Angelbird SSD WRK XT 2 TB Solid State Drive



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Angelbird SSD WRK XT 2 TB Solid State Drive

Upgrade your computer without buying a new one!

There are a lot of components in your computer that can impact performance, but few are more easily and cheaply resolved than replacing your spinning system disk with a SSD WRK XT 2 TB solid state drive. Also, few have as surprisingly high an impact on your day to day computer use. While the price to capacity may seem high, the returns are instant, speeding your operating system, applications and, ultimately, the delivery of your end product to your customer. And hey, if you are less frustrated with your tools, maybe the end result will be BETTER as well as FASTER.

Upgrade your productivity!

In today’s fast-paced work world, maintaining an efficient and productive workflow is essential to your success. As your colleagues, employers, or clients expect speed and quality from you, you should expect the same from your workplace tools. Fortunately, the technology is here, ready to help you work smarter and faster, and get more done in less time.


Upgrade your desktop or laptop with the SSD WRK XT and enjoy immediate gains in speed and productivity. Our entry-level Solid State Drive, the SSD WRK XT is a rock-solid all-around performer that’s as reliable as it is affordable. Designed and precision-crafted in Austria to our demanding specs, the SSD WRK XT is optimised for low power consumption, which means longer battery life for your devices and more time to get your work done.


The SSD WRK XT features overload and static protection and an ultra-fast SATA3 6GB/s interface that is fully backward compatible. Like all Angelbird solid-state drives, the SSD WRK XT is built using only the best components, beginning with the case, which is made from the highest grade aluminium and keeps your data safe and cool.


With TRIM support Angelbird introduces the foundation to ensure that your internal SSD WRK XT 2 TB will always perform and stay alive for endless hours of creating, working, and enjoying.


SATA 6Gb/s, 3Gb/s & 1.5Gb/s Supported, SATA 3.1 Compliant

Up to 550MB/s Read / 520MB/s Write

ESD & Overload Protection

Low Power Consumption

TRIM Support

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Available in: SSD WRK XT 512 GB – SSD WRK XT 1 TB – SSD WRK XT 2 TB – SSD WRK XT 4 TB – SSD WRK XT 8 TB

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