BirdDog P4K


BirdDog P4K is the highest quality, full NDI PTZ production camera on the planet. Fitted with a 1” Sony Exmor R CMOS, P4K has excellent light sensitivity and delivers stunning pictures in 4K resolutions with Full Bandwidth NDI.

Birddog P4K and P400 XMas Promo


BirdDog P4K PTZ NDI Camera

BirdDog P4K is the highest quality, full NDI PTZ production camera on the planet. Fitted with a 1” Sony Exmor R CMOS, P4K has excellent light sensitivity and delivers stunning pictures in 4K resolutions with Full Bandwidth NDI.

Birddog P4K and P400 XMas Promo

Buy a P4K or P400 and get a FREE FLEX DECODER!

Holiday Promo Terms and Conditions:

  • Free Flex Decoder (Flex 4K Out) applies to any BirdDog P400 or P4K purchases made on and between Tuesday 1st December and Thursday December 31, 2020.
  • Promo only applicable to end users purchasing through an authorised BirdDog partner (Such as Broadcast Bruce)
  • Maximum 1 Flex 4K Out per P400 or P4K.
  • Proof of purchase required to be submitted with claim form.
  • No claims will be processed after January 20, 2021.
  • Flex 4K Out will be dispatched within January 2021.
  • Allow 7 days for claims to be processed once submitted. All claims must be emailed to

BirdDog P4K BlackSony 1” Sensor. Size does matter.

P4K is the real deal. A huge 1” Sony Exmor R CMOS back lit Sensor and 14.4 million effective pixels enable P4K to deliver stunning pictures in 4K resolutions with Full Bandwidth NDI. Excellent light sensitivity makes P4K perfect for all broadcast applications, sports, remote studios, newsrooms, house of worship and any shoot where quality matters.

The best images come from the best sensors and the P4K is built exclusively around the best sensor in its category. The massive 1” Sony Exmor R CMOS backlit sensor delivers truly stunning pictures in all shoot modes and frame rates whether in HD or 4K.

Full NDI. No compromises.

In the world of NDI® there are two flavours, NDI® and NDI|HX. NDI® is a variable bit rate, I-Frame codec that is reaches around 140Mbits at 1080p60 and is visually lossless. NDI|HX is a compressed, long-GOP, H.264 variant that reaches around 12Mbits at 1080p60. P4K is a Full NDI® camera.

More than just a production PTZ. Shoot true cinematic styles.

P4K is a PTZ designed for the most demanding live production shoots and supports all the traditional frame rates you would expect including 29.97 but now you can use your PTZ as a camera for TVC’s, drama, and shoot 24p for that wonderful cinematic look.

Advanced Colour Controls.

With user selectable gamma settings and black gamma adjustment, fine tuning your shot has never been more flexible in a PTZ. Sony’s legendary sensor technology sets the tone for your next quality production.

10-bit. NDI4.

P4K is a 10-bit sensor and with NDI4 you can have an end to end 10-bit workflow. Perfect for broadcasters and other productions where bit depth matters. With 10-bit support you can record the NDI feeds using free tools such as NewTek NDI Monitor or IsoCorder Pro.

Full NDI. 6G SDI. HDMI 2.0. Life is all about connections.

BirdDog P4K Connections

Full NDI. Two independent 6G SDI outputs and one HDMI 2.0 output, all live all the time to create amazingly flexible workflows.

Genlock. Let that sync in.

With Genlock you can now synchronise multiple cameras using the Genlock input. Now all your cameras can be hitting your NDI enabled vision mixer at the same time and lets you eliminate the need to add frame buffers.

Superfine Robotics. Precise control at your fingers.

P4K’s robotics are super precise and super sensitive. Wind down the panning and tilting speeds to create super professional shots that are dramatic, or crank up the speeds for high action sports to allow you to follow the movements.

360 degree Tally lights.

The front, rear, and side Tally lights combine to create a 360 degree Tally light. Now everyone on the production set can see which camera is live to air.

PTZ Keyboard. Take control.

BirdDog PTZ Keyboard

Combine P4K with the BirdDog PTZ Keyboard and you have total control of all functions remotely. PTZ Keyboard is a full featured PTZ Keyboard that can control up to 255 PTZ cameras on a single network so can scale to even the most complex installations. PTZ Keyboard can control P4K over NDI® or by RS422 / RS232 when using in SDI mode.

Free Comms Lite. Upgrade to Comms Pro.

BirdDog Comms Interface

P4K includes free Audio Intercom software, Comms Lite. Comms Lite supports four BirdDog devices and one Director. For more information on Comms Lite and how to get your free copy click here.

Need a more powerful Audio Intercom solution? Comms Pro gives you all the amazing features of Comms Lite plus allows you create you up to five groups, adds additional push to talk buttons for the director, ability to change groups on the fly, plus more. Comms Pro is available here.

Distribute NDI® content everywhere. Just add Central.

BirdDog Central Pro Interface

BirdDog Central is a software platform set to redefine the way we think about driving content to TV screens. By teaming up Central with any NDI® source, including all BirdDog hardware capable of creating NDI® sources, you can now drive your NDI® streams to any BirdDog Studio NDI or Mini to decode NDI® back to SDI or HDMI. For more information on Central click here.


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