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Panasonic AK-UB300


Panasonic AK-UB300 Compact and Light 4K Multi-Purpose Camera with UHD and HD Simultaneous Output and a 2/3 Type Lens Mount.

*Lens Not Included


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Panasonic AK-UB300 4K Multi-Purpose Camera

Panasonic AK-UB300 4K Multi-Purpose Camera with UHD/HD Simultaneous Output and 2/3 Type Lens Mount

The AK-UB300 provides the precise camerawork and high image quality that you need for sports, remote studios, weather information, live concerts and other applications. It can achieve 4K image quality even when shooting low-budget content in a small-scale studio and it is also an excellent choice for aerial shooting. Even in HD, the AK-UB300 is an excellent replacement for existing box cameras, offering a smooth migration to 4K and IP-based systems. A multitude of functions allows versatility in any application.

  • High Sensitivity (F11/2000lx) and Low Noise (S/N 60dB): To maximise ease-of-use and handle a wide range of needs, the AK-UB300 has a high sensitivity mode that compares to or even exceeds any previous HD box camera in terms of sensitivity and S/N ratio.
  • B4 lens mount: applying built-in conversion lens, any existing 2/3-type lens can be used. A 4K large-format sensor is used to achieve excellent image quality, by making maximum use of incident light.
  • Simultaneous UHD (4x 3G-SDI) and HD (1x 3G-SDI and 1x HD-SDI) outputs: the Quad-SDI output board is included as standard, and in the future, it could be swapped with other optional 4K outputs, such as optical fibre.
  • HD cropping function, to get a cropped HD image from the 4K picture, with 4 times more zoom. The HD cropped area can be controlled by Panasonic remote controllers, like AW-RP50 or AW-RP120.
  • Supporting IP streaming and IP control: Streaming video output is available in up to four simultaneous H.264 streams, at a wide range of data rates. Control via LAN simplifies the installation and makes the camera compatible with a variety of remote controllers.
  • Compatible with pan/tilt systems: thanks to its compact body, light weight and LAN control, it can be mounted on a pan-tilt configuration, from both Panasonic (AW-PH405 or AW-PH400) and 3rd party systems (Vinten-Radamec, Telemetrics, AR+).
  • ND filters: thanks to a 4-position ND filter wheel (ND1/4, ND1/16, ND1/64), camera can be used in very bright conditions.
  • Intelligent function: it will automatically correct the image level and colour temperature in accordance with the change at the outdoor where the camera is used.

UHD Cropping Function

In UHD CROP mode, an HD cropped image from the UHD signal can be output on the HD terminals. The HD crop image has 4 times more zoom than the original UHD image, while retaining a native resolution of 1920×1080 pixels.

Up to three cropping frames can be used (Yellow, Magenta and Green). However, only one can be selected as the HD cropped output at any moment.

The cropping frames are visible on the HD-SDI #2 output only, and they can be positioned in real-time from remote controllers (RP50, RP120) or from camera OSD menu.

Video Streaming

You can connect the camera to a computer to view the video signal on a web browser. By entering the IP address as URL, up to four channels of video streaming can be displayed.

Internet Explorer and Safari are the recommended web browsers. In the Setup page, encoding (H.264 or JPEG), image size (up to Full HD resolution), bit-rate (up to 24Mbps) and other settings related to streaming can be selected. From one browser, images from multiple cameras (4 or 16) can be confirmed at once. Other applications, like VLC, can be used to playback the video streaming.

Please note that camera setup menu is not accessible via web browser, unlike PTZ camera.

Control from PC and Mac

AK-UB300 can be controlled from PC or Mac via LAN by using the UB300 Setting Tool, available free of charge on Panasonic PASS website.

This software tool allows changing the setting menu and updating the firmware. It is also possible to access the OSD menu. UB300 Setting Tool

Control from Panasonic Remote Panels

Initially, the AK-UB300 can be controlled from Panasonic Remote Controllers AW-RP50 and AW-RP120, both via LAN and via Serial. Basic adjustment is possible, including RB Gain and Ped, Master Detail, White and Black Balance and ND filter. For fine adjustment, OSD menu is required. Iris, zoom and focus can be controlled. In UHD mode, position of Cropping Frame can be controlled by using the PT joystick. A firmware update is required for the RP controllers.

