TriCaster Advanced Edition (Coupon Code)

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TriCaster® Advanced Edition: Add 100+ capabilities to your system—with software.

*Requires a Tricaster. Serial Number Required with Order

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TriCaster Advanced Edition: Add 100+ capabilities to your system – with software.

Unlock your production potential.

Maximise your TriCaster investment now and for the future. TriCaster Advanced Edition* software adds more than 100 exclusive capabilities to your system, enabling you to get the most out of your workflow from capture and creation to delivery. TriCaster Advanced Edition will:

  • Add 4 NDI inputs and outputs to your TriCaster
  • Enable superior second-screen experiences
  • Import data directly from Excel and other sources
  • Add sophisticated creative capabilities to your shows

Your System – Advanced

Access More Sources

4 additional NDI-enabled inputs and outputs
Access the inputs and outputs of other NDI-enabled devices on the same network
Distribute output signals, sub-mixes, or individual sources to other NDI-enabled devices
All external inputs support NDI signals

Full-Motion Composition Engine*

Perform custom DVE-style moves, animated effects, and squeezebacks
Build sophisticated compositions and motion sequences with advanced configuration, positioning, keyframing, and transitions
Store dozens of detailed visuals into a versatile snapshot preset system
All external inputs support NDI signals

Explore Creative Possibilities*

Multiply the number of on-screen video layers with support for up to 4 sources and re-entry for every M/E
Display more titles, graphics, and video layers with 4 DSK overlays on the switcher and 4 KEY layers per M/E bus

Capture Every Audience

Live stream to multiple destinations, including presets for Facebook Live, Microsoft Azure, Twitch, and YouTube Live
Share media through multiple user accounts on the same social network
Export content to more online communities, including Imgur, LinkedIn,, and Vimeo

Data-Driven Graphics

Map internal and external data sources to text and image fields to display current, accurate information automatically
Transform raw spreadsheet data into production-ready title pages
Send data, photos, social media posts, and more across the network from Google Chrome to populate on-screen graphics

Extensive Audio Customisation

Configure the audio mixer for any combination of local inputs, NDI, or Dante audio sources
Apply sophisticated routing and mix-minus configurations with four complete 4×4 routers for every audio input
Output to 4 IP-ready, quad-channel busses

Maximum Visual Impact

Incorporate more full-motion video throughout your production with 10 animation buffers for TriCaster 860 and 460, and 5 for TriCaster 410 and Mini
Elevate live virtual set presentations with enhanced LiveSet technology, real-time animated lens flares, and augmented reality elements
Customise the appearance of video layers by adding borders, shadows, and box effects

Newest Features

Enhanced audio routing and management
Simplified, visual on-screen source selection
Tighter control and management of video workspace
Preview switcher and M/E settings on a discrete bus

*Available on TriCaster 8000, 860, and 460.


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