Wirecast (Software Only)


Share your story. Grow your audience. Build your community. No matter the scale of your production, whether you are streaming from your home office or from the main stage of a sold-out music festival, Wirecast lets you share your passions with the world – live.

*If the options and upgrade paths are confusing, or you would like to discuss the different editions and system requirements, please speak to Bruce before ordering.


Wirecast: Live Video Production & Streaming

Share your story. Grow your audience. Build your community. No matter the scale of your production, whether you are streaming from your home office or from the main stage of a sold-out music festival, Wirecast lets you share your passions with the world – live.

“Wirecast enabled us to deliver our Infield Party live stream with the high production standards our viewers have come to expect from FOX Sports. Operationally, it allowed our relatively small, four-person crew to handle all aspects of the live production, and streamlined our production costs.” – Daniela Mayock, Live/Technical Director, FOX Sports

Wirecast 13.1 Released!

In this release of Wirecast 13.1, we continue our quest to improve performance and update code and technologies. The result is a lot of under-the-hood changes, as well as some good stability improvements. This release contains almost 200 bug fixes and improvements, to name just a few:

  • Reduce CPU usage through more efficient processing
  • A new “draft” mode for LinkedIn Live broadcasts
  • Updated, snappier User Interface
  • Improved tab navigation throughout the interface
  • Many fixes, including one for an A/V sync issue

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Your studio has been waiting for Wirecast. Just plug in your cameras and microphones, and bring in your videos and graphics. Wirecast can handle it all.

Unlimited Sources
Cameras, microphones, webcams, IP cams, or use our free wireless camera app for iOS. See a full list of compatible devices.

Desktop, NDI & Web Capture
Capture a variety of IP sources or anything on your computer screen or other computers. Automatically detect NDI and Syphon sources. Built-in web-browser can display live web pages.

Professional Audio
Multi-channel audio ingest, support for ASIO, WASAPI and CoreAudio compatible devices. Mix up to 8 independent audio tracks, and add FX and processing.

Use Elgato Stream Deck with Wirecast with our new plugin. And check out the X-keys controller for Wirecast Mac or Windows. See a full list of devices.

Conferencing & Remote Production
Rendezvous peer-to-peer conferencing comes built-in to Wirecast. Send guests a link to join your live broadcast.


Make your streams look like TV. Our professional production features and intuitive and flexible UI make your broadcast look exactly how you’ve always imagined.

Stock Media Library
Access to over 500,000 unique media assets directly in Wirecast. The Stock Media Library has videos, music, lower thirds, backgrounds and more. Included with an active support subscription.

Replay, Scoreboards, Clocks & Timers
Great for sports producers. Wirecast has professional features let your live viewers follow the action in the moment, and never miss an important play.

Social Media Comments
Built in Twitter comment curation and display. Display Facebook comments in animated titles using NewBlue Titler Live Express or NewBlue Titler Live Social.

Beautiful Graphics & Animated Titles
Over 100 built-in graphics and titles. NewBlue Titler Live, included free, is the best way to display animated graphics and titles with Wirecast.

Chroma Key, QR Codes and Playlists
Packed full of features to make every broadcast as professional as you need it to be


Really, really, ridiculously good live encoding. Stream to wherever your audience is, knowing that Wirecast’s encoding will make your video look as good as the production you’re putting on.

Unlimited Destinations
Stream to Facebook Live, Twitter, YouTube , Vimeo Live, or ANY RTMP destination. Stream to more than one at a time.

Stream & Record
Stream and record at the same time. Great for archiving or off-line editing, record MP4 or MOV files to any drive.

Restream and Live Captions
Improve accessibility for the deaf and hard-of-hearing with live captions and save bandwidth and processing power in the bargain. Try the new Wirecast web services Restream and Live Captions.

Send single sources, all the way up to a 17 source grid, out per attached monitor. Great for confidence monitoring and a quick look at all your sources!

ISO recording
Archive each live video input to a clean, unmodified file, separate from your composited program recording. Great for post-production workflows, and each ISO can be used as a live instant replay source!

Which Version Is For You?

Wirecast Studio

Wirecast Studio: Learn more about Wirecast Studio Enhanced live production & streaming

Wirecast studio is the perfect all around streaming tool. With unlimited inputs, unlimited destinations, 2 simultaneous video conferencing guests with Wirecast Rendezvous and an integrated Stock Media Library, there is no better way to produce your live videos.

Who is Wirecast Studio for?
Church services, corporate communications, online learning, news broadcasting, live events broadcasting…the list goes on. No matter the content you are producing, if you are looking for dynamic, polished and professional live streams, Wirecast Studio is for you.

Includes all features of Wirecast One, plus:

Unlimited Capture

  • Unlimited live video inputs
    • USB, Capture Card, NDI, iOS, IP and web stream sources.
  • 2 remote guests via Wirecast Rendezvous conferencing

Enhanced Production

  • 5 Master Mixing layers
  • Custom transitions, playlists
  • Advanced audio mixer
  • Social media integration
    • Facebook polling, live viewer counts, integrated Twitter and RSS feed display.
  • Integrated Stock Media Library
    • Included with an active support subscription. Access to 500,000+ unique royalty free videos, music, lower thirds, backgrounds and more.
  • NewBlue Titler Live Express animated titles and graphics (US$149 Value for Free)
    • Facebook Live comments, 90 Templates, 48 Transitions and Titles.

Unlimited Destination Outputs

  • Unlimited output destinations + multiple simultaneous record-to-disks
    • Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Periscope, RTMP, etc.
  • 1-4 slot multi-viewer output


  • Free email support & upgrades for a year with Standard Support.
    • < 8 business hour response time, free software upgrades, and email support.

Wirecast Pro

Wirecast Pro: Advanced live production & streaming

Wirecast Pro is the top of the line Wirecast offering. Designed with the most dedicated streamers in mind, Pro has all the features of Studio plus expanded inputs and audio capabilities, 7 simultaneous Wirecast Rendezvous guests, 3D virtual sets, PTZ camera control and much more.

Who is Wirecast Pro for?
If you want the best of the best, and have all the top tech already, Wirecast Pro is for you. From local sports games to worldwide, full production broadcasts, Wirecast Pro is the perfect partner for producing the best live streams around.

Includes all features of Wirecast Studio, plus:

Advanced Unlimited Capture

  • 7 remote guests via Wirecast Rendezvous conferencing

Advanced Production

  • PTZ Camera Control
  • Pro Audio FX
  • Sports Production (instant replay, scoreboards)
  • Virtual Sets and backgrounds
  • NewBlue Titler Live Present animated titles and graphics (US$299 Value for Free)
    • Organise Your Information: Drive your production from single spreadsheet file with automated graphics creation.
    • Over 250 Templates: High-quality, customisable main title, lower third and bug templates.
    • Web Connected Graphics: Generate graphics from a web connected data sources including text files.

Advanced Unlimited Destination Outputs

  • Adds baseband SDI/HDMI output, NDI program out
  • 1-17 slot multi-viewer output
  • ISO Record of individual sources
  • Multi-track audio recording


  • Free email support & upgrades for a year with Standard Support.

Tech Specs & System Requirements

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