As of January 2017, the AK-HRP200 Remote Operation Panel also supports UB300. After February 2017, the same ROPs as the studio camera (AK-HRP1000 and AK-HRP1005) support AK-UB300 via LAN and later on (April 2017), serial connection is also possible.

This way, UB300 can be easily integrated in systems with either PTZ cameras or Studio Cameras. By using the same remote panels for control, operator will benefit from a simplified and common operation.

Compatibility with PanTilt Systems

The AK-UB300 can be used in PanTilt configuration, although with some limitations.

  • UB300 is compatible with Panasonic PanTilt systems AW-PH400 and AW-PH405. However, camera must be powered externally, and pan/tilt cannot control camera power on/off. 3G-SDI signals cannot be connected through the pantilt head.
  • UB300 is using the same protocol and interface as previous AK-HC1800/1500 models. The same cable can be used to be connected to pantilt head.
  • Some functions may not work initially. It will be fixed by April 2017 upgrade.
  • UB300 is not compatible with Panasonic PanTilt systems AW-PH360 and AW-PH650

Additionally, AK-UB300 is going to be supported by 3rd party robotic systems. Currently, it as under development, so that many other functions could be controlled in the future.

  • Vinten-Radamec: camera can be mounted on the FHR-35 pantilt head. Lens and pantilt functions can be controlled from Vinten’s HDVRC.
  • Telemetrics: camera can be mounted on the PT-LP-S5 pantilt head. Lens and pantilt functions can be controlled from RCCP-1.
  • AR+: camera can be installed on the 6-axis robotic arm ARCAM, which can be controlled from ARcaptur software (also compatible with other systems).

Digital Haze Reduction

This is a function to reduce haze on the picture and make it easier to see the subject that is low in contrast due to haze. Strength of the effect can be adjusted manually depending on the thickness of the fog.

It may be a useful function when the camera is used outdoor, as beauty cam or weather cam. It is available in both UHD and HD modes.

UB300 as Outdoor Camera

AK-UB300 offers several functions to optimize its use as outdoor camera (beauty cam, weather cam, etc.). Digital Haze improves the contrast under severe fog condition, and Intelligent mode automatically adjusts the image level and contrast according to the changing light condition. ND filters allows to control the amount of light manually, and UHD crop mode enables 4x zoom with native Full HD resolution.

Variety of recording codecs and modes

Initially AK-UB300 will be supporting the following UHD and HD formats, and the corresponding outputs:

  • There are 3 main system formats: UHD (3840×2160), UHD CROP (1920×1080) and HD (1920×1080)
  • 4K supported formats on the Quad-SDI output: 3840×2160/50p, 25p, 24p
  • HD supported formats on the 3G-SDI outputs: 1080/50p, 50i, 25psF, 24; 720/50p
  • The camera is able to provide three simultaneous formats and outputs: UHD via Quad-SDI, 1080/50p via 3G-SDI and 1080/50i via HD-SDI.
  • OSD menu is available on the HD-SDI #2 output only. Additionally, Status, Peaking and Focus Assist information can be displayed on this output.
  • Streaming video signal via LAN can be used for monitoring as well, including OSD menu and Status.
  • In UHD CROP mode and HD mode, UHD #3 and #4 outputs are not enabled.
  • A version upgrade is scheduled for April 2017, which will increase the number of supported formats, like UHD/25psF and UHD CROP in 50i mode.

Panasonic AK-UB300 Formats

Other Functions to Support Professional Camera Work

  • Scan reverse: Image can be displayed reversed vertically or horizontally
  • DRS: Dynamic range can be increased by compressing the image signal for the extremely bright areas that are overexposed during normal shooting while maintaining contrast
  • Focus assist function: Expanded display, focus assist colour display (red or green), and focus bar can be displayed in the monitor output, to focus the target easily.
  • FBC: The camera is equipped with a function for compensating and reducing flash-band interference that occurs when shooting in environments where flash strobe light is present.
  • Fine adjustment: camera offers a high level of image quality adjustment, including Detail, Skin Tone, Linear Matrix, 12-axis Colour Correction, Gamma and many others.
  • Genlock input: the camera can be locked to the reference signal supplied from an external source, via G/L IN or I/F terminals.


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