flowtech 75 MS

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Tripod flowtech 75 MS (Code 4585) 2-stage carbon fibre tripod with quick release brakes, mid-level spreader FT and rubber feet FT

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flowtech 75 MS

Presenting flowtech 75, a versatile, lightweight tripod that is easier and faster to deploy and adjust than any other tripod. Performance tested in extreme conditions, flowtech™75 is a revolution in tripod technology, giving the camera operator ultimate versatility and improving their workflow.

“Excited is a strong word. When was the last time you were genuinely excited about a piece of equipment? Have you ever been excited about a new tripod? I haven’t. Not until now.” – Jody Eldred – Emmy-winning and DGA award-nominated filmmaker

Key Features

Unique quick release brakes – deploy and adjust your tripod in an instant.

Located at the top of the tripod, the quick release brakes enable the legs to be deployed simultaneously and can quickly adjust to the height that you need and the ground’s surface – eliminating the need to bend over or manually adjust multiple brakes on each leg.

New ergonomic carbon-fibre leg design – Lightweight and easy to transport

Lightweight and easy to transport, flowtech™ 75 is specifically designed to comfortably rest on the camera operator’s shoulder while magnetic locks ensure that the tripod legs remain secured during transport. Exceptional torsional stiffness ensures that the tripod doesn’t twist during panning movements.

Versatile hinge lock mechanism – Capture extremely low and high shots with a single tripod.

flowtech’s unique hinge lock allows users to capture extremely low, ground-level shots along with higher shots. This effectively eliminates the need to take a set of baby legs to the shoot.

Extensive endurance and environmental testing – Superior performance and reliability.

Tested in the most punishing environments, flowtech excels in sludge, sand and extreme temperatures. Furthermore, with 30,000 deployment cycles and 1.5 million clamp operations on an endurance rig flowtech surpasses Sachtler and Vinten’s stringent performance targets.

Height range min to max: spreader-less mode 26 – 153 cm / 10.2 – 60.2 in, mid-level spreader mode 63 – 157 cm / 24.8 – 61.8 in

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Available in a number of 75mm Systems