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Panasonic is a leading supplier of professional broadcast and video solutions. Their innovation in the sector is illustrated by the fact that the Panasonic P2HD Series played a pivotal role in the switch to file-based broadcasting and video production workflows. Leading European broadcasters have already switched to P2 since it was introduced in 2005, and industry specialists value the outstanding reliability, speed and rewrite performance of their solutions. Their professional broadcast range is truly end-to-end. It offers solutions featuring HD studio cameras, convertible camera systems, live switchers and HD recorders, HD/SD monitors, and energy-efficient LCD monitors which deliver superior picture quality.

4K Professional Camcorders

Our professional camcorder line-up is widely recognised for its exceptional image quality, leading-edge technology and products designed with its users in mind. Our hand-held cameras are used in the most challenging of environments for news and documentary capture, giving camera operators the freedom they need to tell their story the way they want it told.

Panasonic Integrated PTZ Cameras

Integrated PTZ Cameras

Panasonic provides a comprehensive remote camera solution that facilitates UHD (4K), Full-HD and SD for a wide range of applications – all via IP. From fixed-rig TV productions to supporting the growth of e-learning within higher learning for lecture capture, from live streaming to corporate use in auditoriums, our remote cameras support the most difficult of shooting conditions in both indoor and outdoor situations.

Panasonic NDI PTZ Cameras

NDI PTZ Cameras

Panasonic offers a full line-up of PTZ integrated cameras with built-in Network Device Interface (NDI) support. Featuring fully integrated support of NDI version 3, enhanced with a new high efficiency mode, it allows users to connect Panasonic professional PTZ cameras directly to an NDI network. With automatic detection by the NewTek TriCaster® and NewTek’s IP Series of professional video switchers, the new cameras seamlessly integrate with the hundreds of other NDI-capable products, enabling NDI-based video production workflows without any additional configuration.

The AW-HN38, AW-HN40, AW-UN70, and AW-HN130 join Panasonic’s market leading existing PTZ models, and are available in both black and white colours. The AW-HN38 is an addition to the PTZ line-up as a high-value, premium quality model with a powerful feature set similar to the AW-HN/HE40, but with 22x Zoom, HDMI and native IP connectivity.

Panasonic Box Cameras

Box Cameras

The AK-UB300 provides both high-image quality and precise operation. It is the perfect match for sports, remote studios, live concerts and aerial shooting and can still maintain 4K image quality when shooting low-budget content in a small-scale studio. Even in HD, the AK-UB300 is an excellent replacement for existing box cameras and offers a smooth migration to 4K and IP-based systems. A multitude of functions allows versatility in any application.

Panasonic 360-Degree Live Camera

360-Degree Live Camera

The 360-degree Live Camera generates 2:1 equirectangular format 360-degree video by stitching the output of four cameras. This 360-degree video can give you the feeling of being at a variety of scenes, such as live broadcasts of sports, concerts, and other stadium events.

Panasonic Control Panels

Control panels

Every model in our professional pan/tilt camera range can be suitably controlled with our multi-function, high-performance pan/tilt camera controllers. With full camera control capability, recall of preset memory, tracing memory, and flexible joystick control, there is a Panasonic professional camera control solution for all professional and broadcast applications.

Switchers & Mixers

Panasonic’s full range of production switcher solutions give you the freedom to expand by meeting future needs and requirements with a range of products for 4K and HD live productions. From our compact, powerful HD/SD live switchers or high-end live switcher to our new live streaming production centre, our range of mixers and controllers are designed with system compatibility and expandability in mind.

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