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AJA ColorBox


AJA ColorBox is a portable, high-performance colour management device with advanced algorithmic colour transforms and LUT processing capabilities, delivering precise and accurate colour space conversions for live broadcast, live events, on-set production and post production. ColorBox enables a range of HDR and SDR conversions and allows DITs and colourists to easily load, modify, and save looks, and create reference images for dailies to ensure colour accuracy across all production stakeholders and creative vendors.

AJA ColorBox


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AJA ColorBox
In-line HDR/SDR Algorithmic and LUT Colour Transforms

AJA ColorBox - On Desk

ColorBox from AJA is a compact, high-performance converter for colour managed workflows designed to specifically meet the conversion needs of broadcast, live events, and on-set applications. Supporting Standard Dynamic Range (SDR), High Dynamic Range (HDR), and Wide Colour Gamut (WCG) signals, it utilizes 12G-SDI and HDMI 2.0 for single wire 4K/UltraHD HDR up to 4:2:2 10-bit 60p or 4:4:4 12-bit 30p with a unique colour processing pipeline.

AJA ColorBox - Pipeline Interface

Built around the 33-point 3D LUT processor with tetrahedral interpolation, AJA Color Pipeline provides additional 4x 1D LUTs and 2x 3×3 matrices that are each individually configurable even as Proc Amps or RGB Colour Correctors. Easily manage colour processing options via the web user interface which can be accessed directly from a wired Ethernet connection or through a wireless connection via a third party WiFi USB adapter.

ColorBox includes processing pipeline modes from Colorfront and NBCU LUTs, as well as a powerful AJA Color Pipeline. ColorBox also expands its capabilities by offering licensable upgrade options for advanced colour managed workflows, including BBC HLG LUTs and the all new ORION-CONVERT engine. ORION-CONVERT’s unique real-time floating point math approach to colour transforms produces higher precision results to get “access to the colours between the colours.” This enables pixel perfect colour transforms and round tripping where maintaining colours is paramount.

ColorBox also offers a sophisticated test pattern generator and frame store, bringing useful tools to your workflow, including the ability to capture up to a 4K image as a 16-bit .tiff file for the highest quality reference stills. ColorBox can even overlay information onto the image, including helpful user definable text fields. These images can be saved locally on ColorBox or onto a third party connected PC running an application like Pomfort’s Livegrade Pro/Studio and Assimilate Live Looks.

AJA ColorBox - Labelled Features

ColorBox features elegant design, with the front panel offering:

USB OTG (on-the-go) port, configure initial IP address or connect 3rd party WiFi adapter
Select Button, manually bypass video processing
Power Button, save power when not in use
SDI Lock LED, indicates lock to supported SDI input format
Status LED, indicates various ColorBox states

The rear provides:

12G-SDI Input
12G-SDI loop through output
12G-SDI Output
HDMI 2.0 Output
4-pin mini-XLR power
1GigE Ethernet port

The ultra quiet fan and properly positioned vents draw cool air through the front of the unit and exhausts warm air out of the back.

AJA ColorBox Key Features

  • 12-bit 4:4:4 12G-SDI I/O for up to 4K/UltraHD HDR/WCG 30p
  • 10-bit 4:2:2 12G-SDI I/O for up to 4K/UltraHD HDR/WCG 60p
  • 12-bit 4:4:4 HDMI 2.0 output for up to 4K/UltraHD HDR/WCG 30p
  • 10-bit 4:2:2 HDMI 2.0 output for up to 4K/UltraHD HDR/WCG 60p
  • Ultra low latency, less than ½ a video line
  • Extensive AJA Colour Pipeline built around the 33pt. 3D LUT processor with tetrahedral interpolation
    • 7x nodes plus Overlay
      • 1x 3D LUT processor, user configurable as 3D LUT or Dynamic
      • 4x 1D LUT processors, user configurable as 1D LUT, Dynamic, or Colour Corrector
      • 2x 3×3 Matrix processors, user configurable as 3×3 Matrix, Dynamic, or ProcAmp
    • Supports industry standard file types, no conversion to proprietary format required
    • Configurable Colour space, Range, and Transfer Characteristic
    • Full frame LUT processing
  • Five Colour Processing Pipelines
  • Video Preview in web user interface for confidence monitoring
  • Built in Frame Store
    • Up to 4K/UltraHD frame capture and recall
    • Capture pre or post processed images
  • Test Pattern up to 4K/UltraHD, 9x test patterns built-in
  • Overlay information on output
    • User Text
    • Input and Output signal information
    • Pipeline Configuration
    • Overlay can be captured with image for future reference
  • Onboard library for file management
    • 16x 1D LUTs
    • 16x 3D LUTs
    • 16x 3×3 Matrices
    • 16x Images
  • ANC metadata pass-through
  • Embedded audio pass-through, SDI 16-ch. and HDMI 8-ch.
  • User defined text fields that can be overlaid on image
  • Preset Management, 10 per Pipeline plus Startup Preset
  • ANC metadata pass-through
  • Embedded audio pass-through, SDI 16-ch. and HDMI 8-ch.
  • Compact; 4 units can fit in just 1RU
  • Ultra quiet fan operation
  • Lightweight
  • Robust locking 4-pin mini-XLR power connector, DC power
  • On/Off button so you can save power when not in use
  • Select button used to bypass video processing
  • Extensive API for 3rd party control integrations
  • Embedded web server for remote control
  • Configure IP Address via USB port and supplied AJA eMini-Setup software for PC/Mac
  • Three year warranty

