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Atomos partners with leading manufacturers and developers to create add-on camera touchscreens that improve quality, reduce production costs and save time in the end-to end workflow.

Atomos have redefined what monitors and recorders can do by merging what was a separate feature set for Recording, Playback, Monitoring & Editing into a single device that makes every camera a professional camera.

Every camera records, however the internal recording often isn’t suitable in professional applications. Atomos overcome many of the limitations professionals face with their camera.

With a single connection, video professionals add recording direct from the camera sensor to Hollywood-ready formats like Apple ProRes and Avid DNxHR onto affordable & high capacity HDD/SSD media.

Along side professional recording, the calibrated touchscreen is an audio and video monitor with an array of shot setup scopes and a playback device with on-board controls for instant shot review, tagging and play-out to larger monitors, making it a Swiss army knife for Production, Post-production & Digital signage.