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ATTO Celerity FC-161P


Celerity FC-161P – Single Port 16Gb Gen6 Fibre Channel Port (One 16Gb SFP included). Engineered to optimise the data delivery process while remaining fully scale-able with multi-path support


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ATTO Celerity FC-161P

Celerity FC-161P – Single Port 16Gb Gen6 Fibre Channel Port (One 16Gb SFP included). Engineered to optimise the data delivery process while remaining fully scale-able with multi-path support

ATTO Celerity™ Fibre Channel host bus adaptors (HBAs) deliver the fastest data throughput (both MB/s and IOPs) available for today’s most demanding storage environments, including physical and virtual data centres, tape streaming and backup, rich content delivery, and server clustering.

Powering the modern data centre

Celerity HBAs unleash the performance of all-flash data centres with the support of NVMe fabric technology for demanding workloads that require extreme performance, ultra-low latency, and storage persistence to shared storage resources.

Engineered for performance

Celerity HBAs have an advantage over the leading competitor embedded directly in the processor’s architecture. The ATTO controller features multiple cores, providing full IOPS performance to a single port in “active standby” mode on a dual-port HBA. If a port, cable or SFP fails a port on the ATTO adaptor can support up to 2.5X as many IOPS as the competitive HBA. ATTO Celerity HBAs allow sustained maximum performance, enabling users to continue to meet service level agreements.

Flexible configuration options

Available in low-profile single-, dual-, and quad-port versions, ATTO Celerity HBAs are backward compatible, reducing the complexity of deploying and managing the SAN, and take full advantage of advancements for reliability and forward error correction to improve network performance and resiliency.

Connect your workstation to enterprise storage

ATTO Celerity HBAs, featuring Multipath Director™ technology, are the only solution that allows direct connectivity to enterprise storage not just for servers, but also Windows®, Linux®, and macOS® workstations. They provide load balancing and path fail-over protection to improve overall Fibre Channel SAN efficiency with consistent uninterrupted access to your data.

Optimise performance to power real-time decision-making

Move large volumes of data with fast, predicable and deterministic response time by optimising performance up to 3200MB/s per channel. Built into every Celerity HBA, ATTO Advanced Data Streaming (ADS™) technology manages latency by providing controlled acceleration for smooth data streaming and allows you to maintain the highest consistent performance in data intensive environments.

Continuous availability across your network

Whether you’re looking for a disaster recovery solution, downtime avoidance or a higher level of availability, Celerity HBAs make it possible to have longer distances between your servers and storage. Featuring 5X more buffer credits than the competition, Celerity HBAs support more data in-flight allowing you to extend your connection to storage up to 10 km without degrading throughput.

Double your bandwidth

Celerity Gen 6 HBAs deliver 2x greater bandwidth when compared to previous generations. They are purpose-built to address the performance, reliability and scale-ability requirements of hyper-scale virtualisation, SSD technology, and new data architectures.

Accelerating tomorrow’s technologies today

From artificial intelligence and big data analytics to augmented and virtual reality, ATTO Celerity HBAs, in partnership with NVIDIA, are accelerating GPU-based data and graphic-intensive applications while enhancing overall performance.

High compatibility and broad inter-operability

We are constantly testing and certifying our products with third-party vendors, from OS and servers to switches and storage, to ensure the widest range of compatibility. ATTO works closely with industry leaders to ensure certified inter-operability allowing you to deploy robust storage area network (SAN) infrastructures with proven best practices.

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