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TriCaster Mini 4K Bundle


The power of visual storytelling is bigger, brighter, better and bolder than ever with the NewTek TriCaster Mini 4K | NDI. TriCaster Mini 4K is NDI only. It has 4 x PoE capable ‘NDI’ Network ports on the back, as well as dual standard GbE ports. There are no HDMI or SDI inputs.

*Usually Ships Within 2-3 Weeks of Ordering
**Control Surface Only Included in BUNDLE. 2 x Spark Plus IO HDMI included with BASE & Bundle Configurations.

TriCaster Mini 4K Bundle


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TriCaster Mini 4K Bundle

The power of visual storytelling is bigger, brighter, better and bolder than ever with the NewTek TriCaster Mini 4K Bundle. TriCaster Mini 4K has all the power, reliability and features that make TriCaster the most complete live production solution on the planet, squeezed into their most portable package, with 4K UHD NDI.

NewTek Certified Solutions Expert

Broadcast Bruce is a NewTek Certified Solutions Expert (NCSE). This is the highest-level certification awarded to people that have invested the time to increase their knowledge of NewTek products and workflows, along with passing all of the required exams. This achievement is a combination of a NewTek Certified Sales Specialist, Certified NDI Network Expert and NewTek Certified Operator, meaning Bruce is not just able to sell you NewTek solutions, but consult, install, train and support you into the future.

TriCaster Mini Advanced - Studio

TriCaster Mini 4K | NDI supports direct attached NDI PTZ cameras – such as the NewTek PTZ UHD NDI, Lumens VC-A50PN or the BirdDog P400.
*NB: TriCaster Mini 4K NDI ports support PoE+ (802.3at up to 30W), not PoE++ (802.3bt up to 90W). Devices requiring PoE++ will need to be powered with an external power supply of power injector.

Need to bring SDI or HDMI 4K sources into your production? No problem. Simply attach one of the many NDI encoder solutions – such as a NewTek Spark, Magewell Pro Convert or perhaps one of the new BirdDog 4K family – and connect any device you want!

TriCaster Mini 4K NDI Rear Connections

NB: TriCaster Mini 4K is NDI only. It has 4 x PoE capable ‘NDI’ Network ports on the back, as well as dual standard GbE ports. There are no DIRECT HDMI or SDI inputs, but these devices can be easily connected with HDMI/SDI to NDI converters

Key Features

  • Take it anywhere, it’s small and light weight.
  • Set up and get started in 5 minutes. Don’t believe us? Check this out.
  • Plug-n-Play NDI®, no external networks. Add your NDI® device and its live.
  • 2 PoE input modules directly connect HDMI devices instantly as NDI® sources.
  • 4 NDI® connections with PoE makes video, audio, tally, power and control as easy as plugging in an Ethernet cable.
  • 8 live video inputs, supporting any combination in resolutions up to 4K UHD.
  • Stream to all your favourite social channels with the push of a button.
  • Grab a couple of cameras, including your iPhone®, and you’re on your way.

TriCaster Mini 4K Resolution Independant

True Resolution Independence

Present your audience with an immersive viewing experience defined by amazing clarity and incredible detail. Produce programs, performances, events and live sports in the resolution of your choice, all the way up to true 4K UHD (Ultra High Definition)

TriCaster Mini 4K Powerful Switching and Compositing

Powerful Switching & Compositing

Powered by innovative software-driven technology, TriCaster gives you the tools to turn every frame of video into an artistic masterpiece. Consider the screen a blank canvas and unleash your inner artist with multi-camera switching, mix effects, zero-latency video re-entry, custom animated transitions, a full-motion composition engine, and much more.

Integrated Real-time Motion Graphics with Adobe® Authoring

Import your own graphics from Adobe® Photoshop® or create your own custom animations with Adobe® After Effects® using NewTek LiveGraphics. It lets you work with the same Adobe® Creative Cloud® tools you already know, so there are no proprietary applications to learn or specialised training required. Use Datalink™ to import text and image links for informational graphics, sports, or social media integration.

