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Wowza ClearCaster – Live encoding solution with unmatched cloud control

Say hello to our brand-new family of ClearCaster appliances: the ClearCaster Micro and the ClearCaster Enterprise with Wowza Cloud Orchestration.

Wowza ClearCaster Enterprise

The ClearCaster Enterprise is purpose-built for data centers and production teams, the fully redundant and scalable solution simplifies the streaming workflow and delivers next-generation video performance to any broadcast environment.

Wowza ClearCaster Micro

The ClearCaster Micro is a portable (6”x6”x1”) live encoding solution packed with features. Ideal for live event producers in the field, the all-in-one Micro provides a reliable, cost-efficient way to stream broadcast-quality video to any destination.

What Is Wowza Cloud Orchestration?

Designed with a cloud-first approach and back-end management, Wowza Cloud Orchestration allows you to take control of your encoder fleet from anywhere in the world. Prebuilt using proven Wowza technology, Wowza Cloud Orchestration simplifies the most difficult parts of the encoding workflow — saving you time and lowering overhead costs. With Wowza Cloud Orchestration, you can manage thousands of streams with a scalable API, or build your own architecture on top of our cloud-optimized back-end infrastructure.

Wowza Streaming Engine is…

  • The industry leader for live and on-demand streaming at any scale
  • Loaded with resources and tools for developers and builders
  • Built with a future-proof core architecture
  • Backed by experience, industry expertise, and world-class support
  • Built to deliver pro-quality mobile, low-latency, VR, and 360° streaming experiences

Wowza Streaming Engine is the gold standard of customisable streaming server software for building and delivering professional-grade streaming at any scale.

Wowza Streaming Engine End-to-End

Wowza is Flexible

Flexible and Customisable

Ingest Any Live Stream

Deliver to Any Device

Stream Live, Linear, and On-Demand Content

Record and Archive Live Streams

Transcode Streams for Optimal Viewer Experiences

Wowza is Built-to-Build

Built to Build On

Programmable Architecture

Multi-Level Content Security

Premium Support

Wowza is Scale-Optimised

Optimised for Scale-ability

Extensible Modular Architecture

Automated Management and Monitoring

Tightly Integrated with CDNs and Services

Flexible Deployment Options

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