Sonnet RackMac Pro 2 Mac Pros

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A pro rack-mount solution providing a secure 4RU enclosure for TWO Apple Mac Pro computers. Get improved flexibility and security in server, mobile and broadcast environments.

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RackMac Pro for 2 Mac Pros

A pro rack-mount solution providing a secure 4RU enclosure for TWO Apple Mac Pro computers. Get improved flexibility and security in server, mobile and broadcast environments.

Pro Rack-mount Solution for Mac Pro

Supporting one or two computers in just 4U of rack space, Sonnet’s RackMac Pro makes Mac Pro rack integration simple. Featuring a modular design, the RackMac Pro secures each Mac Pro in its own Computer Mounting Module, which in turn easily slides into and out of an outer enclosure. The RackMac Pro is available with either one or two computer mounting modules pre-installed – you can install one computer now, and install a second one later with the purchase of an additional Computer Mounting Module, or, with two Computer Mounting Modules pre-installed, you can install two Mac Pros right away.

Key Features

Pro Rack-mount Solution – Secure enclosure for one or two Mac Pro computers

Wide Compatibility – 4U height, shallow mounting depth, standard mounting holes, and rack-mount extension rails enable easy installation into any standard equipment rack

Front Panel Peripheral Connectivity – USB 3.0 ports support connection of a USB peripheral (keyboard, flash drive, etc.) to each computer

Rear Panel Connectivity – Panel-mount HDMI, Gigabit Ethernet, USB 3.0, and power cables connect the Mac Pro’s ports to ports on the back of the RackMac Pro for convenient external cable connection

Improved Design – New captive thumbscrews and dual face-plates make computer installation and cable access easier

Makes Your Mac Pro Road Ready – Strong, secure padded Computer Mounting Modules envelop the Mac Pros to protect their finish, hold them firmly in place, and make them road-ready, perfect for portable rack installations

Supports Twin 10G Mounting – Provides mounting support for Twin 10G Dual-Port 10 Gigabit Ethernet to Thunderbolt Adaptor next to each Mac Pro using the optional Twin 10G Mounting Kit

Configure As Needed – Available with one or two pre-installed Computer Mounting Modules; additional computer mounting module available separately

Designed with Mac Pro In Mind

Constructed of heavy-duty steel to protect the computers, the RackMac pro was designed following Apple’s usage guidelines, mounting your Mac Pros horizontally and enabling unrestricted airflow through the computers to keep them cool, even when the RackMac is installed between other equipment in a loaded rack. RackMac Pro’s Computer Mounting Modules feature strong, secure padded brackets to envelope the Mac Pro, protect the computers’ finish, and hold them firmly in place during transport and use.

New Face-plate & Thumbscrew Design

Because of the active electronics at each end, panel-mount connectors for Thunderbolt™ cables do not exist, so Thunderbolt cables must be connected directly to each Mac Pro – Sonnet has updated the RackMac Pro to make the task much easier. Standard screws on the back of the enclosure have been replaced with captive thumbscrews, and the face-plate has been split in two (with each face-plate remaining attached to its computer mounting module), enabling you to secure, release, and slide out each computer without the need of tools.

Front Panel Power Button & USB 3.0 Port

A front panel power switch and USB 3.0 port for each computer enable you to turn the computers on and off, and connect a peripheral to each without having to access the back of the computer.

Rear Panel Mount Cables

Panel-mount cables (HDMI, two Gigabit Ethernet, three USB 3.0, and power) connect the ports on the back of each Mac Pro to ports on the back each Computer Mounting Module for convenient external connection.

Locking HDMI Cable Ready

Supports Sonnet HDMI cable (sold separately) with thumbscrew fastener that prevents accidental disconnection.

Mounting Support for 10GbE Adaptor

The RackMac Pro even provides mounting support to secure a Sonnet Twin 10G 10 Gigabit Ethernet to Thunderbolt adaptor next to each Mac Pro using the optional Twin 10G Mounting Kit.

Travel and Server-Room Ready

The RackMac Pro’s padded Computer Mounting Module holds a Mac Pro firmly in place without marring the mirror finish, even during transport, making this rack-mount solution perfect for use in transportable rack applications. The Computer Mounting Module also provides cable management tie-downs to secure all Thunderbolt cables connected to the Mac Pro, and supports Sonnet’s exclusive locking HDMI cable (sold separately); this 2-meter cable attaches securely to the Computer Mounting Module to prevent accidental disconnections. Installed in the server room, the RackMac Pro’s included rack-mount extension rails allow easy and secure mounting in racks from 16 to 26 inches deep. Optional, extra-long extension rails that support installation in racks up to 32.5 inches deep are also available. Wherever it is deployed, a RackMac Pro holds your Mac Pros in secure style.

Virtualisation Housing for Software Development

The RackMac Pro is ideal for mounting Mac Pro VMware virtualisation servers. By installing one VSphere ESXi hypervisor license per Mac Pro, you can run Linux™, Windows®, and OS X® virtual machines and take advantage of the Mac Pro’s superior 128GB of virtualised RAM. Combined with Sonnet’s Twin 10G 10 Gigabit Ethernet to Thunderbolt adaptor, your Mac Pro virtualisation servers will have lightning fast access to 10GbE infrastructure. Read how the Ecole cantonale d’art de Lausanne (ECAL), a top-ranked visual communication, art, and design university in Switzerland, has installed RackMac Pros and Twin 10Gs to support their new Mac Pro-based virtual environment.

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