BirdDog Cloud


BirdDog Cloud allows you to distribute NDI sources beyond the confines of your local network, using the Internet to connect production locations, studios and control rooms anywhere in the world.

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BirdDog Cloud
NDI remote delivery and management software.

Send NDI® anywhere in the world with encrypted SRT and BirdDog Cloud.

BirdDog Cloud allows you to distribute NDI sources beyond the confines of your local network, using the Internet to connect production locations, studios and control rooms anywhere in the world. By using the open source Secure Reliable Transport (SRT) protocol, your content is not only fully encrypted and secure, it is protected by advanced algorithms that optimise performance and provide error correction over unreliable networks.

BirdDog Cloud has been designed to be scale-able and modular, so you can get started small and add new regions and tools as you need them. With full support for Tally, BirdDog Comms, and PTZ Control, Cloud leverages the powerful ecosystem of NDI tools already developed by BirdDog and further cements their position as leaders in NDI development for IP video production..

The world just got smaller.

Cloud allows for remote production from anywhere in the world. All you need is an internet connection and you can instantly and remotely access any NDI enabled device over a secure connection. Cloud has complete integration with all the tools you need for a real-time remote production with support for NDI Tally, BirdDog Comms, and full PTZ control.

Ultra low latency. Go on, treat yourself.

Cloud is blazingly fast. The SRT integration means that even over lossy connections you can access any NDI content anywhere in the world at ultra low latency. Want to remotely produce a live stream in Norway from Melbourne? BirdDog Cloud makes it possible.

PTZ Control, Tally, and Comms? Check.

PTZ Control, Tally, and BirdDog Comms (free audio intercom software) are all totally integrated within Cloud. You can remotely control PTZ Cameras from the other side of the world, have complete talk back with your camera operators, and end to end Tally integrated into your production.

Total Encryption. Total Security.

Cloud uses SRT video transport protocol which is end-to-end 128/256 bit AES encrypted to ensure your content is protected from contribution to distribution. Whether it’s a single point to point delivery or a single stream to multiple sites, you never need to worry about the security of your streams.

Portable monitoring. NDI on your iPad/iPhone/Android/Laptop/Desktop.

With the WebRTC module you can monitor your NDI streams on an iPad, tablet or other portable device with close to zero latency.

BirdDog Cloud Management Screen

Cloud Command. Make it rain.

The BirdDog Cloud Command web user interface is a centralised configuration, management, and monitoring portal. Inside Cloud Command you can quickly view all parameters of your stream, check statistics, and set up any of your end points. Be the boss like a boss.

Modules in Brief

Endpoint Core: Everything you need to get started for a single point to point connection. Includes Tally, Comms, Video, Audio, and PTZ Control all over a secure and encrypted connection.

Endpoint Multi: Multiple stream licence that is only limited by how many streams your computer can process. The faster the machine the more streams. This enables multiple, single point to point connections.

Multiviewer: A scalable and powerful NDI Multiviewer that automatically creates the least number of video windows needed whilst still maintaining a 16×9 aspect ratio. Each receiving End Point can configure it’s own custom Multiviewer. The NDI for the Multivewer is sent at lower bandwidth NDI to allow you more video windows than you can with full bandwidth NDI. There are controls to set to 720p or 1080p resolutions and you can even throttle the NDI if desired.

WebRTC: Convert NDI to WebRTC with very low latency as Program out back channel to ENG or other remote productions.

Alpha: Adds support for sending remote graphics or other sources with alpha over the SRT link.

Record: Add recording for both the source and destination.

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