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Skaarhoj Master Key 4ME Mega Panel

Imagine that you can create the Panel you have always dreamed of. You can combine SKAARHOJ controllers any way you want, have the buttons you want, and have the joysticks you want. This is the whole idea with our Mega Panels!

Mix and match any SKAARHOJ controllers in any way you like. Build your own array of controllers! And have them work together in new and exciting ways. With Blue Pill, it’s never been easier and faster.

Blue Pill is made for Mega Panel! The UniSketch based controllers in the mega panel melt together in Blue Pill and becomes one seamless control panel. Configuration becomes so much easier, the capacity increases, and future updates will make it an increasingly obvious choice. Blue Pill currently hosts ATEM, vMix, TriCaster and Kairos configurations. Some of the Mega Panel modules such as the transition block is available with the Blue Pill Inside option. Blue Pill Inside means that essentially the Blue Pills hardware is moved into the panel to provide more convenience and save cabling.