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You’ve seen them. Those beautiful, panning time-lapse shots. Or those long, smooth, tracking camera movements. A steady hand isn’t enough to re-create them and historically, engineering ability and money was needed to capture them. Technology has evolved however, and the clever people at Syrp have not only been able to develop incredibly smooth, solid mechanisms, but have been able to do so at a level of affordability accessible to most production budgets.

“Syrp provides innovative tools for cinematographers that give unrestricted freedom for your creative eye”

New Zealand based company, Syrp, brings the best of the design and film industry together to develop products that unleash the creativity in film-makers. The focus remains on the end user and ensuring their time is well spent on creating amazing images and films rather than dealing with expensive and technically challenging equipment.

Syrp Genie Mini

Pocket-sized motion control. The Genie mini is an extremely easy-to-use device to create smooth panning motion time-lapse or real-time video. Wireless connectivity to the Genie Mini using the Syrp Genie App allows for quick setup and simple control.

Syrp Genie

The Genie is a simple, portable solution for motion control time-lapse and real-time video. Designed to be part of your regular camera kit, with no external wires, batteries or controllers there’s no need to ever go without the option of motion control again.

Syrp Slingshot

The Slingshot is a unique production tool for creating motion control time-lapses over extended distances. Use the Genie for motorising the Slingshot and fully customise your movement and timing parameters.

Syrp Magic Carpet

The Magic Carpet is a simple, durable slider for silky smooth professional tracking movements. The Magic Carpet is ‘Genie friendly’ and includes everything you need to quickly add full motion control. *Also comes in a new carbon fibre model: versatile, feather-light, endlessly extendable.

Syrp Ballhead

The Syrp Ballhead is lightweight and a perfect match for DSLRs and mirror-less cameras. Complete with bubble levels, quick release knobs & a quick release plate the Syrp Ballhead is your perfect Genie companion.

By combining the core Syrp products above into innovative kits, you are able to create multi-axis pan, tilt and track systems for limitless creativity in your camera movement and shot design.

Genie Mini Ballhead Kit

Genie Mini Pan Tilt Kit

Genie Ballhead Kit

Genie Tracking Kit

Slingshot Tracking Kit

Slingshot Pan Track Kit

Magic Carpet Short/Medium/Long Tracks

Magic Carpet Carbon Fibre Short/Medium/Long Tracks

Super Dark / Variable ND Filters

The above kits are a few samples. By combining the core products with the accessories below you can extend, adapt and connect Syrp into any configuration you might need.

Syrp Link Cable

Link Cable

Syrp Pan Tilt Bracket

Pan Tilt Bracket

Product Turntable for Genie Mini

Syrp Magic Carpet Tracks

Magic Carpet Tracks

Magic Carpet Carbon Fibre Tracks

Magic Carpet Carbon Fibre Tracks

Magic Carpet Carbon Fibre Extension

Magic Carpet Carbon Fibre Extension

Syrp Sync Cable

Sync Cable

Syrp Panning Plate

Panning Plate

Syrp Genie Rope

Genie Rope

Syrp RED Cable

RED Cable

Syrp Slider Mounts

Slider Mounts

Syrp Linear Accessory

Linear Accessory

Syrp Genie Mini Thread Adaptor

Genie Mini Thread Adaptor

Syrp Ballhead Base Plate

Ballhead Base Plate

Syrp Magic Carpet End Caps And Carriage

Magic Carpet End Caps And Carriage

Syrp Genie International Charger

Genie International Charger

Syrp Genie Car Charger

Genie Car Charger

Syrp Magic Carpet Bag

Magic Carpet Bag

Syrp Slingshot Carriage

Slingshot Carriage

Syrp Slingshot Ratchet Bar

Slingshot Ratchet Bar

Syrp Slingshot Fixed Bar

Slingshot Fixed Bar

Syrp Slingshot Tie Down Kit

Slingshot Tie Down Kit

Syrp Slingshot Linear Accessory

Slingshot Linear Accessory

Syrp Slingshot Spare Parts Kit

Slingshot Spare Parts Kit

Syrp Slingshot Rope

Slingshot Rope

Syrp Slingshot Wheel

Slingshot Wheel

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