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The Z CAM ™ S1 has – very quickly – established itself as a leading 360° camera in the few months it has been shipping here in Australia. The Z CAM™ range or professional and cinematic VR cameras have been used in production environments across the entire globe, and more recently in an increasing number of professional live events in Australia. The S1 has differentiated itself by offering synchronised camera control across its four sensors, 360° live streaming to Facebook or RTMP destination of choice, and incredible quality, 6k stitching for 360° in post production.

Now we can take it a step further with the Z CAM™ S1 Pro and Z CAM™ V1 Pro. The S1 Pro improves on the original S1 by massively increasing the sensor size — changing the original lenses for Micro Four Thirds (MFT) fish-eye lenses. This allows for a vastly improved low-light experience — providing increased dynamic range and better colour reproduction in even the lowest of light environments.

For top end production and true stereoscopic 360° capture, the Z CAM™ V1 Pro is the flagship of the Z CAM™ range. The V1 Pro adds over double the amount of sensors on the camera, to have a total of nine MFT sensors. This allows for an unprecedented level of cinematic quality and 360° capture.

If you have been looking at 360° cameras, or are interested in evaluating the Z CAM™ series of cameras, feel free to contact Broadcast Bruce and check out the range available in our Z CAM Shop.

Micro Four Thirds Compact 4K Camera

All-In-One Compact VR Camera

Z CAM S1 Pro
Cinematic VR Camera

Z CAM V1 Pro
Stereoscopic 360 Camera

Check out what Z CAM is capable of:

CUPID Episode 1 – Shot entirely on the S1 !

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