Integration Across Broad Applications

ColorBox offers key applications for modern workflows, including:

  • 4K/UltraHD SDR and HDR pipelines for live television and concert production. OB trucks and other live event infrastructure can easily use ColorBox to convert SDR signals to HDR and HDR to other delivery formats. The licensable ORION-CONVERT and BBC HLG LUTs options as well as the free built-in Colorfront transforms and NBCU LUTs provide all the necessary tools to manage HDR workflows. For hardware based control, SKAARHOJ and CyanView have integrated native control of ColorBox into their control panels.
  • On set look management and colour grading for DITs or anyone in charge of ensuring that the content captured on set will meet the needs of the Cinematographer, Director of Photography, colourist, costume and lighting designers, and editors on the production. A DIT can easily manage workflows to load multiple looks, make adjustments as needed and save reference images (up to 4K) for dailies, postproduction, and later use. Pomfort’s Livegrade Pro and Studio and Assimilate Live Looks and Live Assist integrate easily, offering native control of ColorBox in real time. The unique full frame processing capability of ColorBox eliminates partial frame LUT processing.
  • Monitor Calibration. Wherever the highest quality display calibration is required for a production studio, rental house, production or post production facility, ColorBox can help. ColorBox features an extensive API that allows 3rd parties to control the ColorBox Frame Store and its ability to output 12-bit RGB test patches for high quality monitor calibration applications.

AJA ColorBox - Measurements

Compact Form Factor

ColorBox is just 4in. x 7.5in., requiring a small footprint on your desktop or you can rack mount up to four ColorBox devices in just 1RU for easy addition to both production and post installations, in DIT carts, fly away kits, and equipment racks. It is also lightweight at just 1 lb. making it perfect for DIT and mobile applications.


ColorBox comes with a range of Pipelines to choose from. Select any particular Pipeline for your production needs. Some Pipelines are designed specifically for live broadcast or live event needs. Others, like the AJA Color Pipeline, offer great flexibility for more control over each step of a transform for any application. Pipelines like BBC HLG LUTs or ORION-CONVERT will display a watermark over the image until a license is applied offering you the ability to evaluate the colour science prior to purchasing the optional license. ColorBox offers unique image processing capabilities with an unrivalled array of options for a device of its type with full 12-bit 4:4:4 up to 4K 30p and 10-bit 4:2:2 up to 4K 60p. Full bypass nodes are also offered for both 12G-SDI and HDMI 2.0 out, for quick comparisons.

These are the five Pipelines available:

AJA Color
ORION-CONVERT (requires License to remove watermark)
BBC HLG LUTs (requires License to remove watermark)

Powerful AJA Color Pipeline (ACP)

AJA Color Pipeline provides users with the most advanced color management tools available for a device of its type. With 7 nodes of real-time processing plus Overlay, the pipeline offers capabilities only seen in software based colour correction applications. These nodes give you full control over colour space, video level, and dynamic range conversion to get the most out of your colour managed workflow. Dynamic nodes are controllable by 3rd party applications.

  • 7 processing nodes plus Overlay
  • Pipeline processes in 12-bit RGB
  • 1x 3D LUT, user configurable as 3D LUT or Dynamic
  • 33pt. 3D LUT processor with tetrahedral interpolation
  • 4x 1D LUT, user configurable as 1D LUT, Dynamic, or Colour Corrector
  • Supports 10 or 12-bit 1D LUTs
  • 2x 3×3 Matrices, user configurable as 3×3 Matrix, Dynamic, or Proc Amp
  • Supports industry standard file types, no conversion to proprietary format required
  • Configurable Colorspace, Range, and Transfer Characteristic
  • Full frame LUT processing
  • Full bypass node for 12G-SDI and HDMI

This toolset enables workflows to be set up and easily replicated utilizing ColorBox preset import and export capabilities.

