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TVU Networks is a technology and market leader in IP-based live video solutions. TVU’s solutions help transform broadcasters’ SDI-based operations – which include acquisition, transmission, routing, distribution and management – to an IP-based infrastructure. TVU serves customers of all sizes in more than 85 countries from industries that include news broadcast, web streaming, law enforcement, sports, corporate and government. In broadcast markets around the world including the USA, China and other major economic powers, TVU is the dominant market leader with a large majority of all news broadcast stations using its IP video solutions, which includes the award-winning TVU One mobile live cellular transmitter. Using its proprietary IS+ technology, TVU’s up-link solutions use any combination of cellular, satellite, microwave, WiFi and Ethernet IP connections to deliver live HD video from practically any location.

TVU Networks is a pioneer in IP video technology and is leading the way in helping organisations looking to transition to a predominantly IP-based infrastructure. TVU’s Grid solution solves the challenge of switching, routing and distributing professional-quality live video with low latency using ubiquitous, cost-effective IP networks. Many of the largest news broadcast station groups in the world have deployed TVU Grid and are leveraging it in their existing workflow infrastructures.

News From TVU…

Introducing TVU Nano! Fast, Reliable Internet Wherever You Need It

With up to 3 x 4G networks of bandwidth, plus Wifi, plus wired Ethernet, you can sit down anywhere, connect to the TVU Nano hotspot and do whatever you need to online, whether it’s spreadsheets or live streaming. Not limited to just you and your coffee, connect Nano to the router in your OB vehicle to deliver content as you roll and be ready to go from the moment you arrive – no waiting for that satellite to deploy or the venue link to be connected. 

TVU Networks Nano is built on the same incredible technology in TVU Router to give you reliable broadband everywhere when you don’t need the HEVC/H.264 video encoders. Us the form below to Ask Bruce to get a demo of fast, reliable and incredibly portable Broadband Internet.

Seven Network Australia Provides In-Depth, Live Coverage of Premier Sporting Events with TVU Networks’ Transmitters, Receivers and Mobile App

“Without the TVU Networks technology, we would not have been able to produce live reporting that was constant and so indepth. It truly added a whole new level to these events this year.” – Seven Network Telecommunications Manager Dave Watts on the Olympic and Commonwealth Games in South Korea and Australia


NAB Show 2018: TVU Networks to Showcase HEVC Advancements and Range of New and Updated IP Video Solutions

TVU Networks, the global technology and innovation leader in live IP video solutions, will showcase a variety of new and updated IP based products and technologies at the upcoming NAB Show. The company will continue its technological advancements to HEVC, and will show its entire HEVC solution set integrated with the company’s proprietary video transmission technology, Inverse StatMux Plus (IS+). TVU Networks is expanding its remote production offerings with TVU Timelock – which enables entire remote events to be produced from a control room in a separate location. Another company solution that will be making its NAB debut is TVU Transcriber – an AI-based audio to text transcribing service that uses voice recognition technology. TVU Networks will also introduce improvements to its existing line of IP video workflow solutions, with enhancements for its video acquisition, transmission, production, distribution and management technologies.

“At this year’s NAB Show, we’ll introduce new solutions and product updates that have been developed after working closely with our customers and identifying how we can further simplify and improve their production workflows. With the transition from digital to IP firmly underway with broadcasters, we continue to round out our IP offerings even as we look to the next workflow disruptive technology. We look forward to demonstrating our complete line of efficient and cost-effective live video products in the Central Hall at NAB Show.” – Paul Shen, CEO, TVU Networks.


Media 4.0 is about enabling the mass production of content for individual audiences through the automation of video production and distribution,” said Paul Shen. “This helps media companies looking to produce more content without increasing their expenditures. Instead of creating content manually, technology can enable the tailoring of that raw video to viewers on specific social media platforms, cell phones, streaming channels, and TV. Archived footage can be re-purposed as an asset complete with searchable metadata. Media companies can’t earn revenue from material that’s never broadcast.”

TVU MediaMind consists of TVU Contribution Automation, TVU AI Engine, TVU Real Time Search Engine, TVU Workflow Engine and TVU Producer Pro. From the start of the video production process, all video is immediately indexed based on its metadata by TVU MediaMind’s AI real-time search engine. Using an entirely cloud-based model complete with voice and object recognition, live and pre-produced video clips are located and indexed down to the exact frame and can be shared instantly. MediaMind automates the ability for different production groups to find the content. With cloud-based TVU Producer Pro, different content can be cost-effectively created for different platforms or even audience groups.


More NAB Show 2018 News

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Test out a TVU Live IP Video solution today to truly appreciate the performance and reliability of their unique technologies for aggregating multiple Internet services, encoding video, audio and communication data, and delivering the most efficient, rock solid live production content. Once you are confident that TVU are able to deliver your video streaming and Internet services to the standards you demand, you can either rent or purchase outright – whatever suits your planned usage and budget requirements. Complete the form below and learn why TVU are the market leader in this field!

