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Marquis Broadcast develops software for the management of digital assets and enhancement of production workflows. Their portfolio of products enables content creators and facilities to take control of their storage, ensuring more efficient use of expensive online space. Their workflow tools enable multi-vendor integration and unification, allowing for the easy migration of projects between your creative platforms. Their conversion, transcoding and metadata management ensures seamless support, improves application performance and inter-operation. When used together, Marquis Broadcast solutions ensure your facility performs efficiently and effectively to reduce operational costs and improve production quality.

“Marquis offers solutions to your media production workflow problems. Whether moving media, metadata, sequences or whole projects, we can offer multi-vendor solutions that are fast and effective.”

Marquis Broadcast solutions can be “Built By Bruce” for seamless integration with either new or existing production servers, media asset management platforms, editing tools or network storage infrastructure.

Marquis News & Updates

NAB Show 2018 Announcements…

New Products:

  • Premiere Parking: Marquis’ first step towards the full Adobe Premiere Pro CC version of Project Parking software. As an introduction, it can read Adobe Premiere Pro CC projects, copy the media files that are referenced in the project, and move these to a new location, creating an updated version of the project that points to the new media location.
  • Interplay Metadata Export Tool (IMET): Enables customers to take an Avid Interplay project and media metadata and export it – essential when archiving projects from an Interplay system. This is useful to backup Interplay metadata, make it more widely available and to reduce the size of the Interplay database.

Product Updates:

  • This new Medway cloud workflow allows a customer to process content with the Medway Engine Web Services (MEWS) hosted in Amazon Web Services.
  • Workspace Tools products are now Avid Platform Certified, delivering Avid’s seal of approval for the company’s powerful disaster recovery, backup and business continuity solutions.
  • Delta Parking functionality within Project Parking and Workspace Tools, means an Avid project can be moved to shared storage or cloud, with changes versioned, it means only new media and the project metadata is moved.

Press Release



PROJECT PARKING: The Complete Avid storage Management Solution

The solution to managing your Avid projects and Avid ISIS. PROJECT PARKING has all the tools you need to understand which projects are using up space then take action to clear it up. You can archive projects to tier 2, move projects to a laptop for work on set, or delete orphan and duplicate files. Large facilities around the world trust their ISIS housekeeping to Project Parking. [LEARN MORE]

PARKING SERVER: Runs scheduled archive tasks [LEARN MORE]

WORKSPACE PARKING: Disaster recovery for Avid Workspaces [LEARN MORE]

ARCHIVE PARKING: Archive complete Avid projects [LEARN MORE]

ANALYSIS PARKING: Analyse edit shared storage [LEARN MORE]

SOLO PARKING: Archive for standalone Avid workstations [LEARN MORE]

Why not Park your projects on a new Facilis TerraBlock Storage Server?

Marquis EDIT BRIDGE enables the seamless integration of Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects CC in an Avid Interplay environment. It includes two Custom Panels for Premiere Pro which allow you to control the workflow directly from the Premiere Pro user interface.

Edit Bridge is successfully used worldwide in production companies, broadcasters and post houses to integrate non Avid editors and artists with an Avid Interplay environment.

The next generation of edit bridge brings all the power and capability of the existing product in a ‘scale-out’ version, enabling the attachment of many more non Avid concurrent and non-concurrent editors:

 – More advanced user rights and access permissions
 – Enterprise scale licensing
 – Virtual Machine hosting and Scale out


MEDWAY is an ultra-scale-able media-centric middle-ware. Medway technology is used globally in hundreds of locations by some of the biggest names in the broadcast and media industry. Medway is now cloud enabled bringing the richest set of legacy and contemporary integrations to cloud and hybrid workflows.

Medway provides the most comprehensive and widely used integrations to Avid. Medway is a plug and play replacement for Avid Transfer manager, its ultra-fast compute processing make transcoding, re-wrapping, audio matrixing, and VANC handling both fast and reliable. Medway is designed to support complex workflows; seamlessly integrating advanced metadata processing and exchange between the systems it connects. It does so resiliently and reliably. Automatic hardware fail-over, efficient throughput control and expandable bandwidth, together with comprehensive diagnostics mean Medway is remains a reliable and predictable part of your infrastructure.


WORX4 X: Apple Final Cut Pro X companion that creates a folder of the trimmed media. [LEARN MORE]

What it does


Takes the media used in a project and copies to a new location whilst trimming with handles Save a large amount of space once the required content is identified
Creates a new XML of the project which references the newly created media An editable archive which can be opened in FCP X, Resolve, Smoke, etc.
Creates a single folder with both XML and media Save time and space moving and storing the finished project
Process multiple projects in the same XML into the one directory and share their use of media Save a large amount of space when multiple versions, or episodes, share media

WORX4 PRO: Don’t let your Premiere media go offline! [LEARN MORE]

Like our renowned Project Parking for Avid Media Composer, Worx4 Pro understands the relationship between your Adobe Premiere Pro CC projects and bins and your media.

Worx4 Pro is a new application for users of Adobe Premiere Pro CC which solves the problem of knowing where the media for a project is. Now you can ensure that a project is not tied to an individual workstation, or help to stop an editor leaving the building with an audio track in his pocket!

Worx4 Pro will give the user a clear view of the location of media used within a project, where it is used within the project and whether the content is still online.

Interested in being a part of the Trials? Contact Marquis Broadcast

X2Pro provides a smooth workflow between Final Cut Pro X and Avid Pro Tools, allowing users to take full advantage of the functionality of these world-class products now and in the future.

X2Pro integrates Final Cut Pro X into professional audio workflows, converting the exported Final Cut Pro X XML into an AAF file, which Avid Pro Tools can open as a session, delivering seamless integration between the two applications.


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