33pt 3D LUT Processor with Tetrahedral Interpolation

This primary 33pt 3D LUT uses tetrahedral interpolation for the highest accuracy conversion. 3D LUTs provide full volumetric non-linear colour adjustment and a 33pt 3D LUT is a requirement for HDR workflows. Very useful for calibration purposes as the controls can respond to all possible calibration errors. Similarly, high end movie and television productions depend on 3D LUT processing for look generation, distribution, and management. When set to Dynamic, the 3D LUT is fully controllable through 3rd party software like Pomfort’s Livegrade and Assimilate Live Looks.


Flexibility is key in production and post, with four 1D LUTs it is easy to manage your colour processing pipeline to get the best possible image. 1D LUTs are commonly used as “shaper LUTs” wrapping around the 3D LUT. The front shaper 1D LUT allows you to map perceptually significant values, typically the darker part of the colour space, to use more of the 3D LUT transform data set resulting in a more effective use of the 3D LUT to produce a better image. The backside shaper 1D LUT is usually the inverse of the front, mapping pixel values into the original dynamic range. 1D LUTs can also be effectively used as log-to-linear and linear-to-log transforms. In the AJA Color Pipeline, 1D LUTs can even be set up as RGB Colour Correctors for colour correcting a source before 3D LUT processing, this is a common workflow in live production applications.

3×3 Matrices

ColorBox’s two 3×3 Matrices provide the operator a means to perform different colour processing tasks outside of a LUT using their own 3×3 matrix files. 3×3 Matrices are commonly used for colour space conversion, for example between RGB and XYZ or YUV, BT. 709 and BT. 2020, or other colour spaces with different primaries. A 3×3 Matrix can be used to colour balance a signal if the white balance is off. They can also be used for look creation such as film emulation. In the AJA Color Pipeline, 3×3 Matrices can even be set up as Proc Amps for adjusting a signal’s Gain, Black level, Hue, and Saturation before 3D LUT processing, this is a common workflow in live production applications.

Ultra-low Latency

ColorBox processing takes no time at all. With total latency less than ½ of a video line, a live signal can be processed and output in real-time to meet the critical + – ½ line input timing requirement of most production switchers. This also reduces lip sync issues in live event productions where every frame counts and anywhere low latency video processing is required. Applications span from IMAG to LED Volumes to in-camera VFX and everywhere in between.

4K/UltraHD Frame Capture and Recall

Unique to a device in its class, ColorBox has incredible frame capture and recall up to 4K/UltraHD 16-bit .tiff files allowing you to capture pre or post processed reference images. Multiple use cases are possible, from VFX composite checks, to look comparisons between takes to ensure consistency, and general reference image capture, recall and import/export to validate the color processing pipeline. Frames can be stored locally on ColorBox for easy access or saved directly to a computer running 3rd party software like Livegrade and Assimilate. Capture or recall up to 16 full resolution images locally with an option to include the Overlay if needed. If the resolution of the image doesn’t match your target format, Colorbox can even scale it to fit.

Test Pattern Generator

ColorBox can also output standard test patterns, without the need for an active input. ColorBox test patterns can be used in any number of scenarios where a test signal is needed rather than a source signal. The test patterns are configurable to output a wide range of video formats and frame rates.

RGB Colour Correction and Proc Amp

In AJA Color Pipeline, the 1D LUTs can be configured as a RGB Colour Corrector and the 3×3 matrices as a Proc Amp. This allows for source color correction and image control prior to or after performing a 3D LUT transform ensuring the best possible conversion. BBC HLG LUTs and NBCU LUTs pipelines also offer a RGB Colour Corrector and Proc Amp prior to 3D LUT processing.

Advanced ANC Metadata Management and Overlay

ColorBox offers several important features from overlaying selected metadata and user data on the video for live use, capturing or embedding in the .tiff file for later use, or just passing ANC metadata to the next device. By storing the ANC data one can quickly come back to and recall the exact camera settings, pipeline configuration etc. that created an image. ColorBox also offers a customizable user field that is great for overlaying any information on an image needed to be conveyed to an observer such as camera or lens information if the camera can’t provide it. These user fields can also be stored on the captured image as part of the Overlay. Overlay accessible data includes Input and Output VPID, Timecode presence, Closed Caption presence, Pipeline Configuration and User Text fields. Output HDMI infoframe status is also available in the UI.

