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“JLCooper Electronics is truly a pioneer in the development of professional control, automation, synchronisation and interfacing products”

JLCooper interfaces and control surfaces are known throughout the industry and respected for their commitment to innovative design, dependable manufacture quality and impressively responsive performance. They deliver unique and powerful tools that enable advanced workflows and automation without compromising on the clean, simplicity of their design – ensuring ease of use without sacrificing function. JLCooper panels can be found in suites, studios and control rooms all over the world, giving operators, editors, artists and engineers precise, tactile control.

News & Updates…

At NAB, JLCooper updated their complete catalogue to include new 3rd party product support details from Anvato, Aveco, Intel, QSC, vMIX and wTVision. There were also product feature updates and other news including new Proton and ION features and Slomo Mini USB. Featured Products at NAB included Video Transport and Switcher Controllers; SloMo Controllers; Audio Mixing and Surround Panning Controllers; Automation & Shotbox Controllers; Ethernet Control and Interfacing Products; and GPI Control and Interfacing Products.

Proton and Ion 3.0 Update – New Features!

  • Hall Effect T-Bar Supports Increased Resolution for Greater Accuracy (Proton and ION)
  • Picture-In-Picture Control for Proton – Supersource Box Size, Cropping, Border Width, Position, Softening, Colour and more…
  • Unique QuikSwitch™ Feature Controls Up to (8) ATEM Units (Proton and ION)
  • Proton and ION Instant Input Mapping from Front Panel (Proton and ION)
  • GPI Input for Remote Control of Auto Transition*
  • More New Features and Improvements… Available Now – Free Download!

*This is a hardware change and is available only on new Proton and ION hardware.

  • Atlas is ShippingAtlas GPI is Highly Programmable Cross-point Smart Switch Matrix and Logic Processor. It provides a number of connections and processing options, making it the ideal solution for correcting GPI/Tally incompatibilities.
  • Eclipse MXL on display at Sony and Vizrt!
  • SloMo Elite – New Support from Signum Bildtechnik
  • ES-SloMo J USB demo at vMIX

More NAB Show 2018 News

JLCooper Controllers

Eclipse Series: Expandable Control Surfaces

The Eclipse family of expandable control stations provides precision control of professional video colour correction and editing software.

Eclipse 24 Midnight

Tactile Command Palette

Eclipse BTX Midnight

Primary Transport Controller

Edit Suite Series: Tactile Control Products

The JLCooper Edit Suite Series products are the perfect solution for broadcast facilities, production facilities and remote trucks. Their compact size and impressive capabilities are well-suited to virtually any professional editing task. With just the right combination of features, affordable Edit Suite Series controllers are designed to withstand the rigours of day-to-day use, without the high-cost associated with competing products.

ES-SloMo™ is a compact controller for News, Sports, QC, transfer, dubbing and other editing operations. It makes precise control of professional disk based video servers and other decks quick and easy. It’s a full featured 4-machine editor and universal remote that provides simultaneous control of up to four decks. Its compact design and low cost, make it the perfect addition to edit suites, remote trucks, sports facilities and other applications.

ES-SloMo has professional transport buttons, JLCooper’s Custom, Optically-Encoded Jog Wheel with Shuttle Ring, a high-quality T-Bar for slow motion, shuttle and variable speed play, an easy to read 2 x 16 VF display, full size numeric keypad and fast access function keys. It provides Odetics seamless clip play-out functions for use with compatible servers. GangWay integration allows individually select-able control of up to 16 or 32 machines or server channels!

MCS-Pro Series: Professional Control Stations

The MCS-Pro Series provides a number of custom configuration options for improved control of computer-based editing systems, VTR’s and DDR’s.

FaderMaster Professional™ is perfect for the audio or video professional involved with automation or digital audio recording. You can easily control, mix and edit with MIDI sequencers, hard disk recorders, MIDI-controlled audio mixers, synths, samplers, signal processors and other computer based editing systems.

FaderMaster Pro – MIDI Automation Controller provides the hands-on, tactile control you’ve been missing in your system. It features high-quality, 100mm long-throw faders. These smooth tracking faders give you precision control of your audio mix.

If eight faders and buttons aren’t enough, multiple FM Pro units can be linked to form a larger console.

FaderMaster Pro has 20 programmable banks for storing your own setups, plus 50 Factory Preset banks for remotely controlling classic synthesizers.

MCS6 Media Control Station

Modern, Compact, Precise Control


…is a modernised and updated version of our popular MCS3 Media Control Station with a compact new enclosure style.

The familiar button layout and Jog/Shuttle is identical to the MCS3.

