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Since 2004, StorageDNA have been helping film, video and broadcast professionals master their digital workflow to enable them to work more efficiently and save costs. Advanced technologies and a commitment to innovation are the backbone of our company. Our mission is to engage with our community of customers, resellers and partners, evolve our product offerings, and provide these solutions for an unparalleled value.

Many media professionals face a number of challenges as a result of the phenomenal growth of digital file-based workflows, including how to:

– Cost-effectively backup and store content
– Protect digital assets long-term
– Easily archive, search, find, restore, and directly access content when needed

DNAevolution, StorageDNA’s intelligent workflow solution built on Linear Tape Open (LTO) and Linear Tape File System (LTFS) technologies, allows you to streamline your file-based workflow, work more efficiently, and save significant storage costs. The innovative workflow solutions allow you to easily archive, find, restore, and directly access digital assets at incredible speeds.

StorageDNA solutions power some of the most complex and critical workflows for a wide range of customers from major film studios and television production companies to sports organisations, government agencies, and Fortune 500 corporations.

StorageDNA is Conquering the Content Deluge

File-based content is being generated at an unprecedented pace, and whether you manage a broadcast facility, post house, boutique editorial or corporate media department, it can be a daunting task to figure out where all of this media should go. Add higher resolutions (2K, 4K+), higher frame rates (60fps, 120 fps), and the need to convert analog libraries to digital, and you have a major undertaking on your hands. Oh, and let’s not forget security and disaster recovery of all this valuable file-based content.

Archive Engine Built on LTO LTFS

DNAevolution is an intelligent archive engine that helps you overcome the challenges of today’s file-based environments, adding new media workflows to one of today’s most trusted storage mediums–LTO tape.

storageDNA News & Updates…

storageDNA Presenting groundbreaking technologies across CLOUD, OBJECT and TAPE STORAGE @ NAB Show 2018

Introducing HYPERTAPE – High Performance Direct Access Tape

This dynamic system was developed to let users interact directly with files on a tape using their favourite applications for the fastest, simplest LTO tape workflows available anywhere. By building a Random-Access Database (RAD) file for each tape’s media contents, Hyper Tape eliminates the latency seek and restore time typically found on linear tape storage. This allows the LTO tape to behave much like a hard drive for high performance video applications such as NLEs and transcoders.

Also Showcasing HYBRID DISK / CLOUD

  • Preview the latest integration of DNAevolution with disk and cloud.
  • A new data mover engine optimised for cloud including a hyper scanner, an SSD catalogue engine and blistering cloud speeds.
  • The engine is optimised for both public (eg. Amazon S3) and private (eg. HGST Activescale) cloud targets

DNAevolution Multi-Gen LT08 Migration

Come see DNAevolution with support for LTO-8, the ability to manage multiple generations of LTO drives (LTO-5/6/7/8) in the same library and partition, providing tape to tape migrations across different generations without needing a disk restore.

More NAB Show 2018 News


The DNAevolution product line offers a range of models, from field and desktop, to rack mount enterprise versions. All of our solutions provide you with the same feature set. Each model provides different levels of LTO automation, LTO drives, and server hardware.

DNAevolution X Series: Linux®-based Turnkey Systems

Complete turnkey workgroup and enterprise systems, ship with LTO tape hardware, configured specifically for your needs. Systems start as small as a single desktop LTO drive or as large as a 4 drive/48 slot autoloader, with several models in between.

DNAevolution M Series: Mac®-based Server and Thunderbolt Systems

These cost-effective solutions offer hardware flexibility, with your choice of LTO tape drive connection. These are available with the same functionality as the X Series (software, drives, library up to 24 slots). Mac-based server minimum system requirements include a 64-bit OS, 16GB RAM, Mac OS X® Mountain Lion (10.8.x) and a dual processor.

DNAevolution N Series: Linux®-based Server for Third-party LTO hardware

The Linux-based enterprise solution can control any already existing or to be purchased third-party LTO tape hardware, with unlimited slot license capacity and your choice of networking and LTO hardware connection.

StorageDNA DNAFusion Solution


50 years, Shelf stable, No migrations, UDF format

Random Access

Browse, Play, Transcode, Subclip, Conform

Open Store

Graphics, Docs, Videos, Raws, Audio

DNAsync is a media synchronisation engine that is capable of syncing large media sets across LAN or WAN links.

DNAsync is built on a high performance media synchronisation engine designed to make media transfers over any distance and network faster and more secure.

Unlike rsync and other IT based synchronisation solutions; DNAsync is tuned for larger media files. DNAsync is able to achieve higher data rates using a combination of buffer size tweaking, multi-streaming and other algorithms.

StorageDNA DNASync Products
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