The Largest Onboard Libraries Available

ColorBox offers the largest library capacity of any equivalent device in its class, providing a wealth of creative choice onset or anywhere in the production pipeline. Set up an easy to access bank of options for any shoot, then recall the same settings just as easily in post. 16 onboard memory slots are available for each category of supported files; 1D LUTs, 3D LUTs, 3×3 Matrices, and Images.

10 pipeline presets can be stored per pipeline and all can be imported and exported to/from ColorBox. Pipeline Presets store all settings needed to replicate a configured transform. Included is also a Startup Preset setting that allows an operator to select a specific preset to be loaded upon power up guaranteeing a known startup state. The Pipeline Presets for AJA Color Pipeline stores all files loaded into the pipeline, active or not, for easy set up and transferring between devices.

Flexible Control via LAN or Wirelessly

Access to the intuitive web UI control with Video Preview for confidence monitoring from any web browser via LAN or supported 3rd party WiFi USB adapters*, allowing local and remote operation.

*See Tech Specs for supported adapters

AJA ColorBox - Colorfront Pipeline

Colorfront Pipeline

First popularized by AJA’s FS-HDR, the ColorBox HDR/WCG capabilities leverage video and colour space processing algorithms within the Colorfront Engine, specially licensed by AJA from Colorfront, and developed by Colorfront’s CTO Bill Feightner and Lead Engineer Tamas Perlaki. Colorfront offers a colour processing pipeline with set and forget SDR and HDR transforms designed for use wherever HDR productions are performed. It includes:

  • Built-in SDR, HLG, and PQ transforms
  • Optimized transforms designed for broadcast
  • Maintains perceptual integrity
  • Full bypass node for 12G-SDI and HDMI
  • Support for ITU BT.2408-0, Operational Practices in HDR Television Production

NBCU LUTs Pipeline

NBCU LUTs, developed by NBCUniversal Media, LLC in collaboration with Cromorama, enable a workflow for single-master live production of simultaneous HDR and SDR content. Designed for television broadcasters, NBCU LUTs include SDR, HLG and PQ LUTs that maximize the dynamic range and colour volume in HDR, without compromising core SDR broadcasts.

  • Imperceptible round-tripping of SDR BT.709
  • Conversions designed with a knee that is natural with latitude for live video shading
  • Scene-light and Display-light conversions
  • SDR, HLG, and PQ conversions
  • Utilizes 33 point Tetrahedral 3D LUT Interpolation
  • Proc Amp and Color Corrector
  • Full bypass node for 12G-SDI and HDMI
  • Support for ITU BT.2408-0, Operational Practices in HDR Television Production

NBCU LUT Conversions

  • 1-NBCU_SDR2HLG_DL_v1, SDR UpMap to HLG using Display Light
  • 2-NBCU_SDR2HLG_SL_v1, SDR to HLG using Scene Light
  • 3-NBCU_HLG2SDR_DL_v1.1, HLG to SDR using Display Light
  • 4-NBCU_SDR2PQ_DL_v1, SDR UpMap to PQ using Display Light
  • 5-NBCU_PQ2SDR_DL_v1, PQ to SDR using Display Light
  • 7-NBCU_HLG10002PQ_v1, HLG 1000 Nits to PQ

This toolset enables HDR workflows to be set up and easily replicated utilizing ColorBox preset import and export capabilities.

Licensable Options

ColorBox offers a number of ways to further enhance your workflows with SDR/HDR WCG transforms from key third party developers and broadcasters. Paying only for what you need makes ColorBox very cost effective.

AJA ColorBox - ORION-CONVERT Pipeline


ORION-CONVERT brings the power of Cromorama colour science to real time hardware based conversion. This same color science is responsible for the Emmy nominated and IBC 2021 Special Award winning NBCU LUT based HDR-SDR broadcast workflows, as well as UEFA Euro 2020, Tokyo 2020 Olympics, FIFA 2021 Arab Cup, Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics, and the upcoming FIFA 2022 Qatar World Cup amongst others.

