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Core SWX Apex 360HV Starter Kit


Core SWX Apex 360HV Starter Kit


Core SWX Apex 360HV Starter Kit Includes:
2 x APEX High-Voltage 29.6V Batteries, 2 x V-Mount Battery Adapter Plates, Dual V-Mount Charger for High-Voltages
Designed for Lighting Equipment like Aputure 600 Series

The Core SWX Apex 360HV Starter Kit is an all-in-one solution to get your Aputure 600-series lighting operating in high voltage. With two Apex HV batteries, two Helix direct connect plates, and a HV dual charger, it is designed to finally answer the call for a tailored on-board battery solution. The Apex HV battery packs are the ideal power solution for high power LED lighting.

The APX-360HV offers a 367wh Lithium-Ion v-mount solution capable of outputting up to 12A continuously as well as providing extended runtimes. With Apex the production team can focus on the video production rather than restricting light usage during the production because of limiting onboard powering options. And with Apex’s continuous 12A load output, the user will enjoy a “truer” runtime while operating the high-power LED lighting systems.

The high voltage Apx360hv is capable of delivering even more power under lower current requirements allowing for a more efficient, cooler operation of LED lights which accepts higher voltages.*

With further high voltage LED lighting products continuing to be released the APX-360HV pack future proofs your battery investment. As well, the Apex HV option utilizes Core’s patented Helix system pin set so inadvertently placing the high voltage pack on 14v equipment is of no concern.

Large capacity packs require fast chargers to recharge the packs. Core has developed an economical series of chargers dubbed “X2R” to allow for the Apex system to deliver to even the most budget conscience user.

To leverage the high voltage capabilities of the APX-360HV, the pack does require the high voltage variant of the Apex two position charger (#GPX2RHV). The GPX2RHV will also charge Helix MAX V-mount packs.

*Check with the lighting manufacturer to confirm high voltage acceptance (up to DC 34v).


Core SWX APEX Batteries on Aputure

Power your professional lighting equipment for long periods with the APEX 360HV High-Capacity 29.6V/367Wh High-Voltage Li-Ion V-Mount Battery (Helix Compatible) from Core SWX. This rugged, high-capacity battery features a high 29.6V output and 367Wh capacity, and it supports a continuous 12A draw. It is designed with cooler operation for use with professional lighting equipment such as Aputure lights.

The battery provides approximately two hours of battery life when tested on certain fixtures at 100% brightness. The 5-stage LED gauges show the battery level status, and they can be viewed from all sides of the battery. The battery can be charged on a Core SWX APEX V-mount charger.

Key Features

The APEX 360 features a high-voltage 29.6V output and 367Wh capacity
Five-stage LED gauges display the battery power level and can be viewed on all sides
You can charge the battery on a Core SWX APEX high-voltage V-mount charger
Compatible with Helix mounts with pin set design for use on 14.4V gear
Durable casing ensures cool operation, making the battery ideal for powering lights

Compatible with but not limited to:

Aputure 300D II
Aputure 600D
Aputure Nova P300C

Core SWX Apex 360HV Specs

Mount / Series Type: V-Mount
Chemistry: Lithium-Ion
Battery Capacity: 367 Wh
Output Voltage: 29.6 VDC
Maximum Load: 12 A
Accessory Port: None
Dimensions (W x H x D): 88.9 x 160 x 96.5 mm
Weight: 1633 g

Core SWX GP-X2RHV Charger for Apex HV Batteries

Charge your high-voltage APEX 360 V-mount 29.6V batteries with the GP-X2RHV Rapid 2-Position Charger from Core SWX. Taking advantage of the same technology built into previous Core SWX chargers, this compact charger can charge a single high-voltage battery at a 2.6A rate at 33.6V or two batteries simultaneously at 1.3A. Since it sits vertically with two batteries mounted, the charger takes up less space than traditional flat chargers. The GPX2RHV will also charge Helix MAX V-mount packs. The Apex charger models are capable of either charging one pack in a little over 5hours or two Apex packs in less than 10 hours.

Core SWX GP-X2RHV for Apex 360 HV - with Batteries

GP-X2RHV Specs:

  • Input: 100V-240VAC 50/60Hz
  • Charge current: One pack 2.6A @33.6v,
  • Two packs simultaneous at 1.3A
  • Size: 11.4cm x 14cm x 7.6cm
  • Weight: 590 grams
  • Mount type: Helix V-mount

Core SWX Direct Connect V-Mount Helix Plates For Aputure 600 Series

Core SWX APEX HLX-2HV-DC - Direct Connect Plates

Power your Aputure 600 series light for long shoots using high-voltage batteries with this Dual Helix/APEX High-Voltage V-Mount Plate Kit from Core SWX. The kit includes two V-mount plates designed to replace the V-mount battery plates on the Aputure 600 light fixture ballast for use with high-voltage 29.6V / 367Wh APEX 360 V-mount batteries.

Though the lower voltage APEX 14.8V batteries will work with the original Aputure plates, they are also compatible with this set of plates.

The beauty of these plates is that they require minimal technical skill to connect and still allow you to use all your 14v v-mount packs. To exchange the plates on your Aputure 600 Series light: Unscrew your current v-mount plates, snip the wiring of the existing plates and the connect blocks, clip our direct plates onto the existing wiring and screw back on the Apex Direct Connect plate. No soldering skills or tools required.

This modification is only required so to leverage the high voltage efficiencies of the Apex HV packs. Standard APX-360V packs will work without any modification to the lighting ballast.

Core SWX APEX HLX-2HV-DC - Direct Connect Plate Installation


Core SWX APEX 360 high-voltage 29.6V high-capacity V-mount batteries
Core SWX APEX 360 14.8V high-capacity V-mount batteries
Aputure 600 series light

HLX-2HV-DC Specs

Input: DC 11-34v
Output for Light: DC 11-34v
Size: 8.25cm x 14cm x 1.27cm
Weight: 181 grams



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