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Promise Pegasus R4i and Pegasus J2i

New internal storage options, custom-designed for the new Mac Pro. Promise Pegasus R4i and Pegasus J2i enable end-users to easily manage the explosion of unstructured data and digital assets critical to their creative projects.

Promise Pegasus R4i

Promise Pegasus R4i: 4-bay PCIe RAID Storage for the new Mac Pro

RAID MPX Module Kit
Plug & Play inside the new Mac Pro
Harmonised and solid design
4 x swap-able modules with 7200rpm SATA HDDs
Pre-formatted, pre-configured Hardware RAID5
Capacity, speed and protection
Promise Pegasus Utility to manage & monitor
3-Year hardware warranty, global support

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Promise Pegasus J2i

Promise Pegasus J2i: 2-bay Internal Storage Enclosure for the new Mac Pro

Direct-attach internal storage enclosure
Plug & Play inside the new Mac Pro
Rugged, elegant and easy to setup
1 x 7200rpm SATA HDD, pre-formatted
Add a 2nd HDD
3-Year hardware warranty, global support

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Promise Technology SANlink3 F2

Promise SANLink3 F2


SANLink3 F2 utilises Thunderbolt™ 3 to connect to your low latency, high-bandwidth storage and SAN over 16Gb FC

Ready for 4K and beyond – Leveraging Thunderbolt™ 3 technology, SANLink3 F2 is capable of speeds which are double that of previous generation Thunderbolt™ 2 16Gb FC adaptors

Dual Thunderbolt™ 3 ports and Dual 16Gb FC ports
Allows any Thunderbolt™3 enabled host to connect to a high-speed SAN
Connect up to up 6 daisy chained devices – high resolution displays, and Thunderbolt storage
1m 40Gb/s active Thunderbolt™ 3 cable included

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Promise Technology Pegasus3 Series

Promise Pegasus3 Series


Pegasus3 Series with Thunderbolt™ 3 technology delivers incredible speed and performance for HD and 4K video editing, creative workflow with ease of use and performance optimisation.

With 4, 6 and 8 drive configurations, from 12TB to 48TB, we have storage solutions to fit the unique needs of the production professional. Want more speed – Adjust your RAID settings. Pegasus3 Series supports RAID 0, 1, 5, 6, 10 and JBOD.

Being away from the studio for a shoot doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice the RAID protection or speeds of your SAN storage. You can take this compact, portable package almost anywhere. This makes it ideal for filmmakers, photographers, graphic designers and other multimedia professionals, especially on set – where speed matters, and everyone is charging by the hour!

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Promise Technology: Innovative Storage Solution Provider

Promise Technology Inc. is a recognised global leader in the storage industry and the leading developer of high-performance storage solutions, designed for the data centre, surveillance, cloud and rich media markets. Always striving to meet the rigorous demands of our customers, Promise has earned a reputation for developing innovative storage solutions for vertical markets which deliver practical answers to the business challenges facing large enterprise corporations, small to medium businesses, security integrators and creative professionals.

Promise is focusing on opening up new data storage markets, redefining storage possibilities and seeking opportunities for integrated development. This passion for innovation has kept us at the forefront of the storage industry and led us to form strategic alliances with leading storage-related companies worldwide. Promise has quietly become the preferred storage provider for the world’s top resellers and integrators, who are proud to sell our technology and products through their vertical markets and channels.

Superior performance, quality and value

At the heart of Promise storage solutions is our commitment to provide customer-oriented solutions with the best cost/performance in the industry. Our commitment to providing cost-effective quality, reliability and support ensures that users around the world know that their data is safe, continuously available and usable within multiple applications, in a variety of markets, including consumer, rich media, cloud, surveillance, and IT. We’re bringing professional level thinking to a modern problem – how to save and share your files, and above all, keep them safe.

Strong partnerships

Promise has built long term relationships with major technology pioneers in the storage industry, including hard disk drive, CPU and server companies. These large multinational companies share their technology road-maps and vision of the future with Promise to develop next generation technology together. This ensures that we always integrate with the latest technology, and develop products that meet tomorrow’s market demands.

Outstanding global service

Promise enterprise products are backed by an industry-leading three year complete system warranty and an extensive global support organisation. Promise offers 24 x 7 email and phone support with highly experienced support professionals, free software updates and access to an online support download page. In addition, Promise also has multiple service offerings that provide further benefits, while greatly reducing the amount of downtime (in the event of a fault or failure).

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