It features professional transport buttons for Record, Play, Stop, Fast Forward and Rewind. It has 18 physical buttons for a variety of editing functions and the V/Stick Navigation Control.

A precision, optically encoded jog wheel with a concentric shuttle ring lets you control audio or video effortlessly and with frame accuracy.

MCS5 is our newest desktop controller. It provides professional transport buttons, a precision optically encoded jog wheel, assignable function keys with live LCD labels (Key Function and label change on-the-fly for different editing operations).

You can create and customise banks of hot keys for your specific needs, including built-in, pre-named commands for popular applications.

Programmable messages, including standard key command combinations, MIDI messages, mouse clicks and others. These can be assigned to any key and named.

The end result is that you can make a custom arrangement of controls to best suit your purpose, and you will always know what function you are going to get when you press a key.

VTC1 is small enough to fit in your pocket or toolbox, but tough enough to stand up to daily use in professional environments.

It provides remote control of standard transport functions like Play, Reverse Play, Still, Stop, Shuttle and automatically configures itself to provide clip browsing on decks that support this feature. For most other machines, the Clip+/- feature provides a shortcut to quickly skip 10 seconds forward or back in time.

VTC1 is made with professional transport buttons and a durable steel enclosure and. It requires no external power supply, making it even more convenient and portable, and it quickly connects using integrated 3m 9-Pin/RS-422 cable.

JLCooper’s new AXOS Panner for AVID Pro Tools is a high- quality professional controller. It combines a Touch-Sensitive Joystick, 5 Rotary Encoders and 9 Tactile Switches for lightning fast, real-time mastery of surround panning and mixing parameters.

AXOS gives you comprehensive control including Pan, Divergence, Volume, Mute, LFE, Centre Percentage and Channel Navigation.

It’s plug and play, connecting to your Pro Tools System on Mac or Windows with no additional software required.

Optional software plug-ins for Mac OSX gives the AXOS Panner the added ability to precisely control automated surround mixing in Apple Logic Pro, Steinberg Nuendo and Cubase. Controls X/Y, Track Next/Prev., Angle, Radius, LFE, Spread, Centre and more.

AXOS Professional Surround Panner

for AVID Pro Tools™ and Apple Logic Pro X™

Nuage Surround Panner combines a high-quality, three axis joystick with five touch-sensitive, push-button, rotary encoders, nine illuminated buttons and a three digit LED display, for indicating track number.

The controller can be easily connected, using its own built in 10/100 Ethernet interface.

With its custom software plug-in for Steinberg Nuendo (Mac and Windows), the panner is specifically designed to mount directly into the Yamaha/Steinberg Nuage Console expansion chassis. (NWS500-SM)

Controls include real time control and automation of Joystick X, Y, Z, Global Divergence, Auto Orbit, Front Divergence, Rear Divergence, Center Distribution, Front-Rear Divergence, LFE Level, Manual Orbit and more.

Nuage Panner is also compatible with Pro Tools Mac Version.

SloMo Elite / Mini: Sports SloMo Control Surface

SloMo Elite is a new sports slow motion control surface, built for speed and designed to withstand the rigours of daily use in broadcast, sports, instant replay, scoreboard and other applications.

The SloMo Elite-C is a new, physically smaller version of our SloMo Elite, Sports/SloMo control surface. This new third generation product consumes 33% less counter space, but retains full size controls and buttons making it perfect for remote trucks and other locations where space is at a premium.

SloMo Elite with Re-Legend-able LED Illuminated Buttons

SloMo Elite-SM-JLLSN: LED Illuminated Buttons and JLCooper Optical Jog/Shuttle
SloMo Elite-SM-OLLSN: LED Illuminated Buttons and JLCooper Tall Optical Jog Only Mechanism

SloMo Elite with Remotely Re-Legendable Hi Res 64 x 32 RGB LCD Buttons

SloMo Elite-SM-J66SN: Hi Res RGB LCD Buttons and JLCooper Optical Jog/Shuttle Mechanism
SloMo Elite-SM-O66SN: Hi Res RGB LCD Buttons and JLCooper Tall Optical Jog Only Mechanism

SloMo Mini’s small footprint and low cost makes it perfect for sports, scoreboard, trucks, transfer, QC, dubbing and other editing operations.

Expandable by connecting SloMo Mini to GangWay for remote control of up to 16 or 32 decks/channels!

Controls… AJA Ki Pro range, BlackMagic Hyperdecks, FFV, Video Devices Pix and Most Professional RS-422 VTRs, Servers and File Based Video Recorders!

Proton and ion

Compact Broadcast Switcher Panels for BlackMagic Design ATEM

The JLCooper Proton™ and ion™ are full featured compact hardware control panels for fast video switching in live production environments.