Built By Bruce Man

Broadcast Bruce has many years experience delivering professional encoding, streaming and Internet services for remote, live production across the globe. For breaking news and event production, TVU delivers reliability previously reserved for satellite, and an affordability that ensures ANY event can be delivered live. Over the last 10 years, major sporting, regional community and corporate events, music festivals, and some of the most remote breaking news stories have been covered live by TVU technology and supported by Broadcast Bruce. TVU delivers in the most demanding situations where poor signal stability, low bandwidth and high congestion would cripple competitors. It is at these times that the superiority of their technology is most apparent and when you will be most thankful you chose TVU.

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TVU Live IP Technologies

TVU One with HEVC

Fifth generation TVU mobile IP video transmitter is a breakthrough in size and performance. TVU One with HEVC cellular mobile solution uses both HEVC video compression and TVU’s patented Inverse StatMux Plus transmission algorithm to transmit HD quality video with half-second latency. By utilising the H.265 compression standard, TVU One uses less data and generates less overhead leading to lower operational costs while delivering even greater transmission reliability. TVU One with HEVC is available with embedded modems and can transmit simultaneously over multiple connections, including cellular, microwave, satellite, BGAN, WiFi, and Ethernet.


TVU One TVUPack in the field

TVU Grid

The award-winning TVU Grid is a powerful, yet simple IP live video distribution solution that uses existing regular consumer Internet access to transmit any kind of live video content to anyone and anywhere in the world. In addition, Grid allows you to send live video in real-time and simultaneously to multiple locations without needing to exponentially increase the transmission bit rate. With Grid, you can easily connect to a network of thousands of Grid-enabled broadcasters around the world and automatically share and receive video content, including sharing in a video pool feed.


An Introduction to TVU Grid:

TVU Router

Access Secure and Reliable High-Speed Broadband On The Go With TVU Router: Wish you could have the speed and dependability of an Ethernet connection out in the field? TVU Router is designed to provide high bandwidth Internet connectivity, over 200Mbps, and/or private network access on the move. With TVU Router, you can now transfer and receive files, stream video and search the web from your laptop or mobile device wherever you are using a high speed, reliable and secure bi-directional data connection. TVU Router incorporates TVU’s proprietary Inverse StatMux Plus or IS+ technology, used to provide a high bandwidth IP connection by aggregating and maximising multiple cellular, WiFi, Satellite, Microwave and even BGAN connections for data transmission. Moreover, TVU Router optimises data flow through either a Cloud based TVU Cloud Gateway or TVU Private Network Gateway.

“What I love most about TVU Router is its dependability. It provides guaranteed incredible internet connectivity every single time. It helps to ensure that people have a wonderful event experience. As more programs are being produced remotely and we continue to see an increase in video streaming overall, this product is becoming more and more necessary. If I had to pick the top technologies that everyone should have for streaming event video, TVU Router is definitely on my list. I can’t live without it.” – Ben Chodor ‘Streaming Pro’ (Read the Case Study)



The New Cost-Effective Alternative for At-Home and REMI Live Video Production: The TVU Remote Production System (RPS) provides a lower cost alternative for live remote synchronised multi-camera coverage for news and sports. Instead of always relying on expensive on-location production trucks and large production crews, TVU RPS allows broadcasters to leverage their existing studio control room infrastructure and a public Internet connection from any venue to deliver frame accurate, genlocked and synchronised multi-camera remote production.

TVU RPS is comprised of one rack-mount transmitter (encoder) and one rack-mount receiver (decoder). It features an easy-to-use web interface for monitoring and controlling all aspects of the transmission, including real-time previews of all-six channels, current bit-rate and latency. The TVU RPS transmitter can encode up to six synchronized SDI sources and transmit high quality and low latency IP video to the TVU receiver, which in turn outputs six synchronised SDI outputs.

TVU RPS also supports: Low-latency, return video feed from the studio to the field; the ability to send control and metadata data to and from the remote site using VLAN tunnel, including teleprompter, tally light, GPS and location specific metadata; VoIP two way intercom; 1080i / 720p / NTSC / PAL formats; Incorporates TVU’s proprietary Inverse Statmux Plus (IS+) transmission algorithm for high-quality, low latency transmission in both CBR or VBR modes.


TVU Anywhere

Designed to turn your portable smart device or laptop instantly into a transmitter, TVU Anywhere is a powerful tool that enables organisations to instantly capture and transmit footage from anywhere at anytime. TVU Anywhere is easy to use – just download the app to your smartphone or laptop, open the application and start transmitting video. TVU Anywhere uses your device’s 3G/4G/LTE wireless connection and WiFi when available to transmit live video to a TVU Receiver or Transceiver video decoder. TVU Anywhere aggregates the available bandwidth in 3G/4G/LTE and WiFi connections to ensure a resilient transmission and superior picture.