TriCaster Mini 4K Virtual Sets

World-Class Live Virtual Sets

Save on studio and set expenses without sacrificing production value. With integrated LiveSet™ technology, TriCaster can transport your talent into professionally-designed virtual environments, complete with multiple angles, virtual camera movements, real-time reflections, specular highlights, animated lens flares and stunning augmented reality effects that blur the line between virtual and reality.

TriCaster Mini 4K Media Players

Built-in Video Players

Add your files to the built-in video players for on-demand and automated playback, including auto-advancing playlists, live-edited highlight reels, and much more. With responsive player controls, presets, real-time editing tools, selectable transitions, and playlist effects, you have everything needed to make magic from your stored media.

TriCaster Mini 4K Record and Replay

Unlimited Recording & Replay

Capture all your sources during a production in any resolution or frame rate for fixes in post or archiving for later use. You can also trigger replays from the Program or Preview bus on any input without using a separate replay system.

TriCaster Mini 4K Skype TX

Skype TX Integration

Conduct a live Skype video call with any remote guest, anywhere in the world. TriCaster systems are the only video production systems to feature direct Skype TX software integration with broadcast-quality video and balanced audio, allowing you to present production-ready conversations, interviews, reports, and more—regardless of the caller’s device.

TriCaster Mini 4K Multi-screen Streaming

Multi-screen Delivery & Streaming

It’s more important than ever to deliver content to ALL of today’s screens. You can output 16×9 video for traditional video applications. Or, change your aspect ratio to square or vertical video with no compromise in production power and stream that content using the built-in dual encoders to multiple destinations simultaneously. Unlike other products, only TriCaster allows you to switch, stream and record in into a wide array of formats, resolutions, aspect ratios, and frame rates.

Social Media Publication

Share real-time updates and on-demand content across your social media accounts, uploading images and video directly to Facebook, Imgur, LinkedIn, Twitter, Vimeo, YouTube and more—complete with comments and hashtags.

TriCaster Mini 4K Audio Mixing

Multichannel Audio Mixing

Set the tone for your production with comprehensive audio integration, including a software-based audio mixer, support for digital, analogue, and USB audio devices, audio over IP networking with NDI®, Dante™, and AES67, professional DSPs, fader control, VU metering, Talk Back communication, and 4 x 4 x 4 channel routing to four audio mix outputs.

TriCaster Mini 4K Multiviewers

Real-Time Monitoring and Multiviewers

See everything happening during your production with fully adjustable single-screen or multi-screen monitoring. With three customisable multiviewers, configurable windows and workspace layouts, operator confidence monitors, visual indicators, scopes, and more, you can easily personalise the environment to your preference.

Revolutionary Automation & Teleprompter from MS Word®

With Live Story Creator, script the entire production in your favourite word processor, including production cues (camera takes, transitions, effects, graphics, clips, and more), and export as a .docx file. Load the file into your TriCaster system and run the teleprompter control to execute the entire production. Virtually anyone can run quality and consistent productions without experience or training.

TriCaster Mini 4K Software Control Panels

Software Control Panels

Create your own software-based control panels and operate your TriCaster system from any compatible desktop or mobile device—anywhere on the network with LivePanel. Easily accessible through any Web browser or operating system, LivePanel includes production-ready control panels for remote video mixing, media playback, audio mixing, and macro automation, plus the LivePanel Builder tool to design your own custom panels geared toward your unique productions and workflows.

TriCaster Mini 4K Simple Connectivity with NDI

Simplified IP Connectivity with NDI®

Say goodbye to the tangled mess of bulky video cables and take advantage of the plug and play simplicity of NDI (Network Device Interface) IP video protocol. Connect to a wide variety of NewTek NDI-enabled products, along with the world’s largest ecosystem of third-party IP video products using a single network cable for video, audio, key, control, tally, and in some cases power over Ethernet.

TriCaster Mini 4K Bundle Includes:

Spark Plus IO 4K HDMISpark Plus IO™

Up to 4Kp60
Threaded screw camera mount
IP input/output via NDI® to/from HDMI with embedded audio

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Attractive, compact design and simple, plug-and-play setup
Studio style control and a small footprint to deliver professional results.

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