Panasonic Auto Tracking Software


Panasonic Auto Tracking Software supports automated lecture and presentation capture with high-precision tracking using motion detection, facial recognition and new body detection powered by Deep Learning Algorithms*.

Available for single camera operation (AW-SF100) or multi-camera operation (AW-SF20x). Details about licensing below or Ask Bruce if you have questions!

*AW-SF200 Only

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Panasonic Auto Tracking Software (AW-SF100 / AW-SF200)

Panasonic Auto Tracking Software supports automated lecture and presentation capture with high-precision tracking using motion detection and facial recognition.

Panasonic’s powerful, new software assists automatic tracking of a person by a Panasonic Remote Camera using facial recognition and body detection. With the ability to track a person and manage multiple PTZ cameras independently, this software is well suited to such environments as education and video conferencing. When activated on a PC connected to the same network as your camera system, the software automatically detects a person in front of a PTZ camera, and makes the camera follow that person to allow for easier control operations.

The use of “motion detection” technology makes it possible to track the subject with minimum tracking error regardless of where the person is facing. This allows to keep the lecturer tracked even when is writing on a blackboard showing his/her back to the camera.

The sensitivity of the tracking function can be adjusted to the amount of movement of the tracking target, therefore increasing accuracy.

It offers the ability to select either a full, full body or upper body view of the tracked target when setting up this software. In addition to this, the auto tracking software also includes the option to mask specified areas of the camera view to ensure that surrounding objects are not accidentally or unnecessarily detected. It is also possible to completely exclude an entire area to minimise the space that is tracked.

It is possible to easily set up a simple, low-cost tracking system by installing Auto Tracking Software on a PC and connecting an integrated camera. AW-UE70, AW-HE40 and AW-HE130 cameras are supported. New installation of sensors and other equipment are not necessary.


The latest Version 4 Update for Panasonic’s Auto Tracking Software adds smooth and accurate tracking via Body Detection, with powerful Deep Learning Algorithms accelerated by NVidia GPU’s. Also included in this update is support for the latest AW-UE150 4K integrated camera, an improved interface and streaming support for H.264 and NDI|HX.

* Deep Learning requires the 64 bit Server software and recommended system specifications include a Pascal architecture GPU, such as a GeForce GTX 1080 / Quadro P4000 or higher. Alternatively, limited capability can be driven via CPU, requiring an Intel Xeon with 8 physical cores or more.

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“Motion Detection” and “Face Recognition” used for high-precision auto tracking with minimum tracking error

The use of high-performance “Motion Detection” and high-accuracy “Face Recognition” enables high-precision auto tracking of the subject with minimum tracking error regardless of the direction the person is facing, even in situations where a lecturer is writing on a blackboard with his/her back to the camera. In addition, since this function does detection/tracking with streaming video from the camera, it is not necessary to have the video capture board needed for capture on a PC. This reduces the processing load for video capture, thereby eliminating the need for a high-performance PC.

Panasonic Auto Tracking software Interfaces

GUI for intuitive setting

The auto-tracking settings can be easily made with an intuitive GUI only with the necessary icons to minimise the setting up labour and assist smooth operation. Tracking adjustment tools, such as masking, limiters, tracking disable zone and sensitivity level adjustment, are also available.

Using IP-based software to support remote operation

Adoption of IP-based software brought system flexibility and it achieved IP connection (IP streaming/IP control), installation/operation of camera in classroom in remote location.

Simple, low-cost installation to easily migrate to the existing system without additional devices

If Auto Tracking Software is installed on a PC or Server, it is possible to easily set up an auto tracking system by connecting an AW-UE70 / AW-UE150 4K integrated camera, or an AW-HE40 SeriesAW-HE130 HD integrated camera. New installation of sensors and other equipment are not necessary. Since the system configuration is simple and new devices do not need to be added, the initial cost can be reduced.

AW-SF100 has standalone and Web application versions to choose from; AW-SF200 operates on a server

You can choose to use AW-SF100 as a Web application, so it also supports control from a tablet, smartphone, desktop PC, etc. Providing centralised control of multiple cameras, AW-SF200 uses a floating license for flexible operations matched to the user environment

Panasonic Auto Tracking software Usage Examples Panasonic AW-SF100 AW-SF200 Licensing



Download the free trial version here

Please refer to the System Requirements & Installation Guide

Compatible with IP enabled Panasonic PTZ Cameras including: AW-UE150, AW-UE70W/K, AW-HE40 Series or AW-HE130W/K