Bluefish444 Epoch Neutron LP


Bluefish444 Epoch | Neutron LP

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Bluefish444 Epoch Neutron Introduction

Bluefish444 Epoch Neutron LP


Born from Epoch | 4K Supernova the smallest star is formed. Epoch Neutron LP. A tiny star radiating immense power.

In an industry that always demands “bigger and better” Bluefish444 have yet again delivered! This time we have gone one step further, the Epoch Neutron LP packs a massive amount of power into a form factor that defies belief.

Bluefish444 Epoch 4K Neutron Accessible

World’s most accessible video card

With an all new form factor the Bluefish444 Epoch | Neutron opens a whole new galaxy of options!

Bluefish444 have compressed functionality of much bigger cards into a low profile, half height PCIe video card allowing integration with rack mount, small form factor, PCIe, or Thunderbolt enclosures.

Bluefish444 Epoch Neutron Form Factor

Form Factor

Epoch | Neutron comes standard with a choice of full height shields and connectivity for AES/EBU digital audio, analogue audio and RS-422 machine control, making for ease of integration with traditional workstations and expansion chassis.

The Epoch | Neutron LP has a low profile shield for installation in low profile workstations and expansion chassis creating a highly compact professional video solution.


Epoch | Neutron can capture 2K/HD/SD 1.5Gb and playout 2K/HD/SD 1.5Gb SDI or HDMI.

Compare Features

Epoch | Neutron Epoch | Neutron LP Epoch | 4K Neutron
SD 2 2 2
HD 1.5G 3 3 3
3G (A+B) NO NO 3
Dual Link 1.5G
Dual Link 3G NO NO YES
Quad Link 1.5G NO NO NO
Quad Link 3G NO NO NO
Hardware Keyer YES YES YES
Multi-card Interlock YES YES YES
Colour Space Converter YES YES YES
Customizable Pixel Formats YES YES YES
Breakout Cable
8 x AES Audio I/O
2 x Analogue Audio Monitoring
Auxiliary Genlock
* Optional shield available

Optional Connectivity

Epoch | Neutron range offers a variety of low-profile and full height shield options allowing the same physical hardware to be deployed in any number of applications and inside any number of enclosures or chassis.

Part Number Product Description
EB3007B Epoch | Neutron Full Height – Aux Genlock
EB3007C Epoch | Neutron Full Height – AES Audio I/O / Analogue Audio Out / RS-422 / Aux Genlock
EB3007F Epoch | Neutron LP Low-Profile – HDMI

Bluefish444 Epoch 4K Neutron Bidirectional

Bi-Directional I/O’s provide unrivalled flexibility

Epoch | Neutron provides flexibility like no other with three industry standard BNC video connectors each allowing HD/SD SDI inputs or outputs. Each BNC connector can be any frame rate frequency of your choosing.

HDMI 1.4 Monitoring

Epoch | Neutron includes a cost effective HDMI monitoring solution supporting deep colour and 2K video resolutions. Enjoy simultaneous HDMI & SDI from Epoch | Neutron.

Maintaining a 12-bit processing pipeline

A 12-bit image processing pipeline is standard on all Bluefish444 video cards. This allows 8, 10 & 12-bit SDI video signals to be produced from 8, 10, 12 & 16-bit pixel formats providing the highest image quality available from your source material. A 12-bit image pipe means that 4096 discrete values of red, green & blue are maintained per pixel; that’s 64 times the colour precision of a traditional 10-bit processing pipeline!

Maintaining the highest quality RGB <=> YUV

Colour space conversion image processing includes a fully programmable 4 x 4 x 33-bit colour matrix providing the highest quality colour space conversions that are a standard requirement in professional video workflows. The fully programmable 4 x 4 x 33-bit colour matrix reduces colour space conversion errors and ensures the highest quality colour accuracy during capture, monitoring and mastering.

Thunderbolt Expansion Chassis Compatibility

Popular PCI Express and Thunderbolt expansion chassis are designed to be light and portable. The Epoch | Neutron is compatible with them all from the smallest single slot devices right through to much larger multi-slot devices.

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Low Latency Video Keyer

The Epoch | Neutron has an all new low latency hardware video keyer allowing video layers to be combined in hardware with microseconds of delay. This feature allows animated logo’s, captions, ticker tapes, etc. to be keyed over live video feeds at full 12-bit precision and with minimum input to output delay. The hardware keyer can also function as an image pre-multiplier to assist in previewing images with alpha data.

Maximum Connectivity

Epoch | Neutron features additional connectivity beyond the three HD-SDI/Genlock BNC and HDMI output that includes;

  • RS422 machine control for control of VTR’s and other serial controlled devices.
  • 8 channels of AES EBU audio input and output for 7.1 surround sound monitoring. Capture and playout digital audio signals in crystal clear quality.
  • 2 channels of Analogue Audio for quick and simple high quality audio monitoring.
  • Auxiliary Genlock connector frees the 3rd BNC for SD/HD video I/O.

Primary Hardware Colour Corrector

When the Bluefish444 programmable matrix is combined with the on-board 1D LUTs it provides a powerful primary hardware colour corrector. 4 x 1D x 12-bit LUTs on all SDI outputs gives maximum control over lift, gamma and gain prior to monitoring or mastering your precious video assets.

Cross platform support with Industry leading 3rd party software

Epoch | Neutron leverages a decade of Bluefish444 software development. It is compatible with industry leading software developed by Bluefish444 and by 3rd party developers using our Windows, Linux and macOS software development kit. Strong partnerships with companies like Adobe, AVID, ASSIMILATE, NVIDIA, AMD and many more allow Bluefish444 to deliver hardware, drivers and software plug-ins for the creative industry.

Bluefish444 Epoch 4K Neutron Cross Platform

FREE Multi-channel capture tool, IngeSTore

Bluefish444 have developed IngeSTore as a multi-channel ingest tool, which is available FREE with all Epoch | Neutron I/O cards. IngeSTore allows capture of up to 4 channels of video with independent format SDI sources simultaneously. Capture to QuickTime, AVI and DVCPRO50/HD codecs for free, with additional codecs available via licencing. Learn more about Bluefish444 IngeSTore

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