Bolt 10K RX Wireless Receiver


A Super long range (10,000 ft.) receiver, Bolt 10K comes complete with accessories and Protective SKB Case. With a fully integrated panel antenna and battery plate, Teradek Bolt 10K has 3G-SDI and HDMI outputs and works alongside Bolt 3000 XT, 703 Bolt, and Sidekick II receivers. Available standalone and with a 3000 XT Transceiver in a kit. Gold Mount or V-Mount battery options.

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Teradek Bolt 10K Wireless Receiver

A Super long range (10,000 ft.) Bolt 10K RX (Receiver Only) complete with accessories and Protective SKB Case. With a fully integrated panel antenna and V-mount battery plate, Teradek Bolt 10K has 3G-SDI and HDMI outputs and works alongside Bolt 3000, 703 Bolt, and Sidekick II receivers.


The Teradek Bolt 10K Receiver is an ultra high-performance, zero-delay video receiver with a range of 10,000 feet. The RX is compatible with Bolt 3000 transmitters and functions seamlessly alongside 3000 XT receivers, Sidekick II, and the 703 Bolt. Bolt 10K receivers support 1080p60 4:2:2 video and with a newly-designed chassis, hassle-free Tx/Rx pairing, robust range and visually lossless HD quality make this our strongest unit we’ve ever built.

BUILT FOR PROFESSIONALS: From DITs to 1st ACs, filmmakers around the world rely on Bolt’s flawless image quality and wireless performance to capture incredible imagery.

REAL-TIME WIRELESS MONITORING: Teradek Bolt wireless video systems transmit exceptional HD video at distances up to 10,000 ft. with no perceptible delay.

UNBEATABLE WIRELESS PERFORMANCE: Bolt’s intelligent RF design ensures your video feed is transmitted reliably over the 5GHz band at extreme distances and in challenging environmental conditions.

MORE THAN JUST VIDEO: Transmitting audio and video isn’t all that Bolt can do. Auxiliary data can be sent with each video feed and users can upload and apply custom 3D LUTs to their receiver’s output.

METADATA / TIMECODE: Every 3G-SDI Bolt model supports timecode and start/stop flags from many camera manufacturers, including RED, ARRI, Canon, Sony, and Panasonic.

MULTICAST CAPABLE: Every Bolt model is capable of transmitting to 4 receivers of the same range (or Sidekick II) simultaneously, ensuring your clients, director, producer, and others can view the feed wherever they are on set.

Teradek Bolt Multicast

AES 128 ENCRYPTION: Our built-in encryption ensures your video footage is impossible to intercept, even if somebody tries to pair an unauthorized Bolt receiver to your system.

Bolt 10K Dimensions:

Teradek Bolt 10K Transceiver Set

Bolt 3000 XT TX

The Bolt 3000 XT Transmitter sends pristine 1080p60 video wirelessly and instantly to monitors up to 3000 ft. away. Each transmitter can support up to 4 monitor receivers, and comes with additional features such as wired/wireless pairing, rapid reconnect, built-in frequency analyser, rapid reconnect and metadata, timecode & start/stop transport.

Product Highlights

  • Compatible with 3rd generation Bolt 3000, Sidekick II, and 703 Bolt
  • Professional software features: 3D LUTs, 5GHz spectrum analyser, manual channel selection
  • Dual input (SDI + HDMI) and SDI loop on the TX
  • HDMI and Dual 3G-SDI outputs on RX
  • 3000 receivers feature integrated, internally-wired battery plates with pass-through power
  • Smaller and lighter chassis design with robust mounting points (3/8” and ¼”-20)


Technical Specifications

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