivity fail-over, along with enhanced user and group management through local database or directory service integration.

Facilis TerraBlock FastTracker


As the number of files and storage continue to increase, organisations are realising they need some type of asset tracking system to aid them in moving and finding files in their workflow. Many hesitate to invest in traditional MAM systems due to complexity, cost, and potential workflow impact.

Facilis Technology Product Portfolio

Hybrid24 - Hybrid Shared Storage (136TB, 144TB)

The Hybrid24 is the flagship of the Facilis Shared Storage products. With a group of 16 8TB drives and a smaller group of 8 1TB or 2TB Enterprise SSD drives, this system is ready for whatever you need to deliver.

SSD8 - Fully Populated SSD Shared Storage (8TB, 16TB)

The SSD8 is a speedy little 8-drive TerraBlock with 1TB or 2TB Enterprise SSD drives. This is the perfect add-on server for short-form 4K+ workflows. Add a TX16 expansion and customise your own Hybrid system.

24EX/32 - Expandable Shared Storage (128TB, 256TB)

At the top of the spinning-disk model range, the 24EX/32 combines 16 internal and 16 external 4TB or 8TB drives to produce more stream count and raw bandwidth for 4K and HDR editorial workflows.

24D - Fully Populated Shared Storage (96TB, 192TB)

The TerraBlock 24D is a building block for many larger facilities with a traditional form factor shipped since 2004. Continually updated hardware and optimisations in software have kept the 24D at the top of it’s class.

24EX/16 - Expandable Shared Storage (64TB, 128TB)

The 24EX/16 holds a single group of 16 drives, and delivers powerful performance with low overhead and an affordable cost of entry. A TX16 can be added to the 24EX/16 to create a higher-performance 24EX/32.

24EX/12 - Expandable Shared Storage (48TB, 96TB)

The 24EX/12 is “half a 24D”, and offers a low cost of entry with easy expand-ability to 96 or 192TB. Even with 12 drives this 24EX can handle some intense 444 HD and compressed 4K workflows.

24EX/8 - Expandable Shared Storage (32TB)

The 24EX/8 is the starting point for the larger server enclosures with redundant power supplies and internal expand-ability. A high-bandwidth connectivity card and spare drive comes standard with the 5u server models.

8D - Entry-Level Shared Storage 32TB)

The 8D is a revolutionary value in shared storage systems. All the software features of the larger servers, and a cost of entry at only $9,999 USD. Spare drive and rail kit is optional, and comes with a single power supply.

TX16 - Capacity Expansion (64TB, 128TB)

The TX16 delivers high-speed expansion of TerraBlock systems over 6Gb SAS. At a lower cost/GB than internal TerraBlock storage, scaling capacity is affordable and easy with quick setup time and immediate availability.

CatDV and Facilis – Go Faster! Super-charge Your MAM Workflow

What do Squarebox CATDV and Facilis Technology TerraBlock have in common?

Tailored to Content Creation
Aligned Permissions Models
Cross Platform
Cost Effective
Customer First Support

…and both are available from Broadcast Bruce

Learn more about CATDV

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Backup & Archive Solutions

Single Tape Drive or 24 Tape library with Archiware P5 software. Up to 60TB in library with LTO6. Single-port 6Gb SAS tape drives for deep archive and LTFS delivery directly from the TerraBlock server. 16 and 8 drive RAID5/6 near line or direct SAS-attached arrays. Cost-effective dual or single-port 6Gb SAS drive arrays for offload, backup and disk-based near line and archive.

Facilis Tape Disk Cloud Decision Tree Workflow

Backup & Archive Decision Chart

Once you decide that you need a back up or an archive of your facility data, how do you determine what target to use? The cost difference can be intimidating, but spending too little can cause critical delays. A compromise may be best achieved by first looking at how much, how long, and who’s paying the bill.

As part of our SyncBlock product, we include Cloud Integration through qualified software on the server. There are several Facilis workgroups utilizing cloud storage for backup of critical project data. The pricing for cloud storage can be attractive, as long as the retrieval costs are well managed, and expectations are set properly with regard to download times.

Read more about the archive and backup compromise here: Post Production Data Management – The Fast, the Cheap and the Good.