ORION-CONVERT offers the necessary tools for broadcasters to create and deliver the HDR and SDR content consumers expect from a single master HDR workflow by providing critical controls required to set up the right conversion for your production. By being able to set the HDR and SDR reference anchor points in an HDR to SDR conversion, you can target an SDR program output that suits your market’s SDR display needs. You can target 200 nits SDR resulting in a much more representative image for the camera shader and a more vibrant HDR image for the viewer at home or target a perceptual match at 100 nits SDR. Also, in an HDR to SDR conversion, the unique 2 stage knee offers a pre-conversion compression in HDR only and a post-conversion compression in SDR only providing very effective roll off management control. This is a licensable upgrade and includes:

  • Conversions utilizing floating point math for higher precision results
  • SDR, HLG, and PQ transforms
  • Scene-light and Display-light modes
  • 2 stage Knee adjustment for pre and post conversion compression or expansion
  • Compression amount control in HDR to SDR conversions
  • Expansion amount control in SDR to HDR conversions
  • Configurable SDR and HDR reference anchor points
  • HDR Peak Nit sets the system gamma for display light conversions
  • Easy to configure pixel perfect round tripping
  • Clamping options
  • Full bypass node for 12G-SDI and HDMI
  • Support for ITU BT.2408-0, Operational Practices in HDR Television Production

This toolset enables HDR workflows to be set up and easily replicated utilizing ColorBox preset import and export capabilities.

AJA ColorBox - BBC HLG LUT Pipeline

BBC HLG LUT Pipeline

BBC HLG LUTs Pipeline offers additional functionality that adds field proven HDR conversion options, particularly for television broadcasters who are looking for specific conversion criteria. This mode provides a RGB Color Corrector and Proc Amp to color correct the signal prior to conversion. This is a licensable option and includes:

  • SDR, PQ, and S-Log3 to HLG
  • HLG to SDR and PQ
  • Scene-light and Display-light conversions
  • Utilizes 33 point Tetrahedral 3D LUT Interpolation
  • Proc Amp and Colour Corrector
  • Full bypass node for 12G-SDI and HDMI
  • Support for mathematical HLG HDR dynamic range mapping per ITU BT.2408

BBC HLG LUT Conversions

  • SDR Scene Referred (SR) to HLG
  • SDR Scene Referred (SR) to HLG Strict
  • SDR Scene Referred (SR) UpMap to HLG
  • SDR Scene Referred (SR) UpMap to HLG Strict
  • SDR Display Referred (DR) to HLG
  • SDR Display Referred (DR) UpMap to HLG
  • SDR BT.2020 Display Referred (DR) to HLG
  • SDR BT.2020 Display Referred (SR) UpMap to HLG
  • PQ 1000 Nits Display Referred (DR) to HLG
  • PQ 4000 Nits Display Referred (DR) to HLG
  • S-Log3 100% Scene Referred (SR) to HLG
  • S-Log3 200% Scene Referred (SR Live) to HLG
  • HLG to SDR Scene Referred (SR)
  • HLG to SDR Scene Referred (SR) Strict
  • HLG to SDR Display Referred (DR)
  • HLG to SDR Display Referred (DR) Super White
  • HLG to PQ 1000 Nits Display Referred (DR)

This toolset enables HDR workflows to be set up and easily replicated utilizing ColorBox preset import and export capabilities.

ColorBox Workflows

AJA ColorBox - On Set Look Management

4K Production Workflow On Set Look Management

In this production workflow, we see an on set 12G-SDI signal from a 4K cinema camera system is passed to the ColorBox via the 12G-SDI in. The ColorBox has a 3D LUT applied, which simulates a film look and is monitored for the DIT over the HDMI 2.0 out. At the same time, the DP monitors the same 3D LUT applied video via 12G-SDI, for more critical feedback. Different 3D LUTs are selectable to suit the needs of the production, with easy control provided by the DIT. The loop through on ColorBox is connected to the Ki Pro Ultra 12G, for high quality capture of the video signal without the LUT applied. 3rd party tools can adjust Colour Decision Lists (CDL) values on the fly for on-set colour grading.

AJA ColorBox - Dailies Looks Playback

4K Production Workflow Dailies Looks Playback

In this production workflow, we see the dailies being played back from a Ki Pro Ultra 12G, via the 12G-SDI out, which is passed to the ColorBox device. Using a laptop and an HDMI 2.0 monitor alongside ColorBox offers a powerful solution in a relatively small area, easily deployed in a small hotel room or modest meeting room. The LUTs used earlier in the day’s shooting are easily accessible and applied to match the playback needs, including the options to tweak or audition alternate looks as well, all in real time.

