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BirdDog P400 Bundle


The Birddog P400 Bundle offers incredible value for multi-camera 4K productions demanding precise, tactile control of their cameras. With Birddog’s custom NDI silicon, and unmatched NDI knowhow, setup is simple and operation a breeze.

Bundle includes 3 x Birddog P400 Cameras and a Birddog PTZ Keybaord Controller. Select colours from the drop down below.

*Broadcast Bruce is a Certified NDI Network Expert and a Creative Technology Partner you can trust to support your IP video transition.

BirdDog P400 Bundle
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BirdDog P400 Bundle
Save BIG when you buy 3 x P400 Cameras AND get a FREE PTZ Keyboard

BirdDog P400 was the world’s first PTZ camera delivering full i-frame NDI in 10-bit 4K and includes incredible colour tools, such as Colour Matrix control, Black level, and Gamma.

Briddog P400 Free Keyboard Bundle

World’s first full i-frame NDI® in 10-bit 4K. Incredible Colour Tools.

P400 features 10-bit NDI in stunning 4K resolution and allows chroma subsampling in your choice of 4:2:0 or 4:2:2.

P400 teams up BirdDog’s custom NDI® silicon chip, a 4K Sony CMOS Backlit sensor, and a true Sony Image Module.
Double Wow.

P400 includes professional-level colour tools including Colour Matrix control, Black level, Gamma including 512 pre-set gamma positions.
Triple Wow.

10-Bit 4:2:2 4K. NUMBERS MATTER.

P400 debuts the world’s first 4K 10-bit NDI in full I-Frame chroma subsampling at 4:2:2 which can be decoded natively in hardware by BirdDog’s 4K Family of NDI Encoders and Decoders. If decoding with an 8-bit 4:2:0 receiver the stream will automatically serve 8-bit 4:2:0 and this is what will be decoded. Think of it as an automatic and virtual handshake.

Low light performance.

In low light conditions the camera automatically switches from day to night mode, removing the IR-cut filter to boost sensitivity for clear pictures in near-darkness.

Triple output. NDI®, 6G-SDI and HDMI.

With NDI®, 6G-SDI, and HDMI simultaneous outputs, the P400 is ready to go live with your full NDI® workflow today or if you are still in an old school SDI workflow you can use as an SDI camera and ease your way into the world of NDI® when you are ready. We’ll be here to welcome you into the future with open arms.

Genlock. Let that sync in.

With Genlock you can now synchronise multiple cameras using the Genlock input. Now all your cameras can be hitting your NDI® enabled vision mixer at the same time and lets you eliminate the need to add frame buffers.

Superfine Robotics. Precise control at your fingers.

P400’s robotics are super precise and super sensitive. Wind down the panning and tilting speeds to create super professional shots that are dramatic, or crank up the speeds for high action sports to allow you to follow the movements.

20x Optical Zoom. Fast and Crisp.

The 20x optical zoom offers a bright F2.0 aperture with a super smooth and fast zoom. Transition from wide to tele and recall pre-set positions quickly and with super fine precision.
The incredible optical zoom function makes P400 perfect for sports such as football, baseball, hockey, ski fields, basketball, soccer, and more.

Tally light that just works.

NDI® has tally information built into the metadata so when P400 is connected to an NDI® enabled switcher the tally light on the front of the unit will just work so your on air talent will always air talent know which camera is live. There is no configuration required; it just works.

PoE or DC. You have the power.

P400 can be powered by Power over Ethernet (PoE++) for single cable operation that can carry Video, Audio, Power, Tally, and Intercom or you can choose to use the included power adapter.

Birddog P400 - Pianist

BirdDog Cam Control. Professional Camera Shading Made Easy.

BirdDog Cam Control - Tablet Operator

Total Camera Control. The free Cam Control app is the easiest and most user-friendly way to dial in BirdDog cameras. Simply load on a Windows 10 machine on the same network as your BirdDog cameras and access all functions of the camera through a beautiful interface. Auto Tracking is built right in, with adjustable parameters to track via facial or body recognition.

Now With FREE Auto Tracking. Facial and Body Recognition.

Cam Control features fully automated tracking with adjustable parameters to dial in the sensitivity of how you wish to track your talent. You can set to track via facial or body recognition which gives maximum flexibility depending on the environment. Auto tracking is perfect for Broadcast studios, Lecturer and Teacher applications, House of Worship, or any time on-air talent is moving around.

Learn More & Download Now

Requires latest camera firmware

World’s First NDI® PTZ Controller.

BirdDog PTZ Keyboard is a full featured PTZ Keyboard that supports NDI®, NDI|HX, Visca over IP, RS422, and RS232. By harnessing BirdDog’s next generation NDI® and IP technology, it’s never been easier to discover, connect, and control your PTZ cameras. Featuring superior ergonomics, premium buttons and joystick, all in a beautiful form factor this is the PTZ controller you have been waiting for.

BirdDog PTZ Keyboard Connections

Superior Ergonomics. Built for Humans.

Using the PTZ Keyboard is a breeze with well thought out button layout. Quickly access all the cameras on the network, and set up quick access buttons for all your favourite settings such as Exposure, Focus, Zoom, and movement speeds.

Router Output.

With Router Output you always know which PTZ Camera you are controlling. Simply hook up the free NDI Studio Monitor, and PTZ Keyboard will automatically update the Router Output to the camera you are controlling.

Universal control. Mix and Match protocols.

Never before has a PTZ controller been so flexible. PTZ Keyboard is the world’s first PTZ controller with NDI® and NDI|HX support. Along with NDI® there is support for Visca over IP, RS422, and RS232. You can mix and match cameras from any of the supported protocols and control them all from a single PTZ Keyboard.

Auto Joystick Calibration.

When you turn on the PTZ Keyboard you simply need to move the Joystick up, down, left, and right to the maximum and the Joystick will be calibrated. The Joystick continues to automatically calibrate for the entire session.

3-Way Joystick. Pan, Tilt, Zoom.

Effortless, one handed control of Pan, Tilt, and Zoom is possible with the 3-Way Joystick. For those who prefer a zoom rocker there is also one of those exactly where your left hand wants it.

Soft touch buttons. Treat your fingers.

Your fingers will thank you for using the PTZ Keyboard. Soft-touch silicon buttons and easy turn dials give a premium sensation while achieving the responsiveness you expect and deserve.

6 program buttons. With API control.

Set up your quick access buttons to work the way you want. Chose from the list of functions from the PTZ Keyboard, or use JSON, HTTP, and API commands to program hot keys for your favourite NDI software applications. Yes, you can now use your PTZ Keyboard as an NDI switcher panel.

By the power of PoE. You have the power.

Super flexible powering options allow you to power the PTZ Keyboard from Power over Ethernet (PoE), DC in, or even over the serial port. Never get stuck in a situation where you can’t power up.

Control 255 cameras. Yes, 255.

Designed to control up to 255 PTZ cameras on a single network, PTZ Keyboard can scale to even the most complex installations.

Birddog Free Software Tools


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