Keeping your data secure is high priority at Facilis. Not only do we protect against drive failure internally, we also provide storage locations for mirroring, synchronizing and archiving critical data. Our SyncBlock family of products include near line spinning disk arrays of 64TB to 128TB per enclosure. These “Tier 2” components are designed to serve as fault-tolerant locations for your project media, delivering fast retrieval when needed. In addition, these near line arrays can be used as Shared File System volumes, and made available to any desktop on the network. The near line arrays are connected via multi-channel 6Gb SAS, with transfer speeds of up to 1.5GB/sec from the primary drive set. Every near line SAS array comes with a qualified software package for scheduling data movements through custom profiles.

Facilis NL16

Facilis TerraBlock TX16 Front Back

LTO Tape Drives

LTO Tape Drives Autoloaders Backup Archive

LTO Tape is the industry standard for long-term archive and secure delivery of data. The tape drives and libraries sold by Facilis come with our qualified data movement software for LTFS formatted tapes, and we recommend Archiware for a more robust, integrated backup and archive functionality. The LTO tape devices are connected via 6Gb SAS, and Facilis includes the SAS card for the TerraBlock server with purchase of the tape drive or library. The 24-tape library can be ordered with one or two LTO 6 or 7 internal tape drives. With the TerraBlock serving as the archive workstation, you eliminate the need for an external system to manage the LTO processing. In addition, all the volumes created by any user are immediately available on the TerraBlock server for use as archive sources.

Facilis TerraBlock Asset Tracking

Included with every TerraBlock system sold, Facilis delivers the fastest way to index, tag, search and access your video, audio and still format media across TerraBlock volumes. Supports 1 Million+ asset records, and is completely integrated with TerraBlock servers. Index and track media on network shares, local drives and even cloud directories. Using FastTracker, you can develop a custom workflow from ingest to edit and delivery, without the bloat of traditional MAM systems. Easy to learn and fast to search, you'll find this asset tracker to be a huge benefit in almost any workflow.

Facilis FastTracker Sample Workflow

Facilis FastTracker

Even smaller facilities have several terabytes of files across multiple projects. Managing the access to these files can be a challenge. FastTracker is designed to be a fast way to index, catalog and find your video, audio and still image files across all your project based volumes. Once found, the files are available for drag and drop directly to the editing application. If the file no longer exists, the record still shows a head frame and thumbnail scroll that represents the clip.

Catalogs can be assigned permissions just like virtual volumes, and file records can be assigned to one or many catalogs. Metadata tags are customizable, to help narrow search parameters within the database. A media player is included, and allows for desktop playback of hundreds of formats and codecs.

There is no external workstation required, as the database and image thumbnails are held on the TerraBlock server. Being on the server, FastTracker has access to all the volumes, so remote/incremental indexing can be enabled on any volume from any client.

Facilis Technology Brochure

About Facilis Technology…

Massachusetts-based Facilis Technology launched TerraBlock in 2003 with a vision to bring affordable, advanced network shared storage to post production and content creation professionals working in media and entertainment. Over the past decade, the company has evolved into an industry-leading provider of cost-effective, high performance video shared storage systems and dynamic workflow solutions for the film, broadcast and AV markets.

Facilis’ multi-platform shared file system and complementary workflow solutions power thousands of post production and content creation workflows in facilities worldwide – allowing professionals to store, share, edit and archive a diverse array of media at an accelerated pace. The Facilis Shared File System is included with every TerraBlock and easily accommodates the most complex multi-platform network environments and enables collaboration among diverse image formats and application including Avid Media Composer, Adobe Premiere Pro/Creative Cloud, FCP/FCPX, DaVinci Resolve and others.

From 4K film color grading to HD craft editorial, TerraBlock Network shared storage provides the performance and collaboration tools to get the job done. Supported by a strong internal team comprising industry veterans with extensive backgrounds in product development, broadcast facility engineering and creative video editing, Facilis continually innovates its solutions to enable superior integration with the latest creative applications and technology, as well as support for cutting-edge connectivity methods.

The company’s world-class technical support and meticulous in-house integration of each turnkey solution have earned Facilis a loyal customer base and esteemed reputation in the industry. Its consultative selling process ensures that all Facilis solutions will fit seamlessly into facility environments of all shapes and sizes and provide unmatched stability for years of uninterrupted production.

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