AJA ColorBox - HDR Conversion and Management

UltraHD Live Production Workflow HDR Conversion and Management

In this live television OB truck production workflow, we see a number of 12G-SDI outputs from UltraHD television camera systems that are passed to a number of ColorBoxes via the 12G-SDI in. HDR conversion is provided by the ColorBox units, in this case converting each input to be HLG on the output to suit the needs of the current live production single master HDR workflow. This could just as easily be PQ/HDR10 instead, as needs change, so can the output. As cameras are added, more ColorBox units can be included easily to accommodate the production as it scales.

AJA ColorBox - NLE Looks Management

4K Post Production Workflow NLE Looks Management

In this post production workflow, a ColorBox is being used inline from the 12G-SDI output of an AJA Io 4K Plus. The timeline output is passed to the output of the Io 4K Plus and out to the ColorBox, where LUTs can be applied to the 12G-SDI monitored output without the need for rendering until later in the process. This allows editors to be nimble with auditioning looks, making decisions without having to wait for complex renders.

AJA ColorBox - Multi-Cam On-Set Color Grading

ColorBox Multi-Cam On-Set Color Grading

In this production workflow, two ColorBoxes are being used inline from the 12G-SDI output of 4K Camera A and 4K Camera B. A KUMO 3232-12G is being used to route the video. A laptop is being used to manage the ColorBoxes from a single desktop, via easily accessible tabs or two browser windows side by side. The ColorBoxes are both connected to a single 12G-SDI monitor, again routed via the KUMO 3232-12G, where changes made inline can be seen and further adjustments made or saved as is necessary. Both cameras can easily be matched, saving time and money in post production.

AJA ColorBox - On-Set Color Grading Workflow

SDR On-Set Color Grading Workflow

In this production workflow, the 12G-SDI output of a 4K camera is routed via a KUMO 3232-12G SDI router to two ColorBoxes, A and B. ColorBox A is set up to output a HDR video signal to a 4K HDR monitor, via the KUMO 3232-12G. At the same time, ColorBox B is providing an SDR video signal to a 4K SDR monitor, via the KUMO 3232-12G. Valuable feedback from real-time comparisons of the HDR and SDR video outputs can again save time and money, ensuring the recorded video best matches the needs of all deliverable formats.

Partner Integrations

To control the rich feature set of ColorBox beyond the built-in web UI, ColorBox offers a comprehensive set of tools to enable 3rd parties to develop their own native control. Using a RESTful API defined using OpenAPI, the protocol is presented intuitively allowing both humans and computers to discover, interact, and understand ColorBox capabilities. To support developers, several OpenAPI generated programming language implementations are included with example projects, visit the ColorBox Support page.


“Pomfort’s Livegrade products deliver comprehensive digital imaging systems for demanding productions, tying together look management and on-set monitoring integrated with a wide range of camera workflows and setups,” says Patrick Renner, Head of Product at Pomfort. “AJA’s ColorBox enables us to dynamically control 3D LUTs in Livegrade, getting framegrabs via Frame Store, and pulling ancillary data, including camera and lens metadata, into source signals.”


“AJA ColorBox takes LUT boxes to a whole new level, providing sophisticated colour pipeline setups unlike anything we’ve seen before,” shared Mazze Aderhold, Chief strategic workflow engineer at Assimilate. “Professionals can use it to combine multiple LUTs and colour matrices to ensure their desired look with an intuitive web UI that makes it easy to operate. We’re proud to continue advancing on-set look management workflows with Live Looks and Live Assist support for ColorBox.”


“When producing live events, camera shading is often combined with live post-processing adjustments. AJA ColorBox provides a flexible hardware processing solution with nodes that ensure accurate mappings as multiple camera types and brands are implemented, and unprecedented color fidelity for live and post production HRD/SDR workflows,” shared David Bourgeois, CEO & Founder, CyanView. “CyanView RCP combines multiple integrations to provide a seamless hardware interface similar to a typical broadcast workflow, and gives ColorBox users more tactile control over these functions. Its intuitive control panel buttons combined with the colour accuracy of ColorBox make it easy for the operator to complete post-process adjustments as efficiently as if they were done in camera.”


“SKAARHOJ is excited to integrate AJA ColorBox with our RCP broadcast controllers and Blue Pill platform. Together, these solutions will support best practices out of the box and enable endless colour control possibilities,” shares SKAARHOJ CEO, Founder and Chief Designer Kasper Skårhøj.

Industry Leading Support

AJA’s technical support is recognized as among the best in the industry and is available to all AJA customers. If you need assistance with any aspect of your ColorBox installation, configuration, operation, or encounter any technical issue, AJA Support will work with you to get up and running. ColorBox products are covered by a generous three year warranty.