Skaarhoj PTZ Pro


With dedicated buttons and knobs for the most accessed settings and actions, PTZ Pro is simple and fast to operate, but with all the power of UniSketch OS

See Skaarhoj PTZ Pro with Lumens VC-A50P:


Skaarhoj PTZ Pro Professional Controller

With dedicated buttons and knobs for the most accessed settings and actions, PTZ Pro is simple and fast to operate. You will enjoy all the same benefits as found on PTZ Fly, while having a larger hand rest and faster, direct access. SKAARHOJ makes the worlds most comprehensive universal VISCA controllers.

PTZ Pro Features

PTZ Pro Features:

  • Encoders for settings in large menu display
  • Dedicated focus knob
  • Numbered keys for camera or preset selection
  • 3-axis joystick
  • Menu selector keys with user banks
  • Camera selection or labeled preset with RGB backlit keys
  • Navigation keys for paging
  • Ethernet with PoE (IEEE802.3af)
  • UniSketch OS

Signature Technologies

Skaarhoj Graphical OLED Displays Our graphical OLED displays support buttons, knobs and faders with dynamic labels. The combine large, bold labels with unprecedented levels of detail using titles, icons and scales to enrich the main content.They automatically draw information from the connected devices or you can type in your own labels or upload graphics. Found everywhere in many sizes and dimensions on SKAARHOJ controllers.
Skaarhoj IP PoE One cable carries power and the signals for as many devices as you control. Your switcher, video router, recording deck, your cameras even. The future is IP, while legacy serial systems can typically be supportedby end-point converters which is often more convenient anyway. And Power over Ethernet (IEEE802.3af) unclutters your desk nicely.
Skaarhoj RGB Backlight LED Bars RGB backlight and LED bars is not just impressive and soothing. It’s also super practical to colour code sections based on their assigned functionality. This provides the operator with instinctive clues which canbe the critical difference between success and failure. Colours can be assigned manually and SKAARHOJ panels are dimmable.

UniSketch OS

Think of SKAARHOJ broadcast controllers like modern computers; they come in form factors like desktop, notebook, tablet and yet they run the same operating system enabling individual use through installation of apps from online repositories. Likewise all variants of SKAARHOJ controllers run the UniSketch OS connected to a growing “app store” of broadcast device support.

UniSketch OS goes hand in hand with our online repo, CORES.SKAARHOJ.COM. On this server we store UniSketch OS, the newest device cores and your unique controller configuration in a database. When you connect your controller to CORES.SKAARHOJ.COM, you receive a uniquely created firmware with exactly the features you asked for.

Skaarhoj Cores

Popular Device Cores

Visca Device Core Sony BRC Device Core Lumens VC-A50P Device Core NewTek NDIHX-PTZ1 Device Core PTZ Optics PT20X Device Core

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+JOY: Upgrade to an industrial precision Hall effect joystick for increased ergonomic comfort and motion precision

+SDI: The SDI option adds a Blackmagic Arduino shield to the controller for reading and writing Blackmagic Camera Control Data

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