JLCooper’s new Proton™ switcher control surface is a full featured compact hardware control panel for fast video switching in live production environments. It controls Blackmagic Design ATEM 1 M/E Production Switcher, ATEM 2 M/E Production Switcher, ATEM Production Studio 4K, ATEM 1 M/E Production Studio 4K, ATEM 2 M/E Production Studio 4K and ATEM Television Studio models.

It’s a perfect tactile companion to the ATEM software with your laptop or desktop computer or use it stand-alone with ATEM, as a primary or secondary controller. Add ion rack ears and it’s ready to mount in just two rack spaces for mobile fly packs.


Compact Control Palettes

The ShotBoxes™ are new additions to our line of control products using remotely re-legend-able push-button switches which allow the user to instantly recognise key functions.

They feature remotely re-legend-able, multi-colour, back-lit liquid crystal display (LCD) push-button switches. sBox and SharpShot both have eight of the LCD switches, while KeyShot and RackShot have 10 each. KeyShot and RackShot also have 13 lighted function keys and a rotary encoder.

Windows Macro Software for RackShot and KeyShot allows users to define the behavior of all controls.

Keyshot, sBOX8D and SharpShot are designed for the desktop and RackShot and sBOX8R are rack mountable.

JLCooper Interfaces

Ultimate Connectivity: Unique and Innovative Products for Audio/Video Interfacing and Control

eBOX is a 10/100BASE-T (Ethernet) to Quad RS-232/422 (9-Pin) and GPI/Tally hardware interface.

It acts as a portal for controlling devices across your facility or across the world.

eBOX io a companion to eBox and gBOX. It converts 8 GPI outputs to electrically isolated, relay outputs. The eBOX io also accepts 8 GPI inputs via opto-isolated inputs.

A general purpose interface that converts 8 GPI inputs and outputs to 10/100 Ethernet. For compatibility, it uses the same messages as the original eBOX and it’s fully compatible with eBOX and sBOX. Think of it as a simpler eBOX without the serial ports, with eBOX io functionality built in.

Atlas™ is Highly Programmable Cross-point Smart Switch Matrix and Logic Processor for GPI and Tally.

It’s the ideal solution for correcting any GPI/Tally interface incompatibility, in that it provides a variety of connections and a number of methods of modifying them to perfectly suit the task at hand.

gBOX is a general purpose interface that converts up to 48 GPI (General Purpose Interface) or Tally inputs and outputs into 10/100 BaseT Ethernet, USB or to a a serial interface.

Up to 8 gBOXes may be slaved to a master gBOX to convert up to a total of 432 GPI inputs and outputs.

Gangway16 / Gangway32 (NEW!)

16 / 32 Port Gang Roll Switchers

GangWay16 / GangWay32 are compact, easy-to-use, 16 /32 port RS-422 Gang Roll Switchers and GPI Trigger Boxes. The front panels include lighted buttons for clear indication as to the status of each machine, an All button to quickly enable all machines, 3 User Preset Groups and a Tally Select button. A built in front mounted RS-422 port provides a convenient connection for a remote.

They have 16 or 32 RS-422 ports on the rear panel and a standard rear RS-422 input. The rear panel also includes two 25 pin D-Sub connectors for GPI I/O, power switch and an additional interface card slot.

ES-SloMo and SloMo Mini can directly interface with GangWay to provide for control up to 32 RS-422 recorders!

The need to run MIDI signals over long distance is essential for use in recording facilities, theatres, arenas, churches, schools, cruise ships, casinos, nightclubs and other venues using simple twisted pair wiring. Touring professionals also rely on JLCooper MIDI Line Amplifiers to carry MIDI signals long distances over standard audio snakes.

The MLA-1 is a four channel MIDI Line Amplifier that can be surface mounted and used with a separate MIDI jack panel. This facilitates greater flexibility for installations where MLA units can be in every required location.

MLA-1 can be powered by an MLA-10 or used alone with a separate power supply. Its compact size allows it to be mounted on or inside a wall or panel, truss mounted, etc. A single output can be connected to as many as 4 inputs of another MLA-1 or MLA-10.

MLA-10™ is designed to fit in a standard single 19” rack space. Each MLA-10 features 8 MIDI lines configured as 4 inputs and 4 outputs. It has 4 MIDI input connectors, 4 MIDI output connectors and individual activity LEDs.

The choice between the MLA-1 and MLA-10 depends on mounting requirements. Combine MLA units in whatever configurations best suits your needs. MLA-10 and MLA-1 are functionally identical and offer different form factors. Each provides 4 long distance connections in either direction. MLA-1 or MLA-10 can be combined with up to 4 MLA-XLR units.

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