BirdDog Mini


Big things come in small packages. Utilising BirdDog’s custom NDI® silicon chip and housed in aircraft grade aluminium case, Mini is the ultimate entry point into the world of NDI® Encoding and Decoding. Featuring HDMI inputs and outputs, Return Feed, Active Loop Outs, Audio Intercom System, NDI® Tally System, PoE, and compatibility with BirdDog’s Comms and Central Apps (Purchased Separately).

* Not sure if Birddog is right for you? Why not rent one for your next event and test it out? Enquire today for availability.

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BirdDog Mini

Utilising BirdDog’s custom NDI® silicon chip and housed in aircraft grade aluminium case, BirdDog Mini is the ultimate entry point into the world of NDI® Encoding and Decoding. Featuring HDMI inputs and outputs, Return Feed, Active Loop Outs, Audio Intercom System, NDI® Tally System, PoE, and compatibility with BirdDog’s Comms and Central Apps (Purchased Separately).

NDI Decoding. Get NDI® onto screens.

With world’s first NDI® Decoding in hardware, using BirdDog’s custom silicon chip, there has never been a faster or easier way to distribute content. Mini can see any Full NDI® content on the network and with BirdDog’s Web Console you can route that to Mini for HDMI output to a screen or projector. Perfect for Digital Signage, Sports Stadiums, House of Worship, IMAG, and any application that needs content on screens. Team up Mini with optional Central application and you have an incredibly easy to use yet unbelievably powerful content distribution system.

Full NDI®. No compromises.

In the world of NDI® there are two flavours, NDI® and NDI|HX. NDI® is a variable bit rate, I-Frame codec that is reaches around 140Mbits at 1080p60 and is visually lossless. NDI|HX is a compressed, long-GOP, H.264 variant that reaches around 12Mbits at 1080p60. Mini hardware only Encodes and Decodes Full YUV422 NDI®.

NDI® Encode or Decode. Total flexibility.

Built with total flexibility in mind, Mini can be configured as an NDI® Encoder or NDI® Decoder with a simple click of a button through the web console. In Encode Mode Mini is the perfect way to get your HDMI sources into the world of NDI® and supports up to1080p60.

Extreme Speed. It’s all about the silicon.

BirdDog’s revolutionary custom silicon chip is what drives the best NDI® products on the planet. Only BirdDog’s hardware can do line-based processing to give the fastest possible NDI® Encoding or Decoding technically possible.

Return feed. Pros need it.

Utilising the power of BirdDog’s custom engine, Mini can handle Encoding as well as return feed* Decoding at the same time. These are independent, asynchronous sources allowing for the NDI® Encode to be in one resolution and frame rate, and the return feed* NDI® Decode can be in another resolution and frame rate.

Tally. It just works.

The world’s first NDI® Tally system is built right into Mini and it requires zero configuration. Includes a built-in large Tally display for your on-air talent to easily see which camera is live, plus user selectable Tally borders on loop out, and an external Tally output.

PoE, DC, D-Tap. Up to you.

Mini can be powered by Power over Ethernet (PoE) or D-Tap from your camera battery. No need for a power adapter, although there is one in the box if you need it.

Beautiful to touch. Tough as old boots.

When the fingers first touch the sensuous anodised aluminium case housing the multi-layered PCB board, it’s easier to imagine Mini on display within the Louvre in Paris than on a live video production set, but that is where the deception of the senses first takes place. The perfectly finished casing is actually aircraft grade aluminium and designed to withstand the rigours of life on the road.

VESA or Camera Mount. We got you.

BirdDog Mini Camera Mount

With the optional VESA and Camera mounts Mini is extremely easy to mount where you need it. Use the VESA mount to attach to screens or simply attach the camera mount to add a ¼-20” thread for easy mounting with ball heads, magic arms, and other traditional mounting gear.

Free Comms Lite. Upgrade to Comms Pro.

Mini includes free Audio Intercom software, Comms Lite. Comms Lite supports four BirdDog devices and one Director. For more information on Comms Lite and how to get your free copy click here.

Need a more powerful Audio Intercom solution? Comms Pro gives you all the amazing features of Comms Lite plus allows you create you up to five groups, adds additional push to talk buttons for the director, ability to change groups on the fly, plus more.

Distribute NDI® content everywhere. Just add Central.

BirdDog Central Pro Interface

BirdDog Central is a software platform set to redefine the way we think about driving content to TV screens. By teaming up Central with any NDI® source, including all BirdDog hardware capable of creating NDI® sources, you can now drive your NDI® streams to any BirdDog Studio NDI or Mini to decode NDI® back to SDI or HDMI. For more information on Central click here.

BirdDog Mini System Diagram


BirdDog Mini makes esports a breeze. Gamers are already operating in an IP world and Mini natively talks the same language. Simply attach a BirdDog Mini to the HDMI output on your gaming computer or gaming console and you then have live video anywhere on your network.

Best of all Mini adds no extra load to the CPU as no software is required to be installed, meaning gamers retain full fps for gameplay.

Once the video is on the network it is available as an input to XSplit, OBS, or GameShow and then easily streamed to Twitch, YouTube Gaming, Facebook Live, or your favourite online destination.


Whether you are producing the live stream for a concert to go out to a million viewers online, or you are producing your local school’s end of year drama production BirdDog Mini makes live events simple. Mini allows you to attach any camera to any video network and eliminates the need for expensive and proprietary video cables and back-end equipment.

With a variety of flexible ways to power Mini including Power over Ethernet (PoE), D-Tap from a professional camera battery or via included power adaptor, Mini truly simplifies your next event.


Talk directly with your audience. Online.

BirdDog Mini makes House of Worship productions simple. Save a lot of time, money, and complexity by attaching Mini to all your cameras and have them all talking the same language to your NDI enabled production box such as TriCaster, vMix, Livestream, and more.

Because Mini packs so much into a single box you can avoid having to pay additionally for:

  • Tally systems
  • Video transmission
  • Audio Comms
  • Expensive SDI or HDMI infrastructure and cabling
  • Video Cross Converter

All this via a standard Ethernet cable that can also provide power using our inbuilt PoE technology.


Live sports production is a challenging environment and you need to have confidence in your gear as you only get one chance to capture that moment. Mini gives you rock solid reliability due to the hardware design.

Mini does all of its work in dedicated silicon chips. There are no moving parts and the case is constructed of aircraft grade aluminium. Mini is built to have your back, every time.

Moving your next live sports production to an NDI workflow and using Mini may be the winning move that gives you the advantage over your competition.

Learn More: About NDI – About BirdDog


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