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About Mevo Camera

Mevo, the creator of Mevo Start and Mevo Plus, has revolutionised long-form live streaming and is empowering consumers and influencers of all experience levels to take storytelling to the next level with easy-to-use, affordable, all-in-one cameras. With 1080p HD video, crystal clear audio, advanced fine-tuning tools and more, Mevo Camera integrates seamlessly with all streaming platforms and enables users to effortlessly capture and share every important event, whether it’s a cooking tutorial, press conference, wedding, major concert or a child’s first play. Mevo, originally created in 2016 as a brand subsidiary of Livestream, became independent in 2019 and is now headquartered in Brooklyn, N.Y.

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When It’s Worth Sharing, It’s Worth Sharing Right

Connect and stream instantly with the Mevo App to your favourite live platforms.

Share your event from start to finish – without cables or battery packs – with up to 6 hours of built-in battery life.

Experience HD video, 1080p streaming, and multi-directional audio.


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