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Introducing ProMAX MediaHub

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ProMAX MediaHub gives video teams an affordable option for shared storage and is the perfect entry level solution for video teams that are ready to start, but aren’t quite ready for the price tag that most workflow storage systems carry.

ProMAX MediaHub gives creatives the ability to connect all their Thunderbolt storage devices, creating a shared storage network that can easily fit on a desk.

MediaHub includes ProMAX MAM, ProMAX Proxy & ProMAX Transcode software to create the ultimate video workflow. Need to find a project from last year? No problem! Need to transcode that MP4 file to ProRes? We got it.

Real Performance + Features that Matter

950MB/s+ per user
Performance is everything. Platform uses the most cutting edge hardware to ensure that you have the speed you need.

Scale to Petabytes
Today’s Terabyte is tomorrow’s Petabyte. Scale simply without disruption.

Use 3rd Party Storage
Storage should be an ecosystem, not a server. With built in Thunderbolt 3.0, USB C & SAS + options. ProMAX is the only company that doesn’t punish you for wanting to use other hardware with your server.

GPU Enabled
Storage and Processors are the backbone of performance. GPU adds a whole other dimension. Platform enables GPU to offload storage tasks and protect your playback performance.

Infrastructure Ready
Most teams grow into Platform and have existing switches & components that need to integrate. Whether a network switch, cabling or storage; Platform easily integrates into your existing hardware.

Integration Friendly
Whether it’s security and IT compliance or compatibility with an existing MAM. Platform plays nicely. We challenge you to find a domain, security or integration that we can’t work with!

Collaborate | Manage – Everything you need, in 1 intuitive interface.

Access Storage Faster
Always be connected and ready to instantly jump into any project in your facility

Collaborate Better
Automatically access your own projects + any shared projects. Push media back and forth in real time and stop waiting to create.

Performance. Feel it. See it.
Platform offers the highest performance on the market, but promises aren’t enough. With real time performance monitoring you can see what’s happening & when the new guy is accidentally working in full res 4K DPX…

Automate Backups in Seconds
Maybe you need your whole facility backed up, maybe just an important project. Backups should be easy and automatic, we got your back… up.

Playback Every File. Forever.
Search is critical, but without seeing your clips, it’s limited. Platform auto-generates proxies of everything from ProRes to AVC files, so you can finally preview that “A011_C003_080213.r3d” file before your spend an hour downloading it from the cloud.

Because IT should be as happy as Creative
Whether it’s security compliance, or integrating with multiple domains. Platform excels in keeping IT teams as happy as creative teams.

ProMAX News:

ProMAX and Goodbrother

“If somebody asked us if we should buy a ProMAX solution we would unambivalently say do it… its not a small investment, but it has paid for itself 10 times over”

Jake and Ethan Russell are the founders of GoodBrother, a production house in Brooklyn, New York. They saw an opportunity to grow their business but knew that passing external hard drives wasn’t going to cut it anymore. Watch the Interview to Learn More

Looking to take on more work, but not sure how you’ll manage more media?

Speak to Bruce about how ProMAX Systems and proper media management can allow you to:

Take on more projects and grow your business
Increase your team’s productivity
Preserve your media for the future

Platform NDI Capture Tool

Did you know that you can now capture NDI streams directly on your ProMAX Platform Server? Check out the video of how this light weight client can easily trigger NDI recording on your server, offloading the resource load, reducing the number of systems you need on your production and leaving you free to keep working! They have also shared this awesome, comprehensive blog about migrating to an NDI workflow!

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