ATTO ExpressSAS H1244

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ExpressSAS®™ H1244 – 4 External/4 Internal 12Gb SAS ports. Features integrated Power Center Pro RAID. Ideal for server storage with JBOD expansion in high-performance applications

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ATTO ExpressSAS H1244

ExpressSAS®™ H1244 – 4 External/4 Internal 12Gb SAS ports. Features integrated Power Center Pro RAID. Ideal for server storage with JBOD expansion in high-performance applications

ATTO ExpressSAS® SAS/SATA Host Bus Adaptors (HBAs) provide high-performance data protection to direct-attached SAS and SATA storage. ExpressSAS HBAs are ideal for increased connectivity and maximum performance for data centre flexibility.

Flexible connectivity solutions

ATTO ExpressSAS HBAs are available with a wide selection of 8, 12 and 16 port options to support a dense connection to storage from rack-mounted servers and workstations in data centre, data warehousing, video on demand and other high availability, high performance applications.

Performance Engineered

ExpressSAS 12Gb HBAs combine 12Gb/s SAS speeds and x8 PCI Express 3.0 with powerful hardware and software elements to manage latency in real-time environments. ATTO exclusive Advanced Data Streaming (ADS™) technology maximises CPU processes to deliver smooth and reliable data transfers and the highest consistent performance.

Efficiently Share Memory

ATTO 12Gb ExpressSAS® host bus adaptor (HBA) drivers are optimised to ensure that driver resources are located close to the system I/O. In addition, they support NUMA-aware applications and operating systems. NUMA is a system design that allows multiple processors in the same server to efficiently share memory. This reduces latency and increases I/O performance – especially important for data mining, business analytics and other processor-intensive applications.

Protect data integrity

ATTO ExpressSAS HBAs feature Power Center Pro provides RAID 0, 1, 1e and 10 capabilities for internally-mounted disk drives. This feature is often required for end users often need to add a level of performance or protection to a boot drive group. With Power Center Pro RAID, you can protect a boot group against drive failure, or if you’d like to achieve faster boot times, you can bundle several drives together to improve overall performance. Additionally, Power Center Pro may be used to set up a server storage for general use. These are just a few examples of the many ways to use Power Center Pro to provide a cost-effective option that adds performance and protection to your storage architecture.

Increase your bottom line

ATTO ExpressSAS HBAs consume up to 40% less power than competitive offerings and delivers a significant reduction in data centre electric and cooling costs.

Simplified, centralised management

The easy-to-use ATTO ConfigTool™ features an intuitive GUI that simplifies the installation, management and monitoring of your HBA. With advanced troubleshooting and performance tuning capabilities, ExpressSAS HBAs provide users with sophisticated diagnostics and the flexibility to control settings for specific applications.

Target driver SDK for Unique, Quick to Market Solutions

OEMs and system integrator’s can use ATTO’s unique Target-mode Software Development Kit (SDK) or an industry standard SCST driver option to create unique branded storage and appliance solutions. Through a more tightly integrated driver, the ATTO’s ExpressSAS® SDK provides integrator’s complete control, ownership and flexibility in creating custom capabilities specifically to address your product design. Or for a quicker design option, integrator’s can take advantage of preset SCST modules, to get to market quickly.

Enterprise OS Support

Extensive operating system support includes major software releases for Linux®, Windows®, Windows Server®, macOS®, illumos, VMware EXSI Server®, and FreeBSD.

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