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“Tape storage has existed for almost 50 years and was declared “dead” about 30 years ago when disk storage was the leading technology. As an archiving and backup tool, tape is still prominent in the market with 100 percent of Fortune 100 companies still using a tape library. Tape technology continues to advance, with faster speeds, higher capacities, greater efficiencies and quicker retrieval times, all while outlasting the competition.” – There is not just room, but a vital role to play for both cloud and tape in your data life-cycle. Learn More

Case Study:

Brooks Lab Workflow

Brooks Lab is a theoretical chemistry lab in the Department of Chemistry and Biophysics Program at the University of Michigan

“For over seven years, the lab has relied solely on Spectra Logic enterprise tape and disk solutions to record and archive critical research data… The Spectra T680 tape library provides a number of features and tools to ensure an effortless management experience. The Verde NAS Solution enables expandable raw storage capacity, which is important for Brooks Lab since their binary data doesn’t compress well.” Full Case Study

“Spectra Logic modern storage solutions enabling media and entertainment organisations to store, find, restore and ultimately, ensure access to their valuable content quickly and reliably in the future.”

BroadcastPost ProductionSports OrganisationsDigital PreservationHouses of Worship

As broadcasters produce high definition programming and digital content, the need for efficient, file-based workflow is essential to be productive and competitive. A key aspect in the age of digital content is the ability to effectively manage and protect archives. Easy to use and designed for maximum efficiency, Spectra Logic digital storage solutions offer industry leading density and can expand to meet current and future needs.

As content formats reach higher resolution, post production workflows for film and television programs are experiencing a significant increase in requirements for digital storage. No matter the facility size, every post house has the same requirement—the need to quickly access assets, regardless of size, format or location. Spectra’s archive solutions offer cost-effective, scale-able and highly accessible archives for non-linear editing, CGI and other storage-intensive post-production processes. Our storage management efficiencies help maintain constant availability to assets while realizing substantial time and financial savings.

With fewer resources and tighter budgets to store and manage an endlessly growing repository of content, it is essential to archive and protect an organisation’s legacy. As franchises in many sports build stronger brand presence and unlock new revenue streams, a crucial part of efficient operations is having reliable access to assets when they are needed. Spectra archive solutions help protect and archive content ensuring it is available and accessible without the costs and complexities associated with traditional archives.

Preserving an organisation’s history indefinitely is paramount and data tape offers the most optimal storage media to protect assets for long term archive usage. Optimised for archiving and protecting content for the long-term, Spectra digital storage solutions offer the archive reliability, durability and portability required by institutions seeking long-term, digital preservation storage platforms. Spectra deep storage solutions provide the scale-ability necessary to meet long-term growth requirements and along with hardware redundancy and customer replaceable parts to ensure assets are available 100% of the time.

As digital video becomes an integral part of houses of worship expanding their outreach, so too does the need to reliably archive content. Preserving and protecting content allows houses of worship to deliver their message to followers for years and generations to come, while enabling the re-use of existing, timeless footage in new productions. Spectra’s highly scale-able solutions enable these religious organisations to seamlessly grow their archive at cost-effective, accessible price points.

Spectra Logic Tape Libraries

Spectra StackTFinity® ExaScaleT950T200/T380/T680T120T50eCompare Libraries

Spectra Stack

Built with maximum flexibility at its core

Spectra Stack Expansion

As the challenge of exponential data growth continues, modern storage architectures demand flexibility in placing storage where it’s needed, when it’s needed – regardless of the environment. Spectra Logic has responded to the challenge with Spectra Stack – a new stackable library design. Built with flexibility at its core, the Spectra Stack library will provide the storage you need today, with the ability to expand through a simple, modular architecture.

Designed to be easy to use and manage, it will perform in the most demanding environments. The Spectra Stack tape library was built for 24/7 duty cycle data centres. Scale-able from 10 to 560 slots, Spectra Stack stores over 6.7PB (16.7PB compressed*) of data using LTO-8 media and is equipped with the ability to use up to 42 LTO drives in an easily expandable, stack-able tape library. Each module is a standard 6U form factor and can be expanded in minutes by adding an expansion module providing up to 80 additional slots and up to 6 additional drives.