“TVU Anywhere is a must-have for each of our reporters that has a company phone. When news breaks, if you’ve got your phone, and you’re there, you can get some compelling video. It’s a great tool. You couldn’t ask for more from a breaking news standpoint to be able to get fast, great looking live video using your phone.” – Read the Case Study




IP Based Fixed Rack Mount Solutions: TVU MLink is a cellular 3G/4G LTE, satellite and microwave live video uplink transmitter designed for fixed deployment in vehicles or in a studio. It is a one RU rack unit that is capable of aggregating the transmission signals from multiple transmission mediums simultaneously. The TVU MLink also uses the same proprietary IS+ technology that is in its award-winning TVUPack solutions to deliver a dependable picture with sub-second latency. TVU MLink is also available in a H.265/HEVC and 4K encoding model. The TE4500 is rack-mountable and uses HEVC video compression for video transmission. It features Inverse StatMux Plus, TVU265 HEVC and Smart VBR technology. TVU265 is TVU’s enhanced version of H.265 that’s designed to more efficiently use bandwidth for cellular video transmission.


TVU Command Center

Cloud-Based Centralised Management and Control of All TVU Devices and Services: TVU Command Center offers centralised remote management and control of all your TVU products and services. As a cloud-based solution, it offers the convenience of remote access from anywhere with an Internet connection. Command Center provides full control of: TVU transmitter functions, including latency and bit-rate; TVU receivers, including Geo-locate, a GPS-based map view of all powered TVU transmitters; Adding or removing supported devices; All TVU Grid video content switching, routing and distribution. Also includes integration of the TVU Multiview feature, which allows you to preview six live video streams on a single monitor, TVU Analytics and TVU Booking services. TVU Analytics provides full monitoring of your TVU transmitter’s data usage and offers pre-set alerts for data usage thresholds. The TVU Booking service allows for the scheduling of automatic live video transmissions for multiple TVU devices. Finally, TVU Command Center also permits IP video sources to be added or deleted, transmitted and output to a third party website or content delivery network (CDN) such as Akamai, YouTube Live, and Ustream. Video clips from TVU transmitters can be easily downloaded and managed from a central point, and edited clips output to FTP or multiple video sources.


TVU Producer

View Live Streams, Pick the One You Want and Take It Live to Social Media with TVU Producer: Easily produce live content for social media with TVU Producer. Driven from a user-friendly Web interface, TVU Producer gives you the flexibility to switch between different video sources such as TVU transmitters, SDI inputs and even uploaded video slate sources. In addition, TVU Producer includes powerful production tools such as configurable graphic overlay and adjustable encoder delay. With full support for the Facebook API and other social media platforms, you can stream the produced output to Facebook Live as well as YouTube Live. With TVU Producer, it’s possible for the digital producer to work within the same broadcast workflow as the traditional TV producer. With TVU Producer, the social media producer can seamlessly switch TVU One, SDI and video slate sources for IP streaming output. Additionally, it provides a configurable graphic overlay and encoder delay for protection of profanity, wardrobe malfunctions or other unanticipated incidents. TVU Producer runs completely on the TVU Transceiver, has support for Facebook API and is configurable with a variety of CDNs.

TVU Producer was awarded Best of Show from Video Edge this year. Read about it here.


TVU Smart Captions

TVU Smart Captions is a technically advanced voice recognition solution that uses artificial intelligence for close-captioning.


The portable, flexible and affordable TVU Era delivers the same high quality, low latency and resilient live video transmission found in more expensive professional encoders. Designed for use with a single IP Ethernet connection, TVU Era makes live video streaming for social media platforms, news pool feeds and web streaming from anywhere easy. Also, TVU Era seamlessly integrates with TVU’s ecosystem for a comprehensive video workflow solution.

TVU Aerial Newsgathering Pack

TVU has partnered with DJI, the leading drone manufacturer in the world, to deliver a fully-integrated live transmission solution capable of delivering live video from a DJI drone using TVU One. The solution is capable of transmitting in full HD with sub-second latency with more than 20 minutes of fly time for the drone.


TVU offers an Open API for its family of video solutions, allowing broadcasters to take advantage of the benefits of software defined workflows. TVU’s Open API will integrate with other software platforms and supporting key workflow components such as metadata and software automation. Several major partners have integrated with TVU’s Open API including Panasonic, Associated Press, Bitcentral and others.


TVU and the Associated Press (AP) have jointly developed an integrated newsroom video content acquisition workflow developed through a technology partnership and using TVU’s Open API. The new metadata-based workflow streamlines the direct linking of media content to specific news story assignments at the point of acquisition. The TVU Alert and AP ENPS integration automates and accelerates the transfer and ingest of the linked content to the studio and within newsroom production solutions.The new workflow is designed to improve the efficiency and speed of news content acquisition through automation and a reduction in the need for human intervention, while also providing greater flexibility

TVU Alert

TVU Alert is a cloud-based service that makes it quick and simple to send mission-critical alerts, such as breaking news, anywhere throughout a news organisation. Alerts can be sent to and from any TVU edge device and can be customised and sent to individuals, devices or to entire groups in the network.


TVU Leo is the video solution for public safety organisations including law enforcement agencies. Leo permits live streaming video safely and securely from the field to a central operations or command center. TVU Leo supports Ethernet connected two-way data transfer including for PTZ cameras. Leo is able to significantly improve active response time while ensuring transmitted information is secure, encrypted and protected.

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