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…a manufacturer of uniquely flexible, customise-able broadcast controllers, elegantly designed, deceptively simple to look at, but delivering powerful control solutions for broadcast and production devices including: PTZ cameras and heads, live switchers, camera shading, routing & utility, broadcast audio and replay. Skaarhoj signature technologies set them apart, from the custom, precision engineered buttons, t-bars, knobs and faders, to their clever modular expand-ability, IP connectivity with PoE and crystal clear displays. The UniSketch OS runs across all their interfaces and allows for rapid deployment of ‘Device Cores’ enabling the same control surface to manage multiple third party devices. Popular cores include: AJA, ATOMOS, Blackmagic Design, Grass Valley, LumensMatrox, NewTek, Panasonic, PTZOptics, Ross Video, Telestream, Teradek and vMix

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Skaarhoj Graphical OLED Displays

Our graphical OLED displays support buttons, knobs and faders with dynamic labels. The combine large, bold labels with unprecedented levels of detail using titles, icons and scales to enrich the main content. They automatically draw information from the connected devices or you can type in your own labels or upload graphics. Found everywhere in many sizes and dimensions on SKAARHOJ controllers.

Skaarhoj 100% IP & PoE

One cable carries power and the signals for as many devices as you need to control. Your switcher, video router, recording deck and even your cameras. The future is IP, while legacy serial systems can typically be supported by end-point converters, which is often more convenient anyway. With Power over Ethernet (IEEE802.3af), Skaarhoj un-clutters your desk and your racks.

Skaarhoj Four Way Buttons

Custom moulded, tactile, elastomer buttons, that detect whether a button is pressed on the left, right, lower or upper edge. This allows a single button to adjust multiple settings and the values of those settings simply from pressing opposing edges. It could even work as a simple joystick. Or it can be just a simple button. Innovative, insanely flexible and perfect for a universal controller.

Skaarhoj RGB Backlight LED Bars

The RGB back-light and LED bars are not just visually impressive and soothing. They’re also super practical to colour code sections based on their assigned function. This provides the operator with instinctive clues, which can be the critical difference between success and failure. Colours can be assigned manually and are dim-able.

Skaarhoj Modularity

Modularity is taken to a new level by SKAARHOJ. Individual controllers can snap together magnetically and electronically, working like one, large, seamless surface. Build your desktop control surface to fit your particular circumstance in a matter of seconds. Modules snaps together, can be reorganized on the fly, distributed with cables or just stuck together in one impressive trunk.

PTZ Control

Operate robotic cameras from Panasonic, NewTek, Lumens, PTZOptics, AIDA, Sony and more!


Skaarhoj PTZ Wiz Features

PTZ FlySkaarhoj PTZ Fly Features


Skaarhoj PTZ Pro Features


Camera Shading

Shade your cameras and gear made by Blackmagic Design, Arri, Sony, JVC, AJA, Canon, IO Industries, Ensemble Designs and more.

Color Fly

Skaarhoj Color Fly Features


Skaarhoj RCP v2 Features

Learn About C25

Learn About RCP Mini

Live Switching

Control switcher solutions from Blackmagic Design, vMix, NewTek, Epiphan, Telestream, Ross, Roland and Grass Valley.

Mini Fly

Skaarhoj Mini Fly Features

Live Fly

Skaarhoj Live Fly Features

Air Fly

Skaarhoj Air Fly Features

Air Fly Pro

Skaarhoj Air Fly Pro Features

Rack Fusion Live

Skaarhoj Rack Fusion Live Features

Master Key Series

Skaarhoj Master Key Series Features

Routing & Utility

Control video routers, window processors, multiviewers, monitors, software, recording decks and streaming devices from brands such as AJA, Blackmagic Design, tvONE, Ensemble Designs, Kramer, Flanders Scientific, NewBlue FX, CasparCG, Sony, Atomos, Matrox and Teradek.

Quick Bar

Skaarhoj Quick Bar Features

Micro Fly

Skaarhoj Micro Fly Features

Rack Fusion I

Skaarhoj Rack Fusion I Features

Rack Fly Series

Skaarhoj Rack Fly Series Features

Broadcast Audio

Audio control is not always a separate concern to the video producer. SKAARHOJ controllers generally give you access to audio adjustments and monitoring through encoders and four-way buttons and by means of multi level LED bars. If that doesn’t cut it, Wave Board is to the rescue with eight motorised faders, full colour LED bars, a four button control section per channel and global function keys to multiply it all at your will.

Skaarhoj Wave Board Features


A replay controller with speed control and IP connectivity. The XC8 interfaces with modern replay solutions such as m:replay from Softron and the built-in engine in vMix.

Skaarhoj XC8 Features

Skaarhoj Modular, Scale-able Control Solutions

Skaarhoj 9 Pin Module ConnectionSkaarhoj 9 Pin Cable ConnectionSkaarhoj Connections

XC Series – Modular desktop controllers with incredible flexibility.

Build your desktop control surface to fit your particular circumstance in a matter of seconds. Modules snaps together, can be re-organised on the fly, distributed with cables or just stuck together in one impressive trunk. Like all SKAARHOJ controllers the XC Series is running UniSketch OS and so they will control any current and future broadcast devices we support. Controllers in the XC Series are delivered as a Master or a Module. The rightmost controller must be a Master. A Master controller can be connected to another master controller and act as a module. When detached it will act as an independent Master.

Skaarhoj XC Series

MC Series – Modular controllers for space sensitive applications.

The MC Series is the “pocket version” of the XC line-up. Built for space sensitive applications they fit perfectly in small OB-vans and fly-away kits, but are still powerfully modular in the exact same way the XC line-up is. Take an MC3 out for a night with a four camera shoot and snap on an MC4 module the next day to add control for more inputs, trigger macros, etc. With crisp graphical OLED legends for each button you will always know what that button does.

Skaarhoj MC Series

Micro Series – The worlds smallest, wired, all-included Ethernet controller series.

These controllers focus on a single, narrowed down task which makes them perfect as interfaces for untrained operators, as a remote controller on your camera rig or a small monitor device squeezed into a crack between other bulky devices in your OB van.

Skaarhoj Micro Series

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