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For 30 years Newtek has been developing innovative, powerful tools and technologies for live production and putting them into the hands of anyone with a message to deliver or a story to tell. From web bloggers to broadcasters, houses of worship, colleges, football teams and live event producers, products such as Newtek Tricaster have allowed individuals and businesses of all sizes to have access to the tools they need to create and deliver content from anywhere, to anywhere. In making their technology accessible, Newtek makes no compromises on performance, reliability, capability or flexibility, delivering in the most demanding and mission critical environments.

Tim Jenison founded Newtek in 1986 with Video Toaster®, the world’s first “television studio-in-a-box”. Tim and NewTek would continue to develop on this ideal, introducing TriCaster® in 2005, a complete multi-camera video production system. This would come to be supported by 3Play, for live slow motion replay and recording, as well as software tools for CG / titling and virtual sets.

Now, Newtek drives the industry forward to its inevitable IP future, with their game-changing technology NDI (Network Device Interface) and advanced hardware and software tools that leverage and augment it, including: Newtek IP Series modular live production systems, MediaDS media distribution servers, TalkShow Skype for broadcast solutions and array of software applications for integrating PC’s and traditional broadcast equipment into a new, IP world.