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Spectra TFinity ExaScale

The World’s Highest Capacity Tape Library

Spectra Logic TFinity ExaScale

With unsurpassed storage density packaged in the smallest footprint of any enterprise library on the market, the Spectra® TFinity® ExaScale offers industry leading scale-ability with the speed necessary to meet requirements of the most demanding environments. From 50 to 53,460 LTO slots, you can store over 320PB (801PB compressed*) of data. With up to 144 drives you can transfer data up to 155.5TB/hr. (388.8TB/hr. compressed*) using LTO-7 tape technology.

The Spectra TFinity ExaScale provides maximum flexibility by allowing not just LTO tape technology, but you can also select from IBM® TS11X0 enterprise tape technology, or Oracle® T10000x enterprise tape technology, or all three in the same library, enabling you to select the tape technology that is the perfect for your business. Current Spectra customers can upgrade to the new ExaScale and enjoy its cutting-edge innovations.

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Spectra T950

Enterprise Storage without Compromise

Spectra Logic T950

The Spectra® T950 Tape Library leads the field in innovation, flexibility, performance and functionality, from its super high storage capacity to its proactive media management. Designed to meet the stringent requirements of the enterprise for data integrity, data security and high reliability, the T950 library reduces staff involvement and scales easily in capacity and throughput. From 50 to 10,020 LTO slots, you can store over 60PB (150PB compressed*) of data. With up to 120 drives you can transfer data up to 129.6TB/hr. (324TB/hr. compressed*) using LTO-7 tape technology.

The Spectra T950 provides maximum flexibility by allowing you to populate your library with LTO tape technology or IBM® TS11X0 Enterprise Tape Technology or Oracle T10000x enterprise tape technology, enabling you to choose the technology that is perfect for your business.

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Spectra T680

Maximum Flexibility, Superior Longevity, and Tremendous Efficiency

Square Logic TranScale T200-T950

With the exceptionally high-performance Spectra® T680 Tape Library, you will meet your backup, archive, and deep storage requirements. Designed to be easy to use and manage, it won’t let you down in the most demanding environments. Scale-able from 50 to 670 LTO slots, you can store 4PB (10PB compressed*) of data. With up to 12 LTO drives you can transfer data up to 12.96TB/hr. (32.4TB/hr. compressed*) using LTO-7 tape technology.

Flexible, efficient storage without compromise.

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Spectra T380

The Right Way to Scale

Start with as few as 50 LTO slots (45 Enterprise slots) and scale up to 380 LTO slots (261 Enterprise slots) in a single library. Built around Spectra’s patented roving TeraPack architecture, capacity on demand features, and superior scale-ability, the T380 is the perfect solution for today’s changing storage landscape.

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Spectra T200

Broad Application Support

Compatibility is essential when deploying new tape technology. The T200 supports all industry-standard operating systems and major backup applications. You can even run many applications at the same time with partitioning. Easy integration so you don’t have to worry if your library will play nice.

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Spectra T120

Smart and Powerful Tape Library for Medium-Sized Organisations

Spectra Logic T120 with Tapes

With the exceptionally scale-able and flexible Spectra® T120 Tape Library, you will meet your backup, archive, and deep storage requirements. Designed to be easy to use and manage, it won’t let you down in the most demanding environments. Scale-able from 30 to 120 slots, you can store up to 720TB (1.8PB compressed*) of data in just 14U of rack space. With the ability to use up to 10 LTO drives, you can transfer data up to 10.8 TB/hr. (27.0 TB/hr. compressed*) Affordable storage without compromise.

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Spectra T50e

The Most Powerful Small Tape Library

Spectra Logic T50e

The Spectra® T50e Tape Library is a compact workhorse. Whether it’s configured as a 4U rack-mount or tabletop, It won’t let you down. You can use 10 to 50 slots and store up to 300TB (750TB compressed) of data. Utilising up to 4 LTO drives, you can transfer data at 2.8 GB/sec.*
High performance at an economical price.

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 Spectra Logic TFinity ExaScaleSpectra Logic T950Spectra Logic T200 T380 T680Spectra Logic T120Spectra Logic T50e
  Spectra® TFinity® ExaScaleSpectra® T950Spectra® T200/T380/T680Spectra® T120Spectra® T50e
TaglineThe World’s Highest Capacity Storage SystemEnterprise Storage without CompromiseSeamless Scale-abilityAffordable StorageEnterprise Performance in a Compact Library
OverviewTFinity ExaScale’s space-saving design, high-density architecture, and seamless scale-ability combine to produce the highest capacity data storage system in the world.For data archive, backup and recovery, this elite library leads the field in innovation-from the greatest storage density to proactive media management always protecting your data.Preserve your initial storage investment. By utilising interchangeable components, our libraries easily transform and scale (TranScale).The Spectra T120 library is easy to use, manage, and maintain. Installation and configuration is quick and simple, and component redundancy ensures the highest of reliability.The T50e offers you advanced LTO technology, powerful library management functionality, increased security through our integrated BlueScale Encryption, plus a wide range of support options.
Drive Types SupportedLTO, TS11X0, T10000 TechnologyLTO, TS11X0 TechnologyLTO, TS1150 Technology (T380 Only)LTOLTO
Max Drives14412012104
Max Tapes53,460 (LTO) – 40,680 (IBM®TS1150/Oracle®T10000x)10,02068012050
Max Capacity801.9 PB (LTO) – 1.0 EB (TS1150 Technology) – (2.5:1 Compression)150.3 PB (LTO) – 190 PB (TS1150 Technology) – (2.5:1 Compression)10 PB (LTO) – 6.4 PB (TS1150 Technology) – (2.5:1 Compression)1.8 PB – (2.5:1 Compression)750 Terabytes – (2.5:1 Compression)
Max Throughput324 TB/hr (LTO) – 302.4 TB/hr (TS1150 Technology) – (2.5:1 Compression)324 TB/hr (LTO) – 302 TB/hr (TS1150 Technology) – (2.5:1 Compression)17 TB/hr (LTO) – 30 TB/hr (TS1150 Technology) – (2.5:1 Compression)14.4 TB/hr – (2.5:1 Compression)5.8 TB/hr – (2.5:1 Compression)
Capacity DensityUp to 100 tapes /sq ft (base frame), Up to 138 tapes/sq ft (media frame)up to 100 tapes /sq ft (base frame), up to 138 tapes/sq ft (media frame)102 TB /U (LTO), 233 TB/U (TS1150 Technology), (2.5:1 Compression)54 TB/U, (2.5:1 Compression)79 TB/U, (2.5:1 Compression)
Interface OptionsFibre ChannelFibre ChannelFibre ChannelFibre Channel, SASFibre Channel, SAS
Physical ProfileStandaloneStandalone20U – 42U14U4U
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Spectra Verde

Simple, Affordable, Flexible Data Storage  for all your mid-tier data needs

Spectra Logic Verde

Spectra® Verde® NAS Solution is the optimal disk platform for the storage of mid-tier data, including primary storage offload, data staging, backup and archiving. Flexible, simple and affordable, the Spectra Verde delivers file storage for as low as 7.5 cents per gigabyte. The expandable Verde disk solution provides raw storage capacities from 48TB to 7.1PB. Designed for a variety of workloads, a single Verde solution supports three different disk drive types, including 4TB, 8TB and 12TB enterprise drives; 8TB archive drives; and high-performance SSD drives. Reliable, economical and archive-ready, Spectra Verde simplifies the data storage process.

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Spectra Logic Verde Simple


From setup to management to expansion, it doesn’t get any easier than Verde. In fact, it is so easy that it does not require storage expertise to configure and manage Verde file storage.

Spectra Logic Verde Affordable


Spectra Verde offers the lowest cost file storage at (US$) 7.5¢ per gigabyte without sacrificing reliability and data protection. Scale your storage affordably through Verde’s expansion node architecture and maintains your existing footprint by scaling in place with higher capacity drives.

Spectra Logic Verde Flexible


The expandable Verde disk solution provides raw storage capacities from 48TB to 7.1PB. Designed to address a variety of workloads, Verde allows users to mix and match models and disk drive types, including 4TB, 8TB and 12TB enterprise drives, 8TB archive drives and high-performance SSD drives. The Verde solution makes it possible for you to keep up with data growth while continuing to protect critical data.

Spectra Logic Verde Reliable


To ensure your data is protected, Verde utilises features that offer the highest level of data assurance. With several levels of parity protection, global spare drives, redundant power, hot spares, and intelligent drive rebuild, Verde is a dependable part of your storage strategy.

Spectra BlackPearl Family

Simply and affordably preserves your data forever

Spectra Logic BlackPearl

Spectra® BlackPearl® Converged Storage System solves the problem of costly and complex approaches to digital preservation by combining multiple standard interfaces and storage targets into a simple and affordable solution designed for diverse workflows.

Why BlackPearl

Why BlackPearl?

Storing data is a challenge. Storing data affordably, while providing more protection than ever before in an increasingly data-protection-sensitive climate, may be an organisation’s single greatest obstacle. See how BlackPearl is helping to pave the way.

BlackPearl Storage Targets

Storage Targets

BlackPearl Converged Storage System unlocks multiple storage targets including online disk, near-line disk, deep storage tape, and even public cloud. Through BlackPearl’s advanced data policy management software, data can be stored on any storage target and policies can be applied to determine how long many copies will be made on each storage target and how long the data will reside.

BlackPearl The Right Fit

The Right Fit for Every Organisation

With BlackPearl’s product family, organisations will find the perfect fit for their workflow.

BlackPearl V Series 200—300 MB/s to tape sustained

BlackPearl S Series 450—800 MB/s to tape sustained

BlackPearl P Series 2000—3000 MB/s to tape sustained

BlackPearl Workflows for Moving Data

BlackPearl Workflows for Moving Data

Data can be archived to Spectra Logic storage via several different paths or workflows. Manual file movement is employed when the user can identify the files to be moved themselves. Advanced scanning software can search a file system and identify files to be archived based on date, project, or other criteria. Fully automated archiving software can continuously scan and archive inactive files while still allowing users to access the files as they always have. And applications intended for other specific tasks, such as video asset management software, can allow users to archive directly to Spectra storage without leaving the application.

Spectra Logic BlackPearl Certified Partner

BlackPearl Client Partners

“Broad Application Support” is a key component of the Spectra story and it is no different for BlackPearl. BlackPearl Certified Partner isn’t simply a statement of ‘compatibility’, but a commitment to tight integration with certified configurations and supporting documentation. Below are just a couple of the technical briefs available from two of Spectra’s earliest partners, detailing powerful, scale-able and reliable solutions to content management and retention.

Streamlined Asset Management and Archive with BlackPearl and CatDV

Spectra Logic Archive CATDV MAM

The CatDV and BlackPearl integration provides users with a powerful, user-friendly tool-set to manage and archive assets. The integration scales to accommodate small, multi-user workgroups all the way to enterprise environments while providing a centralised location where disparate teams can collaborate. Using the fully integrated solution customers can catalogue, organise, search, manage and restore archived content.

 CATDV / Spectra Solutions available from Broadcast Bruce


Project Parking and BlackPearl Archive Solution

Spectra Logic Archive Marquis Project Parking

Project Parking allows users to manage their Avid Shared Storage storage and copy Avid projects into BlackPearl. The BlackPearl integration makes direct archive and restore operations available within Project Parking.

Marquis Project Parking / Spectra Logic BlackPearl Solutions available from Broadcast Bruce


ArcticBlue Overview

It took a tape company to release the true potential of disk

Spectra Logic ArcticBlue

ArcticBlue leverages BlackPearl’s hybrid storage architecture and Shingled Magnetic Recording (SMR) media, creating the first object storage based disk platform that delivers maximum longevity, efficiency, and cost effectiveness with the performance of online disk.

Genetic Diversity

Brings complete genetic diversity to your private cloud…
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More than double the life at half the cost of today’s near-line storage – as low as 10¢/GB (US pricing).
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Extend the life of your disk archive while delivering fast access to deep storage…
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BlackPearl Enabled

BlackPearl provides an S3 front end interface to deep storage disk and tape…
Learn More >

Spectra Logic can solve significant aspects of your digital asset life-cycle, ensuring security and accessibility